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What is oracle?


Since ancient Greece, men consult racles in order to get a personal response to a question on the present or future.

The most famous of them was the famous Oracle of Delphi, which allowed to consult the God Apollo to the second century BC. BC each nation has created its own Oracle, the Maya to the Romans, to the Greeks.

Today, the Oracles are much less available even if they are one way to get answers to questions that arise. The main Oracles interviewed today are the Belline Oracle, The Ge Oracle, etc...

Belline Oracle

Belline OracleDiscover the Belline Oracle, created in the nineteenth century by the "Mage Edmond" and largely inspired by the Tarot of Marseille cards!

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Ge Oracle

Ge OracleDo you know what the Ge Oracle? Discover the famous Oracle of Gerard Barbier and what reveals the symbolism of its 61 cards.

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reikiDo you know the word Reiki? Click and find out what's behind this technique of laying on of hands and the five components...

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runesFind out what the future holds for you by using this ancient divination art used in the second century BC in northern Europe...

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I Ching oracle

I ChingHave you ever heard of the I Ching oracle? Click and discover the role and components of the Chinese book used in divination art in China...

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African Osselets

african osseletsDo you know African Osselets? Click and find out what the bones also define as osselets are for Africans people today...

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