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Learn about the forms of hand in palmistry

Forms of the hand

The form of the hand provides information on the character of the person. There are seven different forms.

The seven forms are the elementary hand, the helpful or square hand, the necessary or spatula hand, the philosophical hand, the artistic hand, the psychic hand and the mixed hand.

The elementary hand

The fingers are big and tough, the palm is thick, wide and hard. It shows people working on large jobs or domesticity. It can also evoke a kind coarse and brutal.

The helpful or square hand

Fingertips and the palm is square have developed short and fat fingers. It refers to an individual practice, conventional and punctual. If the fingers are long, it indicates a person endowed with goodness.

The necessary or spatula hand

Fingertips is expanded right and curled. It means action, movement and physical activity. This indicates an energetic and independent. These are people skeptical and positivist.

The philosophical hand

Shaped like a cone, long and having the same shape. It means an introverted personality, thoughtful and has a scientific significance of the intellectual activities.

The artistic hand

It is thin, rather small and smooth with fingers, long and sharp. It indicates an individual sentient, impulsive and imaginative, but also can be moody, lazy but a faithless lover.

The psychic hand

It makes perfect hand figure. It is very rare and very much like the artistic hand. The palm is oval, fingers are thin and flexible, the thumb is fine and small. It indicates a personality whose temperament varies greatly.

The mixed hand

This is the most common hand. It consists of two or three types of hands. These hands have the distinction of being different right and left. It indicates a changing personality and out of touch with reality.


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