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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Elsa Pataky, Mélissa Theuriau,
Jean Yanne

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First quarter :  If you live in couple, this period may not be easy. Since the position of certain stars, your spouse will make you little effect, while in contrast the new games will immerse you in a difficult to control emotion! If you can not resist the vertigo of infidelity, at least try to be discreet! If you live alone, astral impacts will turn you into a heartbreaker. Conqueror, you'll want to put that in your bed Inventive, you will experience titillating fantasies. But let no one tell you about loyalty!

Second quarter :  If you live in couple, this period will be very rewarding if your relationship is solid. Here you would have enough confidence in your partner to express your fantasies; and, far from take offense, the other will be delighted. But if your relationship is in trouble, you might fall for someone else! If you are lonely, the impact of Mars will be reinforced by that of the sun. Result: you'll get a beautiful love story, mixing feelings and sensuality. But on one condition: that you dare to share your excitement that (or she) who attracts you.

Third quarter :  If you live as a couple, you may fantasize about someone other than your spouse. It may be that you have no desire to take action. You content yourself to dream he (or she) who has caught your eye. That will be also better, because the person in question does not correspond at all to what you imagine. If you live alone, the current configuration can be a bit dangerous. You will be in the mood to dress he (or she) that moves you from all kinds of imaginary qualities. The risk of disappointment is high. Be careful if a (an) colleague that awakens your interest: Be careful not to jeopardize your professional situation for a dream without substance!

Fourth quarter :  Love will be one area of your life in which tensions this period will not be felt. Even Jupiter position change did not reveal negative it comes to love. It will be quite the opposite! If you live in couple, your relationship will find its meaning and depth. Singles, prepare a particularly favorable period: the master of luck in marriage from the sector, that promises you the best to come!

First quarter :  Enjoy the benefits of Jupiter! Indeed, this planet will be in a very favorable position. So get ready to take full advantage of the exceptional opportunities that arise, especially during the first and last month of the period. During these months, you will benefit from increased prestige in your workplace and you will quickly climb the corporate ladder. You can also achieve ambitious projects running through your head for a long time. Moreover, for many of you, a substantial salary increase will be on the agenda.

Second quarter :  Under the influence of Pluto in favorable position, you will have to develop new long-term strategies or even taking directions that will decide completely with your usual professional choice. In addition, if the opportunity is offered to embark on exciting, original projects, but quite poorly paid, you enter without a moment's hesitation. In short, you will refuse the ease and you will take the often steep paths. However, you'll be glad for taking such decisions.

Third quarter :  Acting without haste, but with determination. Such will be your main goal in your trade. And it is in this way that you will manage to avoid the traps and pitfalls staking your way. You will be able to make sound initiatives in your work. Really emphasizes your specific professional qualities: dynamism, enthusiasm, ability to motivate a team and make it effective.

Fourth quarter :  In your business, you will be all fired up and go and to conquer summits, convinced that nothing and no one can hinder your progress. But beware of rashness! If you multiply the adventures and you attempt the impossible by believing you invincible, you will end up seriously affect the balance of your career. Nothing will prevent you from taking bold initiatives, of course, but be sure to calculate the risks, otherwise you would have to pay dearly for your mistakes.

First quarter :  Although supported by consistent aspects, the natives of the sign should have these days one of a healthy devil. Sports and will be favored on the rise. It will however be wary of excess, which could lead to heart problems. If you are prone to back pain and rheumatic and arthritic pain, you may go through a difficult period. Also, show yourself very careful and follow some basic rules: do not wear heavy weights, practice a specific gymnastics. Towards the end of the period, the hardest part will be passed, and your condition should improve significantly.

Second quarter :  Migraine headaches, neuralgia, painful digestions will be your lot if you do not force yourself to more than frugality. It is true that "the mouth kills more people than the sword" (French proverb). These days, more control over your movements: an accident is concern about your workplace and could result in injury to the legs or neck. Also, check for sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS: extra caution.

Third quarter :  A short period of rest would be useful at this point to bring great shape. Avoid anyway violent efforts, which could cause back strain. Have adequate sleep. Anyway, do not neglect your health. A plan or an improvement in your lifestyle started in this period will be particularly beneficial. You can also put you in a sport, but choose a mild activity and not stressful: a brutal sport you would be wrong.

Fourth quarter :  To support your energy and your fighting spirit, you will need, these days more than ever, to energy supply. But that does not mean it will take you to stuff animal fats, those that give you the long unsightly "saddlebags" or small "bun". A diet low in animal fats not only give you a long silhouette, slim but also promote better functioning of the liver, the low point of your body. Eat a little more fish and vegetables.

First quarter :  Venus promises a comfortable financial situation. But be careful, however: this planet will also make you optimistic and easy spender. If you start to go shopping, to offer here a beautiful dress, there a few jewels or care creams and elsewhere several record your favorite performer, you will seriously compromise your budget balance.

Second quarter :  The Sun will impact very positive, helping you keep your financial balance, or even better manage your budget. Jupiter, in turn, will earn you a very prosperous phase financially. It's time to ask for a raise, to sign contracts, review your investments. All you succeed in this time!

Third quarter :  Planet of energy and action, Mars will help you to improve your struggle balanced budget. Some of you will get a raise; do not wait for the request, it will be the right time. That said, be careful, Mars often has the effect of blowing us impulsive buying desires and sometimes ruinous. Control your desires!

Fourth quarter :  In principle, the money sector should be calm. However, with a relatively beneficial astral general context, the opportunity may well occur. Your family might consider a donation in your favor, allowing you, sooner than expected, to own an apartment or a house. Before you jump in a real estate project or another that requires thought, do your accounts seriously, and look the best with your bank credits to supplement your intake.

My advice for the year
  • You will begin this year probably with a certain melancholy. A little sad thoughts may even attack often. Obstacles and disappointments that will be in your way may make you a bit gloomy. Do not get bogged down in these negative thoughts; react by trying to clear your mind and distract you. You will not be in the same frame of mind as before when you, for example, makes a good game of tennis or attend a good concert.

  • To an impartial observer, you have all the trappings of success or at least a life without major problems. Yet you often have the feeling of failure, what brings you to feel sorry for yourself fate. The catch is that you expect too much from life. You will feel better as soon as you will agree to place the bar a little lower. Think about that old Chinese proverb: "I was furious at having no shoes, so I met a man who had no feet, and I found myself content with my lot."

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