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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Elsa Pataky, Mélissa Theuriau,
Jean Yanne

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First quarter :  If you live in couple, it is certainly with your spouse that you will find happiness. In his arms, discover, or rediscover, dizziness that will strengthen your love. Indulge your impulses: whatever the ideas that pass through your head, you may not pay into the perversity! If you live alone, no need to grieve you, Jupiter and Mercury joining forces, you will not avoid a crucial meeting. You will meet someone who touches you on all levels: mind, heart and sex. Let yourself go to this passion, which comes under excellent auspices.

Second quarter :  If you are single, your success in several areas, particularly in the professional sector will spend your core business in the background; you will tend to regard love as a fun hobby rather than a vital necessity; lightning strikes thus seem definitively excluded. But if you are married, the same success will act as rapprochement and consolidation: your relationship with the other will become narrower, and you will enjoy both a total complicity.

Third quarter :  If you are married, your marriage may to be shaken. You will so hard to resist your desires. At best, you impose some surprising acrobatics to your spouse. At worst, you shamelessly deceive. Now, as for its part, will be influenced by Saturn, it will not accept your escapades! If you live alone, you will turn you into a champion of seduction. You will lead several front lines and be in love with everyone. And you clamerez! What make fools your partners.

Fourth quarter :  The bonding, the couple will be good, each partner keeping some independence but are united by common projects. However, you should control your attitude now more anxious and irrational, if you want harmony continues to prevail. Also, be less musty, indulge more to facilitate your reports because, whatever you may think, you are not always easy to live.

First quarter :  Be careful not to fall asleep in quiet comfort! This is the danger that you will be watching this time, and nothing is more dangerous for you. Indeed, you are never as effective as when you have to overcome obstacles ... just all seems simple for you that you will feel demotivated. So we need to find challenges. Precisely, in the second month of the period, attractive opportunities arise. You'll tackle areas that you are unfamiliar with, or renew your working methods. In the third month, you will be able to realize these ambitious plans and carry them out.

Second quarter :  Prudence in your work! Unlike your habits, you may show an excess of confidence and, in addition, not enough to think before acting. It is therefore not the time to make important decisions that can engage your professional future. In fact, it will be wiser to wait some time to embark on large-scale projects. You will have the best chance of achieving your goals and get what you want.

Third quarter :  If you play your cards skillfully, you will have the opportunity to progress slowly but steadily, smoothly and without breaking the atmosphere of harmony to which you hold so much, even in your work environment. Indeed, the large business concerns, unexpected changes will be saved and you will not suffer either pressure to work at a pace that does not suit you. However, you can prove the effectiveness of your methods, yet very personal, obtaining excellent results.

Fourth quarter :  If you can, work side to fully exploit the exceptional opportunities that arise, your career should take beautiful swing. So, put the odds in your favor by deploying your power of persuasion and your interpersonal skills. So you get the green light to achieve your ambitious projects, in addition, the certainty of benefit from greater freedom of action. However, do not take excessive risks.

First quarter :  Less carried to excess that lately you will little exposure to liver disorders and troubles related to high cholesterol. The natural defenses of your organization work effectively, and you can fight successfully against microbial and viral attacks. In addition, sleep disorders disappear.

Second quarter :  Even if you have over the head by the rules of the diet, do not commit still not too much gastronomic excesses; otherwise Station cholesterol! On the other hand, your natural defenses will be somewhat weakened, and you must be vigilant against microbial and viral attacks.

Third quarter :  You will have a very good morale, and it will be essential to maintain excellent physical shape and excellent health. However, attention to excess, as well as gourmet sex. In one area or the other, be gourmet and not greedy.

Fourth quarter :  You will manifest great stamina and good physical strength. Remember to take steps to lose a kilo or two. Take extra precautions against spasmophilia and other disorders related to anxiety. In addition to proper treatment, a thalassotherapy will make you the most good. Be sure, also, to spare you great moments of relaxation, in order not to live too much on the nerves.

First quarter :  Luck will be on your side in the first and last month of the period. During these months, you can afford to take bold initiatives in financial matters - avoiding, of course, take too much risk. In any case, short-term operations will be favored. During the second month, however, you will need to take a different attitude and focus on long-term investments and safe investments.

Second quarter :  You will succeed, very cleverly, to find the right balance between excessive caution and unnecessary risks. So you consoliderez your financial situation and you can even improve your purchasing power, through successful operations and good management of your finances. And you'll get even greater results if you make large transactions in the second month of the period.

Third quarter :  Luck will be on your side! To enter the flight to fully exploit the opportunities that will inevitably arise. During these months, you can make very profitable transactions and realize in excellent conditions the purchase or sale of real estate. And if you are involved in a trial, the odds of winning are very important.

Fourth quarter :  The very short-term operations, piecemeal, are prohibited. It will instead be the time to think about the future, focusing on long-term investments, such as retirement savings or life insurance. In this area you can make sound decisions during the first month of the period. Also make sure to preserve the balance of the family budget by not giving in to your spending desires when your morale is somewhat half-mast.

My advice for the year
  • Due to the good planetary aspects that surround you, the year will make your life and allow you to carry out the above actions undertaken. One could even say that a new life is emerging for you: new contacts and commitments, the prospect of relocation or social advancement. The Moon, your ally, you will bring contribution delicate and subtle in your judgments and pronouncements will make you good in any negotiation, and will help establish positive and enjoyable relationships. Enjoy these beneficial circumstances.

  • This year, you will feel a great desire to learn, to grow, to go beyond the limits within which you will quickly feel cramped. Any interest you. You will not be bored, find the long time, or feel sorry for yourself fate. In the process, remember to take one or two exciting hobbies that will help you in the future to take a step back from your inevitable problems.

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