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Learn about the palms lines in palmistry

Lines of the hand

Lines of the hand are numerous and differ in mainlines and secondary lines.

Mainlines of the hand are six in number.
If one wants to arrive at an interpretation as accurate as possible, it is necessary to observe their shapes, thicknesses and colors.

1. Line of Heart 2. Line of Life
3. Line of Head 4. Line of Fate
5. Line of Liver 6. The Rascettes

Line of Heart1. Line of Heart

The line of Heart begins mensalle also called the Mount of Mercury and ends at the Mount of Saturn, bowing to the index. This line reveals the emotional disposition of a person. It is one of three main lines that form the vital Triangle, it refers to all functions of the body and particularly the genital system.

If the line of Heart is straight up away from the Mount of Saturn, and bends to the index, it means a good constitution and a perfect layout for the transmission of genes.
If the line rises to the index without branches, it indicates misfortune or sudden death.
If the line of Heart is short, it indicates a cold and calculating person.
If it goes straight to the Mount of Jupiter, it is a sign of goodness and wealth.
If it does not exceed the Mount of Saturn, the person will live in poverty and misery.

If the line of Heart ends under Saturn, it describes a person who seeks a quarrel fickle, loss of property or an exile.
If the line of Heart is joined to the line of Head, it means an inevitable peril of life, suicide, falls, violent death or property loss.
If interrupted, it indicates a cold nature, incapable of procreation and a danger of head injury.
If the line of Heart is slightly colored, love life will be normal, whereas if it is reddish, passion and anger can take precedence over love.

If the line is forked or branched, the individual has an energy and loves multiple wandering and without interest.
If this line is missing, it shows a completely insensitive person.
If the line of Heart is cut, it is a sign of a bad omen that will change the life of an individual as the loss of a loved one.
If the line has branches in the Mounts of Jupiter and of Saturn, it is a sign of a difficult birth or in pain.

Line of Life2. Line of Life

It is considered the most important line of hand. The line of Life starts between the thumb and index finger, wrist and ends at the Rascettes. It is considered the heart, stomach and vital organs by its central position on the hand and head by a junction with the line of Head on Jupiter.
The line of Life does not necessarily indicate the duration of life but rather the health status during life.

If the line is long and colorful, it indicates good health and longevity.
Conversely, if it is faint, it will indicate poor health.
However, if the reddish color is very marked, it will indicate a choleric personality especially if the line is inclined towards the Mount of Mars.
If this is the Mount of Jupiter, it shows the violence and brutality, and if this is the Mount of Mercury, it means the theft or fraud.
Small cuts on the side of Mount of Venus indicate disease of varying severity.

The situation of the lifeline between Mars and Venus indicates that any line from the triangle and touching it will signal an injury or life threatening.
If the line is cut, you must check if this is the case on both hands and only in this case, it will announce a death. If only the left hand (for right-hand) is cut, it will suffer a severe attack of illness, but if it's right hand, the attack will be fatal.

If the line has multiple branches at the beginning but gradually becomes thinner, it means poor health during childhood.
If the line ends abruptly or cut by a transversal line, it indicates a sudden death.
If the line is double, it means a fortification of the life instinct and a person receiving protection from the sky.

Line of Head3. Line of Head

It is considered the second most important line of hand. The line of Head also called the natural begins at the line of Life and extends into the hollow of the hand to bow to the Mount of the Moon. It shows the movement of minds, intelligence and brain activity. It receives the influence of the fingers and to Mount of Mercury.

If the line of Head begins under the Mount of Jupiter and is bonded to the line of Life, it indicates a perfect balance of quality, loyalty, honesty and a long life.
If the line rises towards the Mount of Jupiter and is separated from the line of life, it describes an independent and sure of her.
If it is long and straight, this describes a balanced personality between the mental and spiritual.

If the line is short and ends in the Mount of Saturn, this indicates a short life and promiscuous.
If it goes to the Mount of the Moon, it exaggerates and makes avaricious selfishness.
If the line is apparent ill or confused, it is a sign of a bad person or forger.

If it goes down very low towards the wrist, it indicates a tortured mind and exalted.
If it falls up, it means a distracted mind and melancholy.
If the line of Head ends in a pitchfork pointing down, it denotes an individual with gifts and maintaining relations with the supernatural.

Line of Fate4. Line of Fate

The line of Fate rises from the Saturnian or rascette to Mount of Saturn through the plains of Mars. This line divides the hand into two parts. It provides information on the stability and regularity of a person's life. In its natural situation, it indicates a person wealthy and happy in his property and his family.

If the line of Destiny is short, it invites the consultant to remain cautious and vigilant on its laurels, while if it is long, the consultant will achieve the projective it has set.
If it starts at the wrist, it is a sign of a person who comes in the highest echelons of society.
If it starts crossing the wrist, it is a sign of disappointments and failures.
If the ends of this line, it appears small intersecting lines and stripes, bad things will happen after great prosperity.

If it joins the line of Heart between your index and middle fingers is a risk of difficult delivery.
If the line is stopped by the line of Heart, it indicates a shattered career following the wrong crowd.
If a cross is at one end, it's a sure sign of a prison or exile.
If it is cut in several places, it indicates that it will fight for successful projects.
If the line of Destiny does not appear, the destiny of the individual will be commonplace and dull.

Line of Liver5. Line of Liver

It is also called line of Mercury or line of Liver. Line of Liver or Liver begins at the ends of the line of Line and ends at the end of the line of Head, and the Triangle shape of the hand. This line relates to the digestive and blood of individuals and their interrelations. To be perfect, it must be attached to the line of Life and line of Head.

If it is not perfect, it will appoint an upset stomach or various diseases of the digestive function.
If it affects only the line of Life, it will indicate a healthy, but the stomach with the advancement in age.
If this line is forked, it means an evil nature with tendencies dishonest or corrupt.

If it is broken or disunited with small grooves, it will indicate a robust nature and a person never sick.
If the line of Liver is not in hand, it is a sign of laziness physical and organic.
If this line joined the Mount of Apollo, it is a sign of a personality which has faculties in the occult or alternative medicine.

Rascettes6. The Rascettes

Rascettes are the lines that make the join between the wrist and arm. Rascettes vary between two, three or four different individuals. It is estimated that Rascettes equal about 33 years. This part of the hand is under the influence of Mars and the Moon.

If Rascettes are united, and smooth on the lower level of the hand, it shows a person of good constitution and balanced.
If Rascettes are not visible, this means poor health and possible voltage drops.


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