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Runes are derived from a Germanic alphabet known as Futhark that has developed from the second century BC in northern Europe.

Divination by runes allowed priests to communicate with the Nordic Gods and thereby understand the mystery of life and death. Wood is the material most often used in this divination art.

There are 24 Runes and a 25th rune called Wyrd. Each rune has a meaning and interpretation precise, and it is different if the rune is upright, upside down, front or hidden.

Runes readings

The draw of three runes
This is the simplest consultation that provides an answer to one question. The consultant just has to put three runes ahead from left to right after he mixed.

These three runes represent the past, present and future.
- If all three runes are standing, the answer is yes.
- If all three runes are reversed, the answer is no.
If all are not standing or reversed, we must qualify the answer or perform another draw.

The draw of the simple cross
This draw is used for a personal analysis of the situation of the patient. As for the draw with three runes, the consultant must put three runes in front of him from left to right after it has been mixed. The other two runes must be placed above and below the other three.
Interpretation is identical to the drawings with three runes except that the rune above show the hope and the rune lower indicate a question mark.

The draw of the Celtic Cross
This draw provides a thorough analysis of the consultant. The idea is to make ten runes ahead to cross-shaped as shown below.

      5: 10:
  4: 1: 6: 9 :
      2: 8 :
      3: 7 :

Position 1 represents the current status of the consultant.
Position 2 represents the obstacles that will face the consultant.
Position 3 represents the objectives of the consultant.
Position 4 is the past.
Position 5 is the distant future.
Position 6 is present.
Position 7 shows the strengths and weaknesses of the consultant.
Position 8 is the near future.
Position 9 shows the consultant's expectations.
Position 10 shows the way forward for the consultant.

There are other types of draw runes as the draw of the big tree with 25 runes of interpreting the entire alphabet with the astrological houses. This is the most comprehensive and most accurate of all the draws of runes, but also more complex to analyze.


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