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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Elsa Pataky, Mélissa Theuriau,
Jean Yanne

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First quarter :  More than ever you assume your family and marital responsibilities with exemplary seriously. On this point, your partner will not blame you absolutely nothing. You will pay domestic and material problems with maximum efficiency. In short, you will manifest your attachment to those you love by action. But if in addition you say from time to time to your dear and tender as you like, and if you multiply attentions to him, make sure he did not complain! Single, you will be extremely selective, very few people have grace in your eyes. Not easy in these conditions to break with emotional loneliness!

Second quarter :  The circumstances make you suddenly realize that life is decidedly short, and you will not want to miss a. Result: You'll be hard pressed to resist extramarital affairs. That of course could cause a stir in your relationship. Also, as you tend to feel guilty, these brief romance could ultimately bring you more discomfort than pleasure. By cons, if you are single, you can enjoy without a second thought of your freedom, and you do not deprive yourself of a few favorites!

Third quarter :  Freed from the destabilizing influence of Uranus, you will find a better inner balance and your relationship with your partner will gain in confidence. Indeed, instead of spending your time to nag or criticize his initiatives regarding your family, you will show you more indulgent towards her. Thus, harmony and well-being will be waiting for you, especially in the second month of the period. If you are free, you will aspire more than ever, to break with emotional loneliness. So, rejoice: you should make a decisive encounter during this period!

Fourth quarter :  Jupiter will park in the area of your topic related to the passion and meetings. That allows to announce a period quite important if you live alone. If you are married, Jupiter will protect your lives. The joy of living to be two appointments and also, for some, the desire to do something with their spouse, perhaps professionally or leisure.

First quarter :  These celestial impacts are rather positive and should help you advance in your career. But this aspect of Pluto may temporarily complicate things. Everything will be fine if you do not splurge. But will you control your impatience? You will want to win so that you may indeed give your opponents sticks to beat you!

Second quarter :  No planet will directly affect your professional life. This does not mean that nothing will happen. Stimulated by the three planets that support you, you'll want to improve your situation or you jump into new projects. But beware of this configuration of Pluto, which could make you take too many risks. You who are very bold by nature careful: you may this time a recipe for disaster!

Third quarter :  The area of your theme related to professional life will always be occupied by Jupiter, planet of luck, earning you in Overall good protection. So you will have nothing serious to fear. But Neptune, also in this sector and badly aspected, will resurrect an old mismanaged problem. This time you have to roll up your sleeves to finally settle things, the price undoubtedly a delicate decision. Rest assured, you will find a solution if you show courage and good sense.

Fourth quarter :  Marked improvement professionally. Only the black moon, always placed in your career sector, will at times curb your ambitions. But if you agree to show a little patience and modesty, you do not suffer. With the support of the Sun, your vitality and dynamism will help you make sparks in your trade.

First quarter :  Here comes the time to take strong reasonable eating habits, especially if your scales accuses three or four pounds overweight . You can lose weight by completely removing the wine and bread lunch and dinner. Simply take two or three slices of wholemeal bread not buttered morning at breakfast. Are fabricating beautiful salads beets, raw cauliflower and mushrooms in Paris. Eat boiled eggs with spinach or lamb chops well degreased. Make overlook stews and pastries. Also drink lots of mineral water and some kind of Chinese teas that are very diuretics.

Second quarter :  Everything will be conducive to restore your health and do away with these strokes so common. Swim, walk and ventilate your maximum. Cure sun if possible, and also vegetables and vitamins. And do not forget that optimism is the best guarantee of well-being.

Third quarter :  From the beginning of the period, Mars will put your nerves. As you against attack. If you smoke, try to significantly reduce your smoking. Also avoid coffee. Doing so, you significantly increase your powers of seduction: not only will you be more calm and endearing, but your smile is dazzling because you will have whiter teeth.

Fourth quarter :  You will be somewhat battered by the planetary influences on the map health. Beware of microbes, which you will become very vulnerable. Eat oranges, grapefruit; drink hot lemonade sweetened with honey; take muesli for breakfast. Sprinkle your meats and your vegetables thyme, bay leaf, rosemary - all excellent antiseptic. In the same vein, eat ginger; this condiment you will, in addition, for its exquisite flavor.

First quarter :  The lean period should come to an end. Oh sure, you will need some time to replenish your finances! But if you agree to be consistent, you will succeed. During the second and third months, in particular, you will have the opportunity to make profitable trades. It will also be a good time to sell or buy property. You will succeed in slowly but surely consolidate your financial situation.

Second quarter :  The Audacity will pay, you can be sure! By the first half of the period, you can make successful financial transactions taking some risks, carefully calculated, of course! However, from the second month of the period, some problems may occur. Thus, cash flow on which you count could be delayed. Do not panic! You can quickly restore the situation, and certainly do not need to lock yourself in a cautious attitude. Besides, you can improve your purchasing power in the last month.

Third quarter :  In material terms, this is a period of high risk! This is why you need to watch you closely. Beware of engaging too big expenses and raise loans. If you do not want to accumulate trouble, to be spent according to your means, not according to your desires. Not very gay perspective as, perhaps, but that is what you will avoid disaster!

Fourth quarter :  In the financial area, the period will be in very good auspices. You will not have to fear delays in your revenue or unforeseen costs that could destabilize your budget. So you can develop a long term strategy and manage your financial situation with maximum safety and efficiency .... As for the best times to conduct major transactions, they will be located towards the middle of the first and third month of the period.

My advice for the year
  • You will enjoy good astral influences of this year. Result: optimism should be exercised. You drive out negative thoughts and anything that could be a source of anxiety. And, whether you are single or married, you will flee sentimental complications. You do not chase a goal: to improve your comfort, well-being, and enjoy life. However, you will not be immune to surprises of all kinds. Some of them are good, some not so good or really bad. It is therefore important that you give your full attention to what comes out of the daily routine in order to properly deal with the blows of fate and take full advantage of the bargains.

  • Do not act as uncouth: weigh your words before releasing them, and always wrap your comments shades because "four horses harnessed can bring in the mouths of imprudent words" (Confucius). If you run your words like cobblestones in a quiet pond, you will risk much pains and discomfort.

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