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Learn about I Ching oracle


I Ching also spelled Yi Jing or Yi King is a Chinese book form using a binary system of signs used to make divinations. The I Ching also means changes and Zhou Book of Changes.

This book dates from the first millennium before the Christian era and is considered the oldest Chinese texts. As such, it holds an important place in the history of Chinese thought.

I Ching from the opposition between the Yin and Yang and arrived at a series of 64 figures that can interpret all possible transformations. Capture both the present and the future.

I Ching oracle reading

Consulting the I Ching is through trigrams and hexagrams which is drawn every feature. Hexagrams are figures based on the combination of six features and Trigrams on the combination of three features. Each line can be solid or doubled, or emerging mutant.

Hexagrams represent all possible situations in the universe. They are based on a combination of two Trigrams.
Trigrams represent the heavenly, the human and the Earth. They are associated with an item, an animal and a body part.

I Ching has a total of 4096 possible combinations. This technique is widely used in business and finance, as I Ching says what to do and decisions to make. It is also widely used in sport.

The most popular I Ching reading method

The aim is to launch three coins. The value 2 is assigned in the tails and the value 3 in the face side. This gives a sum of between 6 and 9
- 6 correspond to the mutant Yin (Yin and old)
- 7 correspond to the nascent Yang (Yang or young)
- 8 correspond to the nascent Yin (Yin or young)
- 9 correspond to the mutant Yang (Yang and old)

The situation must be repeated six times to obtain a complete hexagram (from bottom to top). The figure obtained indicates the answer to the question.
The mutant lines, where three pieces fall on the same side, indicates a change. If it's three times the face, it will correspond to the mutant Yin or the young Yin. If it's three times the tails, it will correspond to the mutant Yang or the old Yang. If no mutant trait is released, it will indicate a lack of progress in the near future.


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