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Learn about the mounts of hand in palmistry

Mounts of the hand

The palm is divided into seven parts called "Mount" and are under the influence of seven planets.

These seven mountains are Mount of Jupiter, Mount of Saturn, Mount of the Sun, Mount of Mercury, Mount of Mars, Mount of the Moon and Mount of Venus.

1. Mount of Jupiter 2. Mount of Saturn
3. Mount of the Sun 4. Mount of Mercury
5. Mount of Mars 6. Mount of the Moon
7. Mount of Venus

Mount of Jupiter1. Mount of Jupiter

Jupiter rules the Mount of index. It is associated with ambition and business acumen. Those who are governed by this mount were under Mount of index, Mount is then crossed out and the color is pink. If the mount does not display, it describes a pessimistic and shy personality.

Good influence gives Jupiter religious people, humble and charitable. Jupiter achieves the highest levels of power and economy. It indicates a strong personality provided with a great ambition and like traveling abroad.

Bad influence refers to beings proud, lustful and debauched. It prevents the achievement of business and lead to reversal of fortunes.

The Mount of Jupiter dominates the thighs, legs, muscles and ligaments, and blood vessels. Diseases affecting the liver, blood problems and pneumonia.

Mount of Saturn2. Mount of Saturn

Saturn rules the Mount of major or middle finger. It is associated with sense of responsibility, prudence and distrust of others. Those who are governed by this Mount have placed under the middle finger or middle finger, the Mount is so conspicuous and has beautiful lines. If the mMunt does not appear, it indicates a nature devoid of responsibility and immature.

Good influence gives Saturn prudence, wisdom and reflection before each decision. It will designate individuals attached to the land and animals.

Bad influence is manifested by lines and mess that come from the line of Heart. It describes people sad, neglected, listless and dissatisfied. These people develop patterns of revenge, betrayal and crime which can result in jail time.

The Mount of Saturn dominates the knees, legs and skin. Disease are fever, cancer and the risk of deafness.

Mount of the Sun3. Mount of the Sun

The Sun rules the Mount of the ring. It is associated with artistic flair. Those who are governed by this Mount have placed above the ring finger, the Mount is full of lines and in greater quantities than other mountains. If the Mount does not appear, it indicates a solitude and a tendency to turn inward.

Good influence of the Sun gives courage, honor, glory and generosity. He will nominate individuals close to the powerful, officers and men of authority. It also pity, chastity and taste for the arts such as literature and painting.

Bad influence is manifested by a disregard of standards, a vanity exacerbated and angry individuals. It removes men of power and leadership, and described by the subjects at risk of divorce or separation.

The Mount of the Sun rules the heart and arteries, it has an influence on the strength of a person and the pain of disease. Disease relate to heart palpitations and fevers.

Mount of Mercury4. Mount of Mercury

Mercury rules the Mount of the little finger. It is associated with communication skills. Those who are governed by this Mount has many small lines on the phalanges of the little finger with a mount and plain pink. This mount attaches to govern the superiority of mind in the most sensitive and fragile. These people have an intellectual curiosity but are dissimulatrices. If the mount does not appear, it indicates bone or circulatory problems.

Good influence of Mercury gives the initiative, creativity, adaptation, refinement, charm and predisposes to great things in the business, but also an independent nature and loyalty in love.

Bad influence is characterized by deceit, hypocrisy and slander. It influences donors bad advice and scammers.

The Mount of Mercury as Jupiter dominates the feet, arms and especially the upper extremities such as hands. Diseases related to lungs.

Mount of Mars5. Mount of Mars

Mars rules the Mount of the triangle in the center of the hand. Those who are governed by the Mount have a different color between the lines of Life and Head, and a larger portion below the Mount of Mercury. If the Mount does not appear, problems of a sexual or digestive problems may occur.

Good influence of Mars gives people strong and robust. These people are often angry, impatient of servitude, and apt to make military careers. It can not tolerate discrimination against others. Many lawyers and military are ruled by Mercury.

Bad influence is manifested by defects in breach of its good influence, such as infidelity or submission. These individuals often have setbacks and come into conflict with others.

The Mount of Mars dominates the head, brain activity, genital functions, kidney or nerve. Diseases are those affecting the nervous, bleeding and high fever.

Mount of the Moon6. Mount of the Moon

The Moon rules the Mount of the wrist. It is associated with the sense of imagination. Those who are governed by this mountain have beautiful lines marked. If the mountain does not display, it shows people having contact with others difficult, but also topics that are practical and detail oriented.

Good influence of the Moon gives purity, chastity, morality and sincerity. These people give wealth to property, marriage and put women in the foreground. They are also lovers of travel and have an inquiring mind.

Bad influence is characterized by superstition, gossip and devious minds. Women subjected to this influence is dangerous and depraved.

The Mount of the Moon dominates the brain and eyesight. The Moon leads to extreme states such as upset stomach, congestion of the organs and brain diseases.

Mount of Venus7. Mount of Venus

Mount of Venus rules the thumb. It is associated with sensuality. Those governed by this mountain have lines that go up to the index, the Mount is well trained and white or slightly pink. If the Mount does not display, it describes a person who flees frustrated and human relations.

Good influence of Venus gives a sweet, sincere, sensual and voluptuous. This Mount shall designate a person who loves to please and who needs human contact. Venus gives success and is loved by everyone, allowing connections happy. The influence of Jupiter and the Sun gives piety and love of God.

Bad influence is characterized by lines that intersect and described shy and unhappy people. It also means people jealous, fickle, promiscuous and that lead to scandals, accidents and diseases.

Mount of Venus dominates the genitals, kidneys, uterus and breasts. Diseases affecting the genitals, kidneys, uterus, breasts and blood infection.


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