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Today we are
Wednesday 18 July 2018
They are born today

Elsa Pataky, Mélissa Theuriau,
Jean Yanne

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Your love
First half
Net improvement in the matrimonial plan. You can re-establish dialogue with your spouse or partner and strengthen your complicity links. It is true that you will manifest again this optimism, the desire to see the positive side of any situation that would make you so attractive in the eyes of the loved one. Single, you will know of exciting experiences, promising adventures. You will forget inhibitions that usually hinder you. You will let your heart speak ... and your senses!

Second half
Bad lunar impulses disrupt your love life. In fact, you absolutely not stand jealousy, possessiveness baptize you, and you do not want to sacrifice a single strand of your independence, never the cause. But with the support of the planet Venus, you will find many a good idea to put your love in blue.

Your work
First half
In work, you will tend to sell the bear's skin before killing him. Do not pack as you will not indeed concluded an agreement or a contract.

Second half
Under the combined influence of Mars and Neptune, you will make grandiose business projects, projects that you come to realize elsewhere in part. But beware of excessive ambition that can distort your judgment, the excesses of impatience that can make you skip steps essential to the smooth running of your business. Above all, do not use expeditious means and do not have recourse to people who do not inspire you total confidence.

Your vitality
First half
With hypertonic trio Uranus-Sun-Venus, which will influence your health sector, you should be full of energy and joy. Things can slightly spoil for some of you because of Neptune. There would be little trouble digesting or skin that might allergic.

Second half
You complain you insomnia. Try to eliminate the cause - too hectic lives - rather than taking sleeping pills; it is your nervous system that acts up. Secondly, watch your eating habits: you tend to binge table for you sometimes pay for good indigestion!

Your money
First half
Beware of new knowledge would lead you on a spending spree by encouraging you to indulge in a violin expensive Ingres. Do not throw money out the window, nor exceed your means, on pain of intractable problems.

Second half
You will have to watch over your budget with the utmost vigilance, because the general mood almost irresistibly to encourage overspending. If you hold many of your resources, the balance will be maintained.

My advice for the month
  • Your energy will be greatly increased and will turn your most valuable asset. It will only avoid giving in to aggression, often point the tip of his nose. Also make sure to dominate your appetite for risk. If you embark on overly risky business, you go to meet serious problems.

  • Let yourself be dominated by the adverse side of your character you will tend to show you a very authoritarian and particularly intolerant. The general climate of the period make this kind of intolerable behavior. So you should expect to sometimes muscular conflicts with those around you, unless you get to control yourself. If you were doing a lot of sports or physical exercise to let off steam in a healthy and profitable way?

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