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Wednesday 23 May 2018
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Christian Audigier, Joan Collins,
Alexandre Devoise

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Your love
First half
Venus in excellent appearance earn you a pleasant time on the marriage plan. It will be favorable to dialogue and complicity. No risk of tension or misunderstanding. You'll appreciate the true value of this climate of peace and bliss couple. Single, the Moon in harmonic aspect, amplify the loving spirit and mad passion. It will also encourage the instability and infidelity. In sum, it could suddenly disturb the peaceful course of your love. Maid slaying expected for many of you.

Second half
Native married, Venus in harmonic appearance will deploy all its power to protect your love. All those of you coming out of a period of lackluster marital plane will regain their optimism. Your relationship with your spouse will be much more fulfilling that lately. Single, you can, without fear, dream aloud. Through the good offices of the well aspected Moon, your wishes and love the most romantic wildest might finally be able to achieve. You do not believe in your eyes or your ears!

Your work
First half
You will gain fleeing these days the business associations like the plague. The time is inappropriate to commit capital for one reason or another in any enterprise. You may be falling on a dubious partner, or someone that will only bring you bad luck.

Second half
Although you are almost always on the go, this time you will find even more busy than usual. You will not hesitate to work overtime. And even worse: if you're on vacation, you can find a remunerated activity there, unless you have already brought with you a stack of files. How can you find time to live in these conditions?

Your vitality
First half
To take care of your health, heaven sends Jupiter, Pluto and Mars. Common to all these planets are energy, you are guaranteed not to miss. The important thing is to know how to use this energy for useful purposes.

Second half
This high content of Martian astral climate will stimulate you much, not to say that you survoltera. Avoid stimulants, especially coffee. Eat every day a good lettuce salad, decorated if possible fresh mint leaves, well-recognized soothing. After lunch, take an infusion of verbena. And in the evening at bedtime, drink a cup of chamomile tea or orange blossom.

Your money
First half
You can not expect this aspect of Saturn dramatic and rapid improvement of your financial situation. It would be pointless to believe in Santa Claus, for example by trying your luck at gambling. However, it is a beneficial aspect that will protect you against the risk of collapse of your assets, for example, against the destruction of your home by fire or by water.

Second half
This aspect of Jupiter indicates that there is no prospect for you to benefit from a windfall. Do not dream and do not indulge in gambling. Remember to make savings.

My advice for the month
  • Feel wings mostly during this month. Even the old quarrels and past failures can not commence your morale. You will have energy to spare from morning to night. Take the opportunity to finally settle certain outstanding obligations. Just promise you success. Guests receive a positive astral atmosphere, dynamic, under the sign of complete success. Opportunities to seize on, renewed opportunities to take unreservedly, original methods to be applied in the work, etc.

  • While intensely alive spiritually, you will not dédaignerez most sensual pleasures of life and you are mordrez toothy. This is a behavior can not be wiser. Stay in this way, although some criticize you. Listen more your heart instead of reasoning continuously. It is he and not your mind that will be the best guide. Indeed, "the reason may tell us what to avoid, the only heart tells us what to do" (Joubert). Do not be afraid of being less cerebral.

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