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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Elsa Pataky, Mélissa Theuriau,
Jean Yanne

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First quarter :  In love, this time playing the card of sincerity and transparency. This will be the best way to strengthen bonds between you to your partner. Consider: if you oppose serious problems regularly, put cards on the table and discuss it bluntly with him, agreeing to accept your own responsibility. This will allow you to start again on new bases. Single, you will have great chances of making a striking meeting this time. Know this, such an opportunity to live a sustainable and highly satisfactory relationship will not happen anytime soon. So enjoy!

Second quarter :  This time your protective barriers will fly to pieces, and you do not constantly seek to control your emotions or reason before passing feelings. And if the trials endured for some time led you away more and more of your partner and build more links, you could finally make the decision to rebuild your life.

Third quarter :  You will deploy of ingenuity to fight against the daily grind in your married life, and these efforts will soon bear fruit. Between you and your partner, it will again be passionate love. And if you are getting together in ambitious projects, your complicity will be even stronger. Single, you will certainly not escape the crush, this time under the aegis of Venus (love), Jupiter (success, pleasure) and Uranus (unexpected changes). There will be positive electricity in the air!

Fourth quarter :  Strongly influenced by Jupiter, you will consider the love in a different light. It will not be for you a soft war, but a privileged relationship based on fun and mutual trust. Instead of a fight like cats and dogs you with your partner, you will see to eliminate the risk of tension and promote harmony. You will even have a chance of achieving almost perfect agreement with him. If you are free, networking opportunities will multiply. Moreover, many of you will bury your single life these days!

First quarter :  The Sun and Venus allow you to combine softness and firmness to take your ideas and Mercury will make your contacts. This astral protection will be valuable, given the contradictions that Pluto offers. Innovative projects that you propose will not be to everyone's taste, and we could put a spoke in the wheels. Ignore the gossip and go forward. Once you have achieved, your opponents will eventually recognize your skills!

Second quarter :  Until the middle of the second month of the period, you will have the opportunity to continue on a Roll and score important points in your work. But be careful! Do not particularly intoxicated by success and be sure to keep your head on your shoulders. Otherwise, overconfidence lead you to make a bad situation assessment, and you risk wiping painful failures. Use extra caution during the third month. During this month, in fact, you will miss lucidity, giving your trust to unreliable people who could use you and lead you into dangerous enterprises.

Third quarter :  Until the middle of the period, the fear of failure may paralyze you and prevent you from embarking on large-scale projects. Fortunately, you can then continue gradually confidence in your abilities. And the good results you get will encourage you to continue on the path of daring! So you will be able to improve your status by climbing the corporate ladder. But some of you decide to play the card of novelty and change direction.

Fourth quarter :  Hurry up you tackle your most ambitious projects and handle cases requiring boldness and self-confidence. Until the end of the first month of the period, in fact, you will be supported by positive influences and you will succeed all that you undertake. Then you will feel less confident and fear of failure, which is usually foreign to you, dampen your ambition impulses. However, if you manage to find a happy medium between reckless risk and excessive caution, you will succeed, then consolidating your professional position.

First quarter :  You will have excellent physical strength and your natural defenses operate effectively. This will however not a reason to impose excessive force your body. Pace yourself true relaxation or even of pure relaxation. You will need it.

Second quarter :  No planet in order in the areas of your health-related theme. Result: a physical and moral form foolproof, it will not squander leading a disordered life. But beware of excess! Do not overwork your muscles and spare your stomach.

Third quarter :  This will weigh you, it will be the presence of Saturn. You will probably have some vague pain. Fortunately, Pluto will exercise its beneficial influence and protect you in some way, strengthening your immune system and giving you a good physical resistance.

Fourth quarter :  After suffering the influence of Saturn, you'll be able to refuel with optimism and tone. In addition, back pain and rheumatic pain will be decreased sharply. You will resist particularly suitable for microbial and viral attacks. In addition, people with disabilities whose origin is uncertain will finally benefit from effective treatments.

First quarter :  Until the middle of the period, you can make profitable financial transactions. It will be a good way to consolidate your financial situation. But then you will have to watch you from the corner of the eye and do not put yourself, suddenly, to live from day to day and spend according to your moods. Be especially careful during the third month of the period.

Second quarter :  In the financial area, you will be much more daring than usual. Overall, your bold initiatives will prove successful. However, be sure to avoid ill-prepared operations during the second month of the period. However, you can grow your assets with skilled trades in the last two weeks of this quarter.

Third quarter :  Financial instability could mark the first two months of the period. Delays in your cash flow, unexpected expenses can seriously break your budget. Do not worry, though! From the third month, you will succeed to turn the corner ... provided, however, to tighten the belt a little. However, you will have the possibility of fruitful transactions and at the same time you will improve your purchasing power.

Fourth quarter :  This time you will not have room for error! Reckless impulses and risky initiatives may indeed be punished. So you will need to make a big effort rigor in the management of your resources. Be especially careful during the second month of the period. During this month, you will not allow you to make unnecessary expenses, without seriously destabilize your budget. However, you will have the opportunity to make profitable transactions in the last month.

My advice for the year
  • The astral climate of this year, predominantly Neptune, will act as escape factor, sometimes causing dissatisfaction and lack of interest in the immediate reality, perceived as somewhat exciting. It will create a need anything else, a desire elsewhere. And it will give the desire to dream and develop in fanciful landscapes. Let yourself go a bit from time to time if you want to comfort you hardnesses of life; but set well-defined limits, you categorically refuse to transgress.

  • Consider that life was given to you as a capital. Grow up in this capital by taking maximum pleasure. All the pleasures you have tasted during your existence on earth will constitute your interests. You complain of the shortness of human life? Well, looking to fully enjoy your short years of existence. And in the evening of your life you will be willing to leave this world without regret, since you will have pocketed your interests!

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