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Learn about chinese tarot deck

chinese tarot

Chinese Tarot or Golden Dragon Tarot combines China and its customs. It is characterized by cards of great beauty and steeped in Chinese philosophy for millennia. Chinese Tarot takes us through the way of things inside us and make a mental journey.

Chinese Tarot consists of 78 cards with 56 minor arcana and 22 major arcana as the Tarot of Marseille. Each card can clarify the questions asked by the consultant.

Drawings of Chinese Tarot

There are many ways to learn Chinese Tarot cards.

The draw simple
This edition provides a response to a specific question or daily. Simply take a blade.

The draw three blades
This edition provides a more detailed analysis to a question. Just drop three blades to the consultant, each blade representing the base, present and future.

Chinese Tarot cards meanings

1. The Apprentice This card represents a new cycle or a new start in life by the consultant.
2. The Water Carrier This card represents the balance between Yin and Yang, the consultant may engage in new projects.
3. The Goddess of Rice This card describes a period of travel, business trips or holidays.
4. The Emperor This card tells the consultant that his position is strong and stable.
5. Pagoda illuminated This card represents the light and thinning after a period of unrest.
6. The Labyrinth This card symbolizes the difficulties, troubles, doubts, but the consultant will receive outside help.
7. Victory This card is a successful deal with problems.
8. Justice This card evokes the return to equilibrium in the life of the consultant.
9. The Master of Wisdom This card is the symbol of wisdom, prudence and reflection.
10. Destiny This card foresight and positive indicates the near future.
11. The Dragon This card describes domination, power and strength.
12. Hangman This card shows a waiting period and withdrawal for the consultant.
13. Death This card indicates a change, transformation, or the end of an era.
14. Libra This card shows balance and a person who is down to earth.
15. The storm This card Announces crisis, a bleak future or event.
16. The Temple struck This card represents the end of a company, project or work.
17. The Star This card is a blade which symbolizes benefit the entire journey.
18. The Moon This card is the sensitivity, intelligence and nostalgia.
19. The Sun This card represents the fun and happyness.
20. The Tao This card symbolizes the dreamy nature of the consultant, outside of reality.
21. The Monkey This card embodies the mischievous side of the consultant, courage and perseverance.
22. Harvest This card is the end of a cycle, the end of life and harvest the fruits of efforts.


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