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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Elsa Pataky, Mélissa Theuriau,
Jean Yanne

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First quarter :  If you are married natives for some time that pass through a difficult phase, in this time things will be decided. For some it will be a great explanation, perhaps a bit violent but that will improve the situation and start with a good foundation. Others will choose instead the rupture; but it will be to quickly become intoxicated by the freedom. For solo, this time will likely be marked by a very important meeting, which likely will lead to marriage or cohabitation.

Second quarter :  Everything can happen it comes to love. Jupiter, Venus and Uranus will greatly increase your sensuality and promote meetings, lightning strikes. Mars and Saturn, in turn, threaten your marriage. Different scenarios are possible. Some native, married, will fall in love with someone else, which will put them in a difficult position. Others, while crossing some difficult areas couple, will seduce their spouse or partner and make him forget all his grievances. Still others, whose heart is free, are the most favored: they will indeed likely to come across the person with whom they will want to share their lives.

Third quarter :  Under the wing of Venus, your love should fill you up. You establish with your spouse strong complicity links. Many of you also undertake a new and exciting activity with their partner. If you live alone, you will fall in love as to forget to defend your sacred freedom. Until you invite all your friends to your wedding, there will be no further!

Fourth quarter :  With four planets passing in your sign, you will be more focused on yourself than on others. This does not mean that your love will lack charm, but simply that you will prove pretty selfish. For most of you, it will not carry consequences. After all, even if you like for your pleasure before thinking about your partner, it will not prevent you from being pleasant. But beware, you may have excessive and somewhat infantile reactions. This is the case for married natives and ... sensitive to the charm of someone other than their regular partner. Those will not want to hear about or loyalty or morals! Warning, this kind of attitude can have much more serious consequences than you would like.

First quarter :  Warning! On several occasions during this period, you will experience a deep sense of dissatisfaction professionally. And since patience is not your forte, you will be tempted to give up your current job, hoping to find a more interesting situation or better suited to your skills. Yet let go for the shadow is the last thing to do right now! Also, be extra vigilant and control your impulsive outbursts. You will need to bring yourself to eat away at your brake and wait in silence for best times to take action. They arrive, do not doubt it! Thus, during the last month of the period, some very interesting opportunities arise, and it will keep you ready to enjoy it thoroughly. Your career should then take off again.

Second quarter :  With this period, you will enter a phase of stabilization. But with a character like yours, pugnacious and always searching for challenges, it will not be the easiest time. However, before seeking to win other paris, first consolidate what you have already acquired, and defend your positions.

Third quarter :  Consolidation! This will be the slogan of this period. You will be able to control the situation and act in stages, to gradually strengthen your professional situation. In short, you give him a base more solid, and you do not have to worry about surprises. In the second half of the period, you will be very likely to get a nice promotion, or to be able to finally realize ambitious projects, whether you want to carry out a long time. As for the last month, it should be marked by a great social recognition.

Fourth quarter :  Enjoy stimulating influences of the first two months of the period to promote projects that matter to you most at heart. And if you are planning for a long time to change career guidance, it will be the perfect time to take the plunge. Especially since you will benefit from significant nudges lucky. From the third month, however, a climate of instability could install in your professional life. However, if you take care to avoid risky initiatives and excessive risks, you will manage to consolidate your position.

First quarter :  Dynamic, well-being and physical resistance to the program this time. What could be better? Indeed, the planetary influences will be very favorable and you can stock up on energy and tone. Your morale will also be on the rise, and you will fight much better against psychosomatic disorders and allergies.

Second quarter :  When Saturn moves into a health-related area, it is better to be wary of him! Especially in this period. First point to watch for your teeth. Attention also to small accidents linked to sport or DIY: sprain, break; nothing serious, but still enough to bother you some time. So caution!

Third quarter :  When Saturn moves into a health-related area, it is better to be wary of him! Especially in this period. First point to watch for your teeth. Attention also to small accidents linked to sport or DIY: sprain, break; nothing serious, but still enough to bother you some time. So caution!

Fourth quarter :  Saturn placed in your House XII, that of health, does not have the reputation of being very friendly. In this case, a single strategy thwart his evil inclinations taking particular care of your health. Do you require as much as possible a healthy life is to say a sufficient number of hours of sleep, a balanced diet and regular physical activity.

First quarter :  No planet influences your theme areas related to money, which will protect you from bad surprises but also deprive you of a possible fluke. Some of you will benefit from these quiet moments to think about a new way to use their resources. Maybe you'll want to more or less long term, to buy an apartment or house. In this regard, you will seek the best ways to enhance your savings.

Second quarter :  A priori, this astral environment should favor your revenue, but the situation will be complicated with the presence of Saturn. Unpaid reminders may hit the most reckless of you. And as you do not like to deprive you, the restrictive influence what will upset you.

Third quarter :  It is held that Jupiter control of your resources sector. As a planet that brings wealth, its presence in this sector will prove advantageous. The satisfaction of seeing fill your bank account does not make you forgetting Mercury poorly aspected, which could make you very spender. Cover your loved ones gifts is certainly very nice, but make sure that your generosity will not compromise balance your budget.

Fourth quarter :  With this aspect of March is the alarm that will sound. Those who have abused overdrafts will return to a more reasonable management, under penalty of being abruptly recalled to order by their banker. Of course, it will be not easy to reduce your expenses, but knowing where you are in your finances you should avoid diving into "red". Fortunately, Mars will form a favorable light with Jupiter, which will help you make good resolutions and stick to it.

My advice for the year
  • The global environment will give you the chance to start this year virtually unprecedented change in your life, with the ability to find by doing a better balance and happiness. You will be able to significantly improve the quality of your life, provided to understand the need to transform your individual universe and adapt to the realities. The terms of such an adaptation and best profitable forms of action would benefit from the subject of a study by a good astrologer.

  • This year, looking for a great alternative and more satisfying than the mere material comfort. Remember to focus on core skills. Try to be sensitive without falling into sentimentality, you open up to the spiritual life without falling into superstition, to be receptive to beauty as well as difficulty in the world. If you do, you will give to your life its meaning, and can then experience extreme joy, joy that can not be bought with all the gold in the world!

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