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Today we are
Wednesday 18 July 2018
They are born today

Elsa Pataky, Mélissa Theuriau,
Jean Yanne

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Your love
First half
Native married several planets occupy your birth sign. Some, like Venus, will protect your married life. But others may be more troublesome. Everything will be fine if your relationship is solid or, in case of conflict, you keep calm and make the effort to be attentive to your spouse. Single, simple friendship begins to transform into a more intimate relationship, thanks to the beautiful appearance of Neptune. But you'd better keep quiet about it for now, by not putting people into confidence.

Second half
With Jupiter and Venus influencing all your wedding industry, you will not have to fear tub or unannounced changes in your married life. The well-being and serenity are scheduled. If a dispute arises, it will rather bring about a reconciliation that will bring you more of your spouse or partner. Single, a friendship begins to turn imperceptibly, and you will see, all of a sudden, you're in love! You will not be dissatisfied, on the contrary!

Your work
First half
You will be well supported professionally. You will have less problems than usual to assert yourself and clearly express your views. You will not be looking for a fight, but you do not avoid at all costs either. And if you're trying to put a spoke in the wheels, you will not let you do it.

Second half
Mercury will direct you to a change in the professional sphere. If you already have some experience, or if you are competent in a particular area, this is one adventure you can try profitably. Let yourself go to your desires so to move, to change, to do something else or do the same elsewhere and differently. The change should reinvigorate your energy waste by routine and pleasantly expand your horizons.

Your vitality
First half
With the Sun and Mercury to take care of your health, you do not have to worry about anything. Your joy will be your best asset to succeed and to enjoy life. But all the natives of the sign will not be immune to small allergic problems that could occur to the eyes or skin. If you do work, avoid handling of hazardous products without taking the necessary precautions.

Second half
The fight against heavy legs, spider veins and varicose veins will be widely promoted. To reinforce the positive influence of Neptune, put coriander or ginger into your food preparations. They married in salads, stuffings, to boiled meats. Also drink the infusion of savory and anise.

Your money
First half
Taking advantage of the beautiful aspects of Neptune, you will have the opportunity to lead an important financial transaction concerning family property. Everything will be to the satisfaction of all and to your advantage.

Second half
Without really cicada for two pennies, you will occupy you of your finances seriously. It was time! By skillfully combining prudence and audacity, you will realize good operations.

My advice for the month
  • Guests enjoy astral atmosphere that will ensure you a peaceful life, reassuring, orderly, focused on the home, children, home. You will do whatever it takes for those you love are comfortably settled, they live as well as possible in the best cadres. Your efforts will be richly rewarded. At the same time, you attach to resolve your inner conflicts and your psychological problems that are harmless but that impede you anyway. Go see a psychologist or have long conversations with a close friend in whom you have complete confidence.

  • You will want to constantly remind yourself that "no one is more fortunate than he who believes his luck" (German proverb). It is always advantageous to start winning, tending to force a little fate. By cons, nothing is worse than to focus on the idea of failure, defeat or bad luck.

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