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Learn about persian tarot deck

persian tarot

Persian Tarot was created by Mrs. Indira in the 80's. The tarot deck consists of 55 cards and is based on One Thousand and One Nights.

Cards represent sultans, sultanas, animals, whose symbolism is very strong. Each card fits the concerns and questions of the consultant.

Drawings of Persian tarot

Persian Tarot has several prints that predict future events with great precision. Each print can provide answers to questions on love, work and health.

The draw cross
The draw is the draw cross the simplest and most used in Persian Tarot. It consists in depositing seven cards 3 by 3 and the last card down.

The draw of the big wheel
The draw of the big wheel is also well known and consists of 13 cards drop shaped wheel.

Persian Tarot cards meanings

Persian tarot cards is 55, including 19 major arcana that we will detail below, cards 16 so-called intermediate, 16 maps called minor and four cards called complementary.
The 19 major arcana consist of five cards representing animals and 14 maps of symbols.

The animals 5 mysteries in persian tarology

The Tiger
This card symbolizes the strength, vitality, energy, virility and courage. The tiger protects people and property, and cast out evil spirits.

The Black Panther
This card shows aggression, power, domination, cunning and skill. However, it is dangerous due to its power and beauty.

The Peacock
This card refers to the communication, information and news to come. It can be good or evil, hence its position as neutral card.

The Swallows
This card symbolizes joy, happiness, loyalty, good relations with his family or professional environment, and travel far.

Wheel of Fish
This card refers to the independence, freedom, and prosperity the world. It announced periods of opportunity and Providence, but also good health.

The 14 arcana symbols in persian tarology

The Torches
This card symbolizes the light, fire, heat, the resolution of concerns and difficulties. It promotes the success of any business.

This card shows the quiet, rest, harmony, dreams and spiritual approaches. It indicates travel or vacation to come.

The Boat
This card supports travel, tours, travel and the desire to enjoy life. It facilitates professional and emotional changes.

The Witch
This card is a card that encourages the consultant to be careful, the enemies, the jealousy, malice and slander to others.

This card is a state of emotional or psychological weakness. There is a consultant for the risk of illness or poor health.

This card shows the disease, the disillusionment, the ruptures, separation or death. It announced changes or transformations in the lives of the consultant.

House or Palace
This card shows the home, the family ancestors and origins. It brings harmony, balance, wisdom and protection.

The Meeting or fidelity
This card speaks of love, friendly relations, meetings and harmony in labor relations. It announces positive and beneficial changes.

Marriage or Engagement
This card describes the union between two people, the couple and exchange love. It also describes the joys and sorrows in love.

This card announces the arrival of a child, an adoption, the warmth of home, love and protection. It stands for innocence and purity.

The Break
This card announces separation and divorce, disagreements, conflicts and disputes. It requires the consultant to change his life or orientation.

The Hand of Fatima
This card shows the daughter of Muhammad and Khadija, and it signifies good luck, hope, faith and love. It indicates success in all businesses.

This card represents the divine glory, honor and project implementation. It also represents happiness, joy and success.

The Sun
This card indicates the source of light, joy, warmth and success. It has a positive influence on project consultant.


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