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Today we are
Wednesday 18 July 2018
They are born today

Elsa Pataky, Mélissa Theuriau,
Jean Yanne

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Your love
First half
This time, your love relationships solely depend on your personal behavior. A desirable you to take initiatives to create a great harmony. You request more spiritual understanding the passionate outbursts, and there are with the loved the desired harmony. If you live as a couple, well placed Jupiter promises a happy period, marked by the complicity and sensuality.

Second half
This configuration of the Sun will put your married life in the spotlight. It will tip you establish a deep complicity with your spouse. It will also help you solve any problems that may upset your relations with the beloved. Single, you'll be much more sociable than usual, and this is already a very good thing! You go out, you will accept the invitations, you can do some very promising meetings. It is possible, too, than just friendship take a more intimate turn.

Your work
First half
Excellent career prospects. You will have a great opportunity to sell yourself. Do not especially influenced by your colleagues; there will be who will see your luck with suspicion. Take your decisions alone.

Second half
In your work, you will be able to realize your hopes. You séduirez your contacts by your optimism and your professionalism. So do not be surprised if one easily adopts your point of view. Your strategy will be more subtle than usual, because you will have worked calmly and methodically.

Your vitality
First half
How to reconcile gastronomy, thinness and good health? When you find the answer to this question, you're done with one of the problems that often plague your life. Know that you can find the answer in food and Chinese folk dietetics.

Second half
Pluto, who still holds the reins of your health sector could earn you little pressure problems or skin irritation. But nothing too serious, do not worry. Overall, you will be rather tireless genre up early, slept later hyperactive. In short, it will be difficult to follow you!

Your money
First half
By all indications astral, you will acquire more ease financially through marriage, association or simply to improve the financial situation of your partner.

Second half
Your finances in general will not be in trouble these days. Your unexpected expenses will be offset by unexpected cash flow. The chance could you smile especially in games that require the calculation or reflection.

My advice for the month
  • The period will be made ??of contrasts, ups and downs. It will bring concerns but also joys. You will need to beware of exaggerations that you could be led to commit in all areas. On the other hand, you will be with a strong seductive power. Feel free to use it in professional life and in private life. This will be a valuable asset in attracting aid you you'll need.

  • Your energy will be stimulated by positive impulses. Assert yourself more in business as in love. You can get the desired agreements and favors, because we will not know you resist. You will deploy a phenomenal energy. What you want, you will get it at the wrist strength. Your entourage will be blissful admiration. But beware ! This will not be a reason to give lessons to anyone.

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