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2018 Yearly Horoscope



First quarter :  Venus, the goddess of love, will take you under her protection. You will not have to complain about it! This planet promises you a real fireworks! If you are already bonded, your relationship will go through a phase of tenderness and sensuality that you will remember. If you live alone, Venus will give you a great meeting. Your joy of living and your spontaneity will be your best assets of seduction.

Second quarter :  Passion or arguments? Both are possible if you live in a couple: the opposition Mars-Jupiter can be as much a result of a period of volcanic sensuality as a cascade of small arguments. Unless you alter conflicts and reconciliations! If you are lonely Venus well aspected can cause a pleasant surprise, by giving you a gift idyll.

Third quarter :  Excellent astral climate for your loves. It is indeed Jupiter, the most favorable planet of the solar system, which will occupy the sector of your theme related to passion and encounters. Under the patronage of such a god, you can expect a period of great luck on the heart. You are a lonely native? With this heavenly support, there will be very little risk for you to stay. Prepare for a memorable meeting.

Fourth quarter :  The period promises to be successful on the heart. Romantic and idealistic, you will be ready to fall in love, while - lucky! - your charm will be just at the same time rising sharply. And thanks to the presence of Mars, the master of sexuality, your sentimental impulses are likely to come to fruition quickly. If you are already connected, your relationship with your partner will be even more sensual and passionate than usual.

First quarter :  This period, under the jurisdiction of Jupiter well aspect, will go in the direction of the successes or the recoveries. You can expect a lot of material and professional satisfaction. But beware of smug triumphalism, or a contemptuous attitude towards those who have had less merit or luck than you. Remember that "every insolent winner at his loss works" (La Fontaine).

Second quarter :  A promising global trio will awaken your professional ambition and help you make the necessary effort to put all your assets on your side. You should have no trouble getting what you want. For some natives, a significant change may even occur; if so, accept it with confidence, it will be favorable.

Third quarter :  The stars will not directly look after your career sector, which suggests a stable and easy period at work. Pluto will continue to boost your ambition, no doubt allowing you to progress in the direction you want. Give priority to communication: it is by interacting with all those around you, collaborators or others, that you put the maximum assets in your sleeve. Casual meetings will prove very useful.

Fourth quarter :  This position of Jupiter will highlight your professional life. You'll want to shine, succeed, and your great alertness will help you sparkle. Just pay attention to the atmosphere at your workplace, which will be rather tense. You who hate confrontations, you would do well to avoid taking sides in the quarrels of each other.

First quarter :  March, the planet of energy, in harmonic aspect, will guarantee you a solid dynamism. In some cases, you should be wary of excessive nervous tension. If, after a busy period, you can not relax, do yoga. If you have a chronic illness, you may be offered a change of treatment; check with other specialists before making a decision.

Second quarter :  Uranus and Neptune in this aspect should encourage you to practice regular physical activity. If it is Uranus that influences you the most, you will instinctively choose a rather tonic sport. If you are more sensitive to the impact of Neptune, you will move towards a relaxation activity, such as yoga. In both cases, you will draw a deep well-being, because rebalancing your body will harmonize your psyche at the same time.

Third quarter :  Even if you are not overflowing with dynamism, you will still be able to rely on good physical resistance, and your natural defenses will work effectively. However, if you commit too much excess, you may suffer the consequences. Be particularly wary of disorders related to excess cholesterol.

Fourth quarter :  Excellent tone, thanks to the passage of Mars, the planet of dynamism. You will have strong energy reserves and very good recovery capabilities. No doubt you will feel the need to play sports. Avoid too violent activities like combat sports. Exercising while relaxing, physically and psychologically, will be more profitable in the long run. Walking or tai chi, for example, will suit you perfectly.

First quarter :  You would do well to take advantage of the excellent astral influences that will support the area of ??your finance theme. There will be something to promise you the jackpot! An increase in income for some, a wonderful contract for others. The richest of you will make a big purchase that will be quickly profitable, or will make a significant investment. With the support of Uranus, the master of daring, the planet of renewal and change, you will be able to take all the risks ... without much risk.

Second quarter :  The Sun and Venus will be featured. As a result, even those of you who do not usually pay much attention to money matters will feel an enterprising capitalist soul. Whether you have substantial savings or only a very lean wool stocking, you will peel the stock market and make an appointment with your banker to choose the right investments!

Third quarter :  This positive astral combination linking Jupiter to Uranus may help some of you improve your income. For some, it's an unforeseen stroke of luck that will come. Salary increase? Unexpected premium? Tax deduction? Heritage ? Who knows.

Fourth quarter :  Pluto will not interfere with financial prosperity; but when, as at this moment, it is conjoined with the black moon, a reversal of tendency is possible. Everything will be fine if you are reasonable and save money instead of squandering your reserves. Otherwise, you will have trouble going up the hill. If you have money placed on the stock market, be careful: this period seems destined to a great instability; beware of rumors and avoid changing your investments on a whim.

My advice for the year
  • The global planetary configuration of the year will particularly affect silver-related industries, but will not have a significant impact in other areas of your life. On the financial side, this configuration will be very important. This will be the perfect year to take stock of the material side of your life. The ideal year, too, to make important decisions about a purchase, a long-term loan, an investment or an investment. You will be very favored in all these steps.

  • Remember to be more diplomatic in your remarks: it will not be a question of always keeping quiet, but of speaking with restriction, circumspection and weighting in all circumstances. This will save you a lot of setbacks this year. "Your tongue is a lion, if you tie it, it will keep you, if you let it escape, it will eat you up" (Arabic proverb).

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