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Wednesday 23 May 2018
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First quarter :  There will be no planets in the areas of your theme related to love? This is not to say that this period will look like an emotional desert! To begin, it is first in your head that things will happen. Under the influence of Neptune, you ask a lot of questions. Have you previously chosen well your partners? Are you happy in your marriage? What do you expect to just a romantic relationship? Ultimately, you may be able to make important choices. Between commitment and adventure, between fidelity and freedom, you see what suits you best!

Second quarter :  Much to tell you, he'll have you hanging! Yes, your sky at this time does not promise you ... always the seventh heaven. Responsible for these disturbances? This is Saturn, the stern Saturn plaguing your House VII, sector related to life together. But make no mistake: Saturn is a passive star, it is true, but it is not necessarily negative. This time it will make you more mature in your love. Less enthusiasm, perhaps, but more patience. Do not resist the beneficial influence of this planet.

Third quarter :  Gare intransigence! Too intolerant attitude vis--vis your partner may in fact destabilize your relationship. You will do well to put a little water in your wine and make some concessions if you want to avoid a nasty surprise in the first month of the period. From the second month, you will be better prepared to talk with your partner. You even experience a renewed passion for him. Single, you will have a great chance to make a very promising meeting.

Fourth quarter :  For those of you who have only suffered some turmoil in their relationship, serenity will return. You will ask you a lot less scary questions about your future and sentimental, from the middle of the period, it is indeed a renewed passion that you will experience for your partner. Single, you live day to day savoring the pleasures of uninhibited love. However, during the last month of the period, a decisive meeting should occur and a turning point in your love life.

First quarter :  In the first month of the period, and again in the last month, you will have to try to overcome your hesitation to silence your doubts and go ahead! During these months, in fact, you will have the best chance to achieve excellent results and improve your status. In contrast, in the second month, Jupiter at a disadvantage push you to embark on overly ambitious projects, or go on an adventure with the (false!) Certainty of you out of the most difficult situations. So be very careful and know resist your reckless impulses. So you can regain the confidence of your superiors and gradually consolidate your position.

Second quarter :  Put all the stops at the beginning of this period. Indeed, you will be dynamic, enterprising and, in addition, you can count on a few little nudges the opportunity quite substantial. This will allow you to carry out under the best possible conditions, large-scale projects. Then, it will provide a solid foundation for all these achievements, but also to defend your position, which will be the envy.

Third quarter :  Your main professional goal at the moment, it will not succeed at all costs. Far from chasing honors and social recognition, you will seek primarily to embark on activities that you care and out of the ordinary. You spend a lot of time and energy to these projects in which you put a lot of yourself. The success and the satisfaction you are insured.

Fourth quarter :  You will begin this period with Saturn in uncomfortable position. The result: you will feel a bit blocked, inhibited, for fear of making mistakes. But this wait will prove as dangerous as excessive risk taking. Your attitude may indeed be misinterpreted by your superiors will imagine that maybe you have no interest in your work and you do not want to do the bare minimum. So, do not think too much, cut hairs about everything, and act! During the second month of the period, you can start particularly interesting and expand your professional horizons projects. Then, last month will be quite tricky, during which you will have to avoid giving in to external pressures.

First quarter :  It is imperative that you know rest when necessary. Of course, you can enjoy a good overall health, but you have a few weaknesses that may get you into trouble if you overdo it. The gentle exercise, yoga or swimming might be for you the best relaxants in this period. You need to calm down and relax. If you do not follow this advice, you may suffer from intestinal or digestive problems.

Second quarter :  Full physical and moral form will return. You will study and will work more easily, and will make decisions with great lucidity. Take advantage of this time to make good resolutions, especially in food.

Third quarter :  You will need to take the air. If work or certain obligations may expect, return them without so later. Take a break, get away: you'll be much more effective after. In any case, slow down your pace of life and take time to live.

Fourth quarter :  No discordant aspects in your native heaven these days. Make efforts to maintain good physical and mental shape. Do not exceed the reasonable limits: remember that "one who never knows when to stop collapses" (Lao Tzu). It is possible that sneaky allergy is the cause of your trouble breathing; please consult an otolaryngologist.

First quarter :  This time, more than ever, you involve you fully in your work and your professional success should be accompanied by a substantial increase in salary. The only problem you may spend your money even faster than you earn it! And you will hardly willing to consider the safety recommendations of the person with whom you live or your relatives. It should, however, if you want to avoid being faced with serious trouble. Instead of living above your means and you spend your most expensive whims agree to be more reasonable.

Second quarter :  With Pluto, the master of wealth in your House VIII, that of resources, this period should be positive for your finances, at least for the "active" in your personal balance sheet. However, you will have more difficulty controlling the sector "expenses", especially as the negative influence of Neptune will be strengthened by the passage of Mars. Save your money: forewarned is forearmed!

Third quarter :  You're very attached to your financial stability? You hate to throw money down the drain? It is not that Saturn will push you there; instead, it will suggest you to grow your savings. You will benefit in addition to the influence of Neptune, which earned you some very timely cash flow. Jupiter will add its positive influence to that of Neptune: some could see their incomes increase substantially.

Fourth quarter :  Jupiter, the banker of the Zodiac, will be in the money sector of your chart, which is good news for your finances. To make the most of this astral privilege, it will have to act. Those of you who hope a tax increase will have to step up. Feel free to look for, when your schedule allows, an additional way to earn money. In any case, Jupiter will reward your efforts. However, a point to which we must pay particular attention: you who are usually measured in your spending, maybe going to have the opposite temptation. Jupiter invites abuse because of the wealth he lavishes. But this is not because the Greater Benefic pours its benefits in your wallet you have become like him the god of gods. So do not err on the side. Stay like yourself: someone efficient and quiet.

My advice for the year
  • TPromoted by the cozy atmosphere of the astral year, you will have great chances to reconcile with yourself and with the world. It will be a good thing for you, because "contentment is like a philosopher's stone that turns everything she touches into gold" (English proverb). The period will be favorable to the development of your artistic talents, modest though they; make a note. You might also enjoy your inner peace to think of love and, where appropriate, to the marriage. Union, determined and above contracted during this year, will have excellent chances of success.

  • This year it will happen to you often ask metaphysical questions that no one has been able to find answers. But do not you think that your concerns are only a means to cheat yourself by giving importance to hypothetical future complications, so it would be wiser to live well in this world and soon right now? "Drink wine, since you do not know where you came, joyful living, since you do not know where you go" (Omar Kheyyam).

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