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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Elsa Pataky, MĂ©lissa Theuriau,
Jean Yanne

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First quarter :  With this aspect of Venus, there will be animation in your love life. If you are already married, the atmosphere is warm and sensual. But this aspect will mainly concern singles. Many lonely natives will indeed pass in this time someone will not leave indifferent. For some, it will be even a very important meeting, which could change their lives and end with a wedding.

Second quarter :  Focus on love sector with Venus and Pluto. Be available at this time, for love will give you an appointment. Admit that you can not refuse! Especially such an astral configuration should make you sentimental and exalt your enthusiasm. So you will have all the assets on hand for a meeting or consolidate a recent love. If your relationship is already established, you will know a happy time. Some decide to marry, to live together, or having a child.

Third quarter :  Mercury govern your love sector. Mercury is the god of communication, speech, dialogue. So couples can better understand and find a good complicity. To the lonely, the impact of Mercury will be different: you who, in good native of this sign do not like to play the seducer, you will for a time the king of the dredge and flirtation. But beware, you will tend to be too many things at once and therefore may not catch any!

Fourth quarter :  If you are married, this period will be animated. Venus, the goddess of love, will reign tenderness and sensuality in your relationship. You will have a fruitful dialogue with your spouse or partner. To the lonely, the climate will be flirting rather than serious commitments. Only a single native of the second decanate will receive a major crush under the influence of Pluto. A favorite so disturbing that it also could destabilize somewhat.

First quarter :  You refuse to sleep in quiet comfort, and settle for second-rate roles! And if you étiolez in your current job, the idea of a change will be needed more in your mind. But be careful! In the first two months of the period under the negative influence of Pluto, you will experience such a feeling of frustration you might forget all caution and be tempted to drop the substance for the shadow. So, be sure to check these reckless impulses and show a little patience. By the third month, the circumstances will be more favorable. Jupiter being there, then you can make major career changes in the best conditions.

Second quarter :  Your major asset in this period? The ability to find a good balance between boldness and caution, between expansion and consolidation. This is what will enable you to blithely climb the ranks of the hierarchy, smooth or snags. You can also carry out important projects, or change smoothly, career guidance. With this clever strategy, you will get very good results. However, at times, you still happen to be a little too Forcing and take too many risks. So you watch closely!

Third quarter :  Whew! You will not have as recently to constantly ask yourself which tile will still fall on your head. By dint of perseverance and tenacity, you can even gradually, give a more solid basis for your work situation. You will start to really reap the rewards of your efforts. Then you will progress very regularly and you'll have the satisfaction of seeing your competence, your seriousness are finally recognized at fair value in your workplace.

Fourth quarter :  This period will present auspicious. With an attitude much more reasonable than before, you will succeed in ending the dangerous instability climate in your professional life. You will, once again, a more objective view of the situation and a sound judgment. This will allow you to take excellent short and medium term initiatives, but also to make good choices about your future. However, do not rob you, under the influence of Uranus, and ensure flexibility and diplomacy.

First quarter :  If you had to suffer long nervousness and insomnia, look no further: c 'was because of Uranus. Now finished his bad influence! Better in your body and in your head, you should enjoy a good base balance. But beware: Neptune, still around, can increase your tendency to somatization and make you more vulnerable to viruses and microbes.

Second quarter :  Uranus and Jupiter placed both in areas of your health-related theme, it takes a little vigilance! If you respect your sleep rhythms and you observe a balanced diet, you will not have to worry about anything, you might even have great shape. The important thing is to lead a regular life and quiet.

Third quarter :  Jupiter is well connected to Pluto, a major star for you. You will therefore be particularly sensitive to this positive configuration, which should offer you a great reserve of energy and optimism. Do not think that you were not going to feel that on-time and superficial tone; rather, it will be an undercurrent, very powerful, even if it is not spectacular.

Fourth quarter :  Unpleasant influences that prevailed recently in the area of your health will stop. You is all spruced for that period, where you will enjoy a priori an Olympic shape. With the visit of Jupiter at the beginning of the second month, everything should continue to go well. But beware of the euphoric effect of this planet. It will encourage you to make good food too often!

First quarter :  This is not the time you risk compromising the balance of your financial situation by imprudent initiatives, hazardous operations or unnecessary expenses. You will be even more reasonable than usual! Of course, your partner will be welcomed to see you as seriously manage the family budget. However, beware of a tendency to stagnation.

Second quarter :  You will tend to live above your means and multiplying the credits, to offer you everything you want. Unfortunately, this improvident attitude may have serious consequences if you do not decide quickly, become more reasonable. Take extra precautions and do not engage in risky financial transactions. From the second month of the period, the planetary influences will be more favorable, and you'll be a little more realism. However, be still vigilant.

Third quarter :  Finance side, you will be able to significantly improve your purchasing power. It is true that you will put maximum chances on your side, including by seeking expert advice as soon as you want to make large investments or carry out major operations. In this area, the most favorable periods will be located in the first and last month of the quarter.

Fourth quarter :  Until the middle of the period, you will probably find it difficult to get serious in the management of your budget. And the state of your finances may be affected! Do not be fooled by promises too much, you risk being cheated. However, you then have the opportunity to turn things around. You will then be easier to show you reasonable and avoid as much as possible, unnecessary expenses. You try, too, to make projections about the future, even if it is hardly in your nature. You will consider the same, for example, opening a retirement savings plan!

My advice for the year
  • With this year, you are at a turning point in your life. Several options will be available to you, and he'll have to choose carefully. Either way, you know exactly what you do not want, which is already partially facilitate your decision. Some of you will draw a big line under their past. In any case, do not keep both feet in the same shoe. You will need to make a great effort to adapt to fully live the most beneficial times ahead.

  • This year, it will probably happen often worry about the question of death. You révolterez you the idea that you will one day leave this world. But as death is an inevitable event that spares no one, it would be wiser to accept it with calmness and resignation, even justify it in some way, such as Epictetus did: "It is a curse for ears not to be harvested, and this would be a curse for men not to die."

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