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Learn about the forms of fingers in palmistry

Forms of the fingers

The appearance of the fingers provide guidance on the personality of individuals.

Finger position relative to other also provided additional information on character traits.

Index finger

The index finger is called "Jupiter finger", it represents authority, the will to succeed and ambition.
When long, it means a person authoritarian, dominant and having an assertive self-esteem too.
When short, it means a shy, unsure of herself, who needs recognition, who loves order and sometimes with great spirituality.

Middle finger

The middle finger is called "Saturn finger", it represents a sense of responsibility, harmony, balance and a person of strong personality. It characterizes most leaders and businessmen.
When long, it denotes a prudent individual and able to make good decisions.
When short it denotes an individual unwise, whimsical, unstable and unable to make decisions. A right middle finger represents harmony and balance in society.
If the major indexes is tilted, it is a sign of a personality who seeks the company of others.
If the key ring is tilted, it is a sign of a depressive personality.

Ring finger

The ring finger is called "Apollo or the Sun finger", it represents the emotional, artistic talent and ability to communicate.
When long, it indicates the sensitivity , the artistic abilities of a person and a strong sex drive.
When short, it indicates that introverts have difficulty showing their emotions and with others.
If the ring finger is tilted toward the major, this means an individual who needs the other and help.

Pinky finger

The pinky finger is called "Mercury finger", it represents the capacity of an individual communication, business acumen and is a sign of communication.
When is long, it shows the relational capabilities of an individual.
When it runs, it shows the inability to communicate and reserve.
If the ear is tilted ring this indicates a gifted personality for business and diplomacy.

Thumb finger

The thumb is called "Venus finger", it represents the psychological and mental state of a person, and energy.
When long, it means a person full of insurance and energy.
When short, it means a person unsure of itself and lack of drive.
If the thumb is flexible, it indicates a sign of generosity and an ability to cope with events.
If the thumb is stiff, it shows a narrow-minded, impulsive and whimsical.


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