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Learn about African osselets

african osselets

Divination by osselets or Astragalomancy is one of the oldest oracles in the world.
Today, this oracle is mainly used by shamans from African tribute to predict births or harvest periods.
African Osselets are also all-in-fact be substituted for shells or stones.

The draw of African osselets

The draw is similar to that used to draw the runes with the cross. It is to launch four bones in front of you from left to right after they have been mixed. The first two bones should be placed above and the two other below, each one being the bearer of a symbol.

The aim is to interpret the signs that emerge depending on the position of the oOselets. Often the interpretation is not obvious at first, but using the shaman will be important to clarify the signs.

The African osselets meanings

This bone is the bone which has the broadest base. It allows the consultant to manage even the most difficult situations. It is always an ally. This bone ask the consultant to move forward on a professional level and love. The consultant should not decline, because all the doors will be open to him if he wants a promotion or engage in a relationship. This bone encourages the consultant to take initiatives in all areas.

This bone is called the broken bone, it embodies the difficulties the consultant encounter or will encounter in his life. It calls for caution in the financial risk of a debt or bankruptcy. The consultant will take the courage to recover from this dangerous situation. In terms of family or emotional, the consultant will be a little more authoritative and responsible to his family.

This bone is the smallest bone and is a valuable asset in the successful consultant. It invites the consultant to the physical and mental activity in order to maintain its natural balance. The consultant will focus on its natural needs such as sleep and food. It will also take care of his family and loved ones. On a professional level, the consultant should think before they act so as not to make mistakes.

This bone is the longest bone and shows how the situation of the consultant will evolve. It tells the consultant support on the rest of the way that remains to be done. The consultant will make an inventory of its finances and clean if necessary. It is important that the consultant is doing on its own without always call his family. Similarly, it may leave his family manage their affairs without his help.


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