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What is tarology?


First, it is important to distinguish what is known Taromancie and Tarology.
Tarology is human science that studies the history and iconography of tarot cards and maps.
Taromancy is a divination art using the tarot for predictive purposes as cartomancy uses the cards. The Taromancy is part of divination art most commonly used in the field of clairvoyance.

The origins of Tarot deck

We find the trace of the tarot in many civilizations such as Egypt, India or China. In the West, we find the first traces in the fourteenth century, but especially in the Middle Ages that the Tarot of Marseille modern appears.

In Italy, the use of Tarot divination art began its rise in 1527 with the release of "Chaos Del Tri per uno", Essay reading divination with tarot Teofilo Folengo. In the eighteenth century, in Italy, in Bologna that is certified the first known document with the list of cards and their divinatory meanings.

The name Tarot of Marseille dates back to 1930 with Paul Hammer, dedicated and specialist in Tarot. This defines a set of playing cards appeared in the sixteenth century as the Tarot of Marseille, Besancon or Belgians.

The different types of Tarot

There are many different types of tarot which we will see a number below. We will work to further describe the Tarot de Marseille remains the best known and most used of all.

Chinese Tarot
Chinese Tarot has as many blades as the Tarot of Marseille and only the name of arcane changes. It represents a synthesis of Chinese spiritualism based on the complementarity between yin and yang, and the European symbolism. The graphics are also very different and brings with it an exotic note.

Egyptian Tarot
It appeared during ancient Egypt. Egyptian tarot has seventy eight blades with blades representing twenty two major arcana. It is today still alive and illuminates the consultant giving a relevant vision of its future.

Tarot of Mademoiselle Lenormand
esoteric passion, she wrote several books and created several games including the famous divinatory Tarot Lenormand in collaboration with a designer. This includes 54 tarot cards divided into 13 cards of Clubs, 13 of Spades cards, 13 cards and 13 cards of Heart of Diamonds, plus two cards representing the consultant and the consultant.

Belline Oracle
This is an oracle which was designed in 1865 by Edmond Billaudot (1829-1881). It includes 52 cards which is added "a credit card" symbolizing protection. Each card represents one of the seven planets core and the oracle is divided into seven groups of seven blades, or 49 cards + 3 blades without reference planet that are the key, the image of man and woman.

Persian Tarot
It is a set of 55 cards inspired by the tale of "Arabian Nights". These 55 cards are divided into 19 Major Arcana and 36 Minor Arcana, depict and sultans and sultanas.


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