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Wednesday 23 May 2018
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Christian Audigier, Joan Collins,
Alexandre Devoise

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First quarter :  Jupiter, which represents luck, become an ally of your heart. He settled in the area of life to two, which is one of the most positive figures on the astral plane lovers. This time, the lonely have a real chance to make a very important meeting, and those who are already in love can conquer the person making the dream. In many cases, the impact of Jupiter will even lead you right to marry. If you are already connected, Jupiter promises a particularly happy time couple; exhilaration, complicity, tenderness and sensuality will be with go.

Second quarter :  This will be the calm in the love area. As always in such cases, this does not mean that you will be exempted from the effort required for the harmony of your couple. Especially since this aspect of Pluto will cause some emotional blockages. In summary, stay alert while showing more flexibility and heat than usual. For singles who want to play Don Juan or Messalina, it will also be a favorable astral configuration, to the extent that it will increase personal magnetism.

Third quarter :  For some time that Saturn, the planet associated with sadness, tests and loneliness, influenced the sector related to married life. Some of you have been fortunate not to suffer too much, but many natives who come to experience a difficult time in love. This time it's over. Saturn party, your married life will become enjoyable. If you live alone, now that you got rid of that nuisance, you can finally make an important meeting.

Fourth quarter :  This is Jupiter, the planet of luck and happiness, that will influence your love. He will be assisted by Neptune, another chance to star. This heavenly combination promises an almost absolute love happiness period. If you are married, you will find the complicity of the early days. If you are lonely, a memorable encounter could transform your destiny.

First quarter :  Your professional life will be influenced by Mars and the Sun, tone factors, ambition and success, and by Neptune, much less friendly. What to conclude? You will succeed, not measuring your energy or enthusiasm; but many of you may still to face a significant barrier, coming in most cases decisions and choices made in the past. Do not worry: even if, at first, the situation seems ill to attend, your efforts will help you quickly to mitigate the consequences considerably.

Second quarter :  Pluto will effectively multiply your ambition and help you which are not a fighter born out claws and teeth to impose. But Neptune badly aspected may cause difficulties if you have poorly prepared your campaign plan. However, these delays will have a positive result: more motivated than ever, you can change your tactics to make sparks soon.

Third quarter :  It is badly aspected Saturn who can play tricks in your trade. Saturn will make a little rigid and flexible attitude, and cause changes and innovations. You will have only one solution to get away: for current developments and change your attitude or your working methods. Those of you who will not change their situation may deteriorate.

Fourth quarter :  The Sun in this aspect will stir your ambition. Your efforts will bear fruit, and many of you will receive the congratulations of their hierarchy. If you are currently in a difficult professional stage, this period should allow a breakthrough. It's time to make an appointment with your superiors and explain what you do not like; dialogue will find a solution. Same thing if you are unemployed: please send your resume to several companies.

First quarter :  You'll want to limit your consumption of meat, not only for the sake of your body but also for your purse. You will find much protein in soy, fish and eggs. Take as brown rice, which is a lightweight but very energy food.

Second quarter :  Submitted to harsh planetary influences, you will compel you some food discipline to maintain your health. Drink plenty of water between meals. Eat light and regular hours. To stimulate your appetite, try new dishes, or even a new kitchen, for example, the Vietnamese or Chinese cuisine.

Third quarter :  This kind of time right for you. Enjoy up to do what you like. But your unusual exuberance may lead you too far and cause of incidents and accidents menus. So you will benefit in many channel your strengths and beware of exhilaration.

Fourth quarter :  With the Moon in this aspect, you could replenish sleep because you need it. Eat light, eat healthy. No alcohol, tobacco or trepidation of some kind! If you follow these tips, you can enjoy a healthy foolproof.

First quarter :  The money is well known, often tends to slip through your fingers. But with this astral environment finished playing the cicadas! How so? First, by becoming aware of your shortcomings. Become more lucid, it will be easier to overcome your small weaknesses. Instead of devoting your energy to juggle a precarious accounting, you'll use to restore a balance between your income and expenses. And no doubt you will!

Second quarter :  Okay, Pluto, the master of wealth, will be there to help you increase your revenue. But be careful, do not believe that this opportunity will set you free from the whims of Heaven! Even if you feel like itch, no way to blow these additional gains without thinking, much less to be careless in managing your budget. You can avoid a lot of trouble if you use common sense.

Third quarter :  Your finances in this period? These two planets influences could not be more contradictory that will play on them. One that enriches you is Pluto. And as is well aspected, it can be very effective. The one that disturbs you is Saturn and unfortunately its current position in your chart will increase its effect. Adapt to the reality seeing a little smaller than usual. A richly rewarded effort, which will allow you to finish the period with positive statements.

Fourth quarter :  The big boss of your finances is Neptune and, overall, it should bring you luck in this area. For maximum benefit, sharpen your intuition, be on the lookout. Neptune will help you find the best opportunities to get rich. The period will be more prosperous from the last month of the period, Neptune then forming a very positive figure with Jupiter. Great! But do not forget to think so far in the future: for example, instead of paying rent at a loss, you might consider buying an apartment or house.

My advice for the year
  • The stars will make all the natives of this sign to show a lot of independence and even originality in their behavior. This could mean, among other things, a profound transformation in thinking, in dress and appearance, refusal of authority and discipline, disregard for conventions, etc. Many native will do as they please and will be much less willing to listen to the opinions of their relatives. Some of them will even reveling in eccentricity. Be careful not to exceed the tolerable limits.

  • Since we are in terms of changes, try to question yourself occasionally, when circumstances permit, as will sometimes be the case this year. In no way will you take too seriously; you will risk nothing in doing so: "We do not care who knows not to make fun of oneself" (Chinese proverb). Furthermore, waive certain activities that are too futile and you are pursuing only by force of habit.

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