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Learn about egyptian tarot deck

Egyptian Tarot

Egyptian Tarot also known as Egyptian Tarot of Esmeralda is a tarot divination that originated in Ptolemaic Egypt. It is the oldest known tarot to date. It is inspired by Thoth, the God of wisdom. It would have been spread by Gypsies in the Mediterranean as they were from India. It is likely to be the origin of the Tarot of Marseille although there is little evidence of the tarot.

Egyptian Tarot has many meanings and is inspired by mythology and Egyptian culture. The cards can allow the consultant to understand his present situation, to know the way forward and a glimpse of the answers to his questions. In fact, each card of the Tarot reveals an event, a fact or a specific situation.

Drawings of Egyptian Tarot

There are different ways to achieve the draw Egyptian tarot cards.
For each draw, we must fight seven times and cut the cards with the left hand.
Then pull the necessary number of cards at random and place them according to the selected print.
Here we offer three types drawing the most widely used.

The Cartridge is used to find the general climate of the day. Simply take one card each morning.

Cross Blade
The Cross blade provides a response to a specific question.
The idea is to draw six cards and place them on the cross. The first card will reveal the real reason for your question, the second the obstacles you must overcome to solve your problem or achieve your goal, the third way that you should follow, the fourth will give you the answer and the fifth and sixth will allow you to apprehend the solution proposed.

The Pyramid is used to determine the near future in one of four main areas (work, money, love and health). The idea is to position three cards to form a pyramid, then two cards above and a final at the top of the pyramid.


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