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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Elsa Pataky, Mélissa Theuriau,
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First quarter :  Happiness waiting. The two most beneficial planets of the zodiac will be in the areas of your sentimental theme: Jupiter, luck, and Venus, the goddess of love. These planets are favorable for those who live in pairs, and which will enhance their relations both sensual and intellectual; and also to the lonely, many of whom will come across the person they expect.

Second quarter :  Mars in this aspect will earn you a stir it comes to love. Mars is the god of war, but it is also the master of desire and sensuality. And to you who, in good native of the sign does not usurp your reputation as a great lover of the Zodiac, this celestial visitor can set fire to the powder by immersing yourself in an intense sensual passion. Some of you also choose to target their regular partner (typical). But hopefully he (she) gets the start (e)!

Third quarter :  Much to tell you, there will be nothing good to expect famous heart side these days. Saturn in this aspect will not, far from it, the best guarantee of your lover development. Those who are alone will have to take their troubles patiently and find other topics of interest, because loneliness is likely to extend still. As for the couples, they are likely to experience a chill. Some might even consider a trial separation, just to take stock before making a decision for the future.

Fourth quarter :  Under the benevolent influence of Jupiter, there will be a good chance that your life wishes come true two in this period. After a period of loneliness or relationships dominated by instability, it's time to move on to a more constructive step in your love life. If you have already met your soul mate, you might take advantage of this benefit period to make your marriage. If you're still lonely, you will soon come across the person with whom to start a family.

First quarter :  INo way you in the routine rut! More than ever, you will need to change to stimulate you. The circumstances also allow you to change, to change the way you work, you tackle areas that you are unfamiliar with. However, extra caution during the last month of the period. During this month, in fact, you will miss lucidity and you may get carried in more adventurous. Avoid overly bold initiatives and important decisions on a whim. Beware, too, of a tendency to play the rebels!

Second quarter :  In your job, it is important that you persist in providing hard work, and to continue to believe in the virtues of work. Otherwise you gradually let go of your attention, and then all the progress you have made can be undone. Of course, this is not what you want! Also, stay on your guard and beware of overconfidence in yourself and some of your colleagues!

Third quarter :  Side work, brakes, blocking and serious setback will be spared. You will have the opportunity to tackle major achievements. Especially since you will have a greater freedom of action and you do not have to comply with the orders of your superiors picky. And then you will feel confident, and you dare to take a calculated risk, or you tackle areas that you are unfamiliar with.

Fourth quarter :  Subject to the powerful influence of Saturn and Pluto, probably planets and query, you may need to ask a lot of questions about how it should conduct your career. During the first month of the period, you may feel quite confused, and not knowing where you are. So will you interest during this month, preferring reflection to action. If your current job does not satisfy you any more and you want everything behind, planning to steer you in a radically different direction, giving more importance to the interests of the work that his remuneration. From the second month of the period, you will take the bull by the horns and you will have clearer ideas. Moreover, the choices you have made will prove positive, but you will not have especially not deviate from your path under penalty of new disappointments.

First quarter :  Enjoy life, it's great! In contrast, multiply the gastronomic excesses at the risk of your cholesterol or uric acid soar, this is obviously not recommended! Not to mention sexual excesses to which you are likely to want these days to deliver! If you want to stay in good physical condition, accept moderate your appetites and do you impose some discipline.

Second quarter :  Everything will be fine health side. The presence of Jupiter will give you a tone of hell. Do not enjoy to indulge in excesses that may cause strong protests of your liver. Beware the other hand, the negative influence of Pluto. Moderation will prevail! It is called green beans instead of fries, and plain water instead of wine, spirits and soft drinks.

Third quarter :  This will be the period of awareness of your health. This will be the right time to stop wasting it. Especially with the presence of Pluto in the health sector of your chart, you will feel more tired and you'll be hard pressed to get up in the morning to go to work. For those who suffer from chronic disorders, a new treatment undertaken this time could bring significant improvements to their condition. As for the highly strung natives, they will not be immune to some psychosomatic ailments, dramatic but not serious. Get a massage, or better, take massage courses and you will see life in a different light!

Fourth quarter :  Physically and mentally, you will be in great shape. And morale, a key factor in your balance will be significantly better than lately. That obviously will help mitigate the risks that you are suffering from diseases related to anxiety, including spasmophilia. Also, if you have liver problems, they can be treated effectively.

First quarter :  You will want to live the present in the best conditions, and you will be determined to improve your comfort and that of your loved ones. Especially since, under the leadership of Jupiter, you'll want to improve your standing. However, it would be unwise to make large fees without being absolutely sure you can pay the bills and loan repayments over several years.

Second quarter :  If you happen sometimes to make business sense, it will not be the case at this time. Instead, when you make important financial transactions, you constantly seek to push your advantage and negotiate the best price for you. Result: you will manage to significantly develop your financial situation through excellent operations.

Third quarter :  You will be in a hurry to improve your purchasing power. However, if you want to achieve this goal, it will not be just trying to cut corners. Otherwise, you will become fair game swindlers and manipulators who promise you wealth overnight. However, if you perform a mixture of medium and long-term investments, you can improve, slowly but surely, your financial situation.

Fourth quarter :  Achieving rigorously manage your finances! That's what should be your goal. Alas, this is what you will have more difficulty to complete! Rather whimsical this time, refusing to impose some restrictions, however necessary, you will be inclined to spend according to your moods and to live from day to day. But try to see beyond the tip of your nose, and keep you perform major transactions at this time.

My advice for the year
  • During this year, the stars will give you a great thirst for innovation. This will result in a sudden lifestyle change or improvement in living conditions. They also allow you to have new relationships or new projects. But the price of these sudden changes will be beneficial strong arousal rather difficult to assume. Try to control your impulses.

  • Despite the many favorable circumstances of the year, you probably can not help you with moments of feeling sorry about your fate. Let no one then you say, "Think of the ills you free" (Joubert)! What sadden you, which will discourage yourself, it's the bitterness that you design to life: you are willing to settle for little, and yet your expectations are not met, you say! Come on, a little objectivity! Admit that you're still better off than millions of other people. And perhaps did things go better for you if you become aware that you ask too much of life.

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