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What is Reiki?


Reiki (霊 気 in Japanese) is a technique for relaxation and healing by laying on of hands. It is considered by scientists as a pseudoscience. The term Reiki is Japanese ”Universal Life Force" and was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui (1865-1926).

Reiki is a simple and effective method for self and others. This technique implements the energy channeled through the therapist to the patient's destination by the simple imposition of hands. The tensions will be relaxed so that will lead to a relaxation of the whole body. For many people, Reiki is the union of the divine breath and the universal energy.

Reiki helps to soothe the patient's pain, reduce stress, correct the balance on the physical and emotional, but also strengthen the immune system.
Reiki is not a religious belief system. It does not replace in any way the use of a doctor.

Initiation to Reiki

Any person wishing to Reiki can be initiated as long to go through the three degrees of initiation.

First degree consists of four rituals of initiation spread over one day and a minimum of four days. The ritual helps to channel Reiki energy in your hands, strengthen the nervous system of the body, and allow the capture of Reiki energy. This first level introduces you to the actual practice of Reiki.

Second degree consists of two rituals of initiation spread over one day minimum. These rituals are intended to strengthen the gains of the first degree by placing the three symbols of the second degree in the hands of the initiate so that it can use symbols. This second level will allow you to perform remote processing.

Third degree consists of a ritual of initiation which is essentially to place the symbol of control in the hands of future master so that it can introduce other. This last stage will also initiate the healing protocols.

The five principles of Reiki

The five principles of Reiki statements by Dr. Mikao Usui are:
"Just now ...
- Do not get angry,
- Not to worry,
- Expressing gratitude,
- Fulfilling duty with diligence,
- Be kind to others".


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