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Tarot of Marseille

tarot marseille

The Tarot of Marseille is now the most widely used in Tarot. He is one of the most used tools to predict the future.

After a period of discovery and learning, you will answer any questions you may have.

This chapter will help you get acquainted with the tarot.

Practice Tarot de Marseille

Tarot of Marseille cards are 78 in number and differentiate into blades or major arcana and blades or minor arcana. Each blade or arcane consists of two parts, one being the universe and the other being the human mind. Tarot of Marseille has 22 cards or major arcana which correspond to the paths of wisdom and 56 minor arcana or blades that competent.

The 22 majors arcana put in scenes of colorful characters. The Magician (I), The Papess (II), The Empress (III), The Emperor (IV), The Pope (V), The Lovers (VI), The Chariot (VII), The Justice (VIII), The Hermit (IX), The Wheel of fortune (X), The Strenght (XI), The Hanged Man (XII), The Death (XIII), The Temperance (XIV), The Devil (XV), The Tower (XVI), The Star (XVII), The Moon (XVIII), The Sun (XVIIII), The Judgement (XX), The World (XXI) et The Fool (XXII).

The 56 minors arcana are divided into four groups or colors, especially related to elements, seasons, and astrological signs:
- Sticks (fire / summer / Aries, Leo and Sagittarius),
- Cuts (water / spring / Cancer, Scorpio and the Pisces),
- Money (land / fall / Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) and
- Swords (air / winter / The Gemini, Libra and Aquarius).
Each color is composed of 10 cards numerals from January to October, and four figures: the king, the queen, the page and the knight.

Draws the Tarot of Marseille

There are many different tarot prints. The consultant bat length then cut the cards in his left hand to the left before you reach the light.

The draw cross
The draw on the cross is one of the most widely used drawings. It is mainly used to provide an answer to a question of a professional, emotional, financial or otherwise. The principle consists in the removal of 4 cards to cross the consultant. The taromancian must then interpret the messages provided by the 4 cards in order to respond as accurately as possible the consultant. Each draw of Tarot has a unique interpretation.

The draw integer
When the Tarot is spread in full, the minor arcana play an auxiliary role that serves to clarify the meaning of the major arcana. The interpretation diverge depending on whether the blades appear at the place or upside, depending on the blades and the surrounding.


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