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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Elsa Pataky, Mélissa Theuriau,
Jean Yanne

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First quarter :  You will draw your beautifully out of the game Conflicting planetary influences will be spared you.. In addition, the exhilarating influence of Jupiter will enable you to reign a warm and sensual atmosphere in your relationship. During the last month of the period, however, you will need to make some extra effort to maintain this pleasant atmosphere. Be vigilant. Single, you will dream to have at your side a companion or a companion to share your joys and worries. Well, rejoice: a decisive meeting could occur during this period!

Second quarter :  Being happy in love, it's not a matter of luck! You should know patiently build his happiness, by making concessions and taking into account the wishes and aspirations of its partner. You will realize these truths so that the success of your marriage will do well envy. You will put cheerfulness, good mood in your home. And then you will find a thousand and one ways to make life easier for the loved one. If you are a heart to take, you will be so biased that you are not likely to suffer from loneliness. However, a particularly endearing person will enter your life towards the end of the period.

Third quarter :  Neptune, the master of emotions and romance, will make you euphoric. You're happy couple? Go ahead, put in motion a joint project. Depending on your situation, it will be a job, a humanitarian commitment, a journey - or a baby. If you are alone, soul sister will be at the corner of the street. Give her appointment as soon as possible, with Jupiter Neptune forming a highly conducive to a blossoming love configuration.

Fourth quarter :  Uranus, the master of freedom and novelty, but also expert surprises, will be driving Your House V (meetings). Result: Your love life is not likely to cause the monotony! Visitors to the movement, contingencies and thrills, one can say that you will be served! If you live in couple, are surprising and inventive; your spouse will appreciate all your whims, and love will always be renewed. If you are single, Welcome to a world where everything is possible! Uranus because not only could make you melt before a (an) unknown (e) large clear eyes, but it can make you want to (the) follow at the end of the world!

First quarter :  With Jupiter in your House VI, which corresponds to the activities, and Neptune in your House XI, the projects, you will enjoy! In practice, this means that this time will be the best time to get involved fully in what interests you and important to you. See the big picture and let speak your mind go-getter. You will have great opportunities to demonstrate your talents and give birth to large-scale projects.

Second quarter :  No major planet will be in the areas of your work-related theme. So you just have to continue your merry way continuing to be serious, brilliant and creative. Only the influence of the moon could lead you to review your organization or direct you differently closer to your true professionals wishes. But you can do it quietly, after careful consideration, because you will not under pressure.

Third quarter :  A period of expansion in your work, that's what the stars you reserve this time. You will not complain! Neptune with you lately, you had to feel your imagination bubble, but you may have sometimes lacked daring to realize your ambitions. Everything will change now with the arrival of Jupiter in the work area of your theme. That this planet will ask you? Show you more enterprising. In exchange, eventually blocking and shyness access. Do you require!

Fourth quarter :  Side work, feel free to let your inspiration. With a shade, though: give yourself time for reflection, examining the pros and cons of proposals and projects that interest you, and put you to work immediately after. You will learn, in contact with Saturn, the rigor and the requirement needed to fight your way to success. Saturn will support your efforts and help you require in your new business. In return, this planet will require you to work hard. So obey him, and you will meet success!

First quarter :  The well-being will be at the rendezvous. Indeed, thanks to the uplifting influence of Jupiter, your tendencies to anxiety will be neutralized. Your morale will rise, and even if you had a few problems of health, you are not cleave undue importance. That said, your back will be somewhat weakened, and you will have housework. If necessary, an appropriate gymnastics, practiced regularly, would be desirable. In contrast, minor skin problems and some of most concern dermatological disorders can be treated effectively.

Second quarter :  You will have a lot of courage, and you will overcome your fears. This will allow you to attack you straightforward menus to your health. And if you must pass exams a little painful but necessary, you will quickly complete instead of handing them later. In short, nothing to report general health side.

Third quarter :  Tone and dynamism will be waiting for you. Beginning of the period, above all, your body's defense mechanisms will be very effective and you will successfully resist seasonal diseases. In addition, you will have an excellent morale, and you will be less prone to stress-related disorders and anxiety.

Fourth quarter :  Fragile you? Not really. Rather solid as a rock genre, which does not usually attend doctors or pharmacists. Beware all the same, because the presence of Neptune in the health sector of your theme could affect your tone. Take good care of yourself!

First quarter :  You should use this time to take care of your financial balance. The Sun will indeed showcase one of your money sectors. Better yet, the Sun will form a harmonious configuration with Jupiter, the most beneficial Zodiac star, which promotes especially enrichment. So do not wait to ask for a raise! If you have made investments, the period could be favorable to unexpected gains.

Second quarter :  No planet from sow discord in the areas of your theme related to money, you should enjoy relative fiscal balance. Provided, of course, make no spendthrift folly. The natives who will be reasonable could reach for savings in anticipation of a long journey or a major purchase - projects that are worth some sacrifices!

Third quarter :  This aspect of Neptune suggests a feature set in your area money. It could earn you a significant amount of money from family origin. This unexpected gift could place in front of new choices. You may increase some of your investments and make a real estate purchase. Take your time before you commit, because Pluto lurking in the vicinity may disturb your thinking skills.

Fourth quarter :  With Saturn, the planet of restriction and hardship in disharmonious aspect you begin to find that your income really too stagnant. But do not be discouraged: your efforts are about to bear fruit. Even if you still have difficulty organizing your budget, patience, you'll soon be able to find a better balance and forget your worries.

My advice for the year
  • During the year, the astral dissonances have a negative influence on your personality, your character, your inner self. Result: the undesirable traits of your character will tend to dominate your good qualities. You should make a great effort to prevent your weaknesses to take precedence over your strengths. If you do, you will deserve the highest praise, for "victory over oneself is the greatest victory" (Plato).

  • This year, more than ever, you will flee constraints like the plague, wherever they come from. You échangeriez nothing against your individual freedom. Be aware that this attitude sometimes requires a very high price. Indeed, as life is not a fairy tale, you might not always put you on the margins of reality without suffering damage. Certainly, it is possible to make some losses often; but you will be unable to assume any losses all the time. "We must learn from life to suffer life" (Chamfort). If you consistently refuse to deal with reality to a certain extent, you could reach out to serious problems.

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