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2018 Yearly Horoscope



First quarter :  Pluto will be in the love sector. With him, it's all or nothing: passion or chain conflicts that can lead to breakup! If you live alone, Pluto can be very positive, especially since it will be in harmony with Uranus, the planet of love at first sight. But if you are married, the Plutonian impact will be more ambiguous. If your couple is seriously losing their wings, this period could be marked by a decision to break up. If your couple is strong, you will then go through a phase of questioning, which can be very positive if you take the opportunity to listen to your partner and deepen your relationship.

Second quarter :  Your marital status should stabilize. It is true that you will adopt a more responsible attitude, and that you will make very good decisions concerning your relationship with your spouse or partner. This will arouse the admiration of your dear and tender and will bring you closer to one another. For you, single, a crush is planned. You will want to enjoy all the pleasures that will come within your reach, and you will refuse to let yourself be caged.

Third quarter :  In love, you will be able to rub your hands. You who adore novelty and change, you will be fulfilled. If you are a heart to take, great love will burst into your life, and you will be carried away in a whirlwind of passion. And you will not wait long to talk about marriage! As for you who have been married for many years, you will succeed, under the powerful impetus of Uranus, to transform your relationship with your spouse or partner and to start afresh. You will live great moments of happiness.

Fourth quarter :  Pluto in this aspect will provoke, depending on the case, moments of intense passion, or on the contrary rather serious conflicts. Whatever happens in your relationship, keep calm and do not make decisions on a whim. If you live alone, you will want to fall in love. But be careful, you risk getting excited for someone who is not free, or who is interested in you only strictly sexual.

First quarter :  Work will be an area of ​​your life that will be highlighted. You will have the determination to progress in your career, and you will be able to give yourself the means to make it happen. Be careful, however, of the impact of Pluto, which may cause you to behave inappropriately. Be sure not to upset your co-workers and, in case of difficulties, to assume your responsibilities without complaining. Even if setbacks temporarily hinder your efforts, do not be discouraged: your chances will remain intact.

Second quarter :  This period could be decisive for you professionally because of the exceptional aspects of Mercury. You will make amazing progress. If you are not satisfied with your working conditions, you will have the opportunity to find a new job or even to orient yourself in a radically different direction. The circumstances will be very favorable to you, and these changes will be smooth.

Third quarter :  This period will be exciting for everything about your work and your activities. You will be able to carry out your tasks in more pleasant conditions, to realize what is important to you to undertake, to obtain astonishing results in the field which is yours. In addition, you will feel very motivated by what you do; you will then have the feeling of accomplishing a useful work, of rendering a service to others.

Fourth quarter :  At work, luck will be at your side. You should be able to get away with Jupiter and the Sun without too much trouble. This support of heavenly bodies will fall best, because you will be in the mood overall quite nonchalant. This happens to you rarely, and you usually have a pounding temperament. This time, we can not say that your ambition will be at its best. You will go to work, of course, but without much conviction. If you are lucky, try at least to make the effort to seize it.

First quarter :  You will have energy to spare. But you will be tempted to waste it and live on your nerves. Take the time to relax, avoid the excitants, do not go to bed too late! In addition, metabolic disorders will be significantly reduced.

Second quarter :  If you follow a healthy lifestyle, you will not have major health problems. However, the risk of liver problems and malfunction of the gallbladder will be significantly increased; also, be vigilant in this area. On the other hand, on the side of tone, optimism and dynamism, you will make a crowd of envious in your entourage.

Third quarter :  Undergoing the bad influx of Mars, you will have a very capricious appetite in this period. You will then be tempted to feed yourself anarchically. Try to discipline yourself a little, or you will soon be suffering the consequences of this dietary imbalance. Try, at least, to take three meals a day, at regular hours, avoiding nibbling at any time of the day and even at night.

Fourth quarter :  Excellent vitality. Not only will you benefit from the support of Mars, the master of energy, but in addition to that of the Sun, the principle of life. Only possible problem: you may be nervous and have trouble relaxing. If you sleep badly, do not forget that some acupuncture or sophrology sessions could help you find the balance.

First quarter :  Finance side, the soft focus will not be allowed this time. In other words, you will need to keep a close eye on the status of your accounts and ensure that you have correctly paid bills, drafts, and taxes. The slightest mistake, the smallest forgetting could cost you dearly. That said, you will have the opportunity to improve your purchasing power through successful financial transactions.

Second quarter :  Hardware problems, you will have some, like everyone else; but they will be without gravity. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to carry out successful operations these days. Before the end of the period, some of you will get a substantial salary increase, or a bonus, or an inheritance. This will allow you to significantly improve your purchasing power.

Third quarter :  Unexpected and incompressible expenses will probably require you to make serious cuts to other items in your budget. Rather than making big sacrifices, examine the situation to see if there are any sources of waste in your expenses that increase your costs without improving your quality of life. The planet Saturn will assist you in this task.

Fourth quarter :  Very good financial influences. Five planets will indeed help you to grow your savings or, if you do not have, to fill your stocking. For those with invested capital, the trend will be very positive. Investments with a certain amount of risk will allow you to make surprising profits.

My advice for the year
  • To live well this year, you will want to take into account the global planetary configuration. This will particularly affect the sectors related to family life and career. The stars will probably require you to change some of your behaviors or some of your habits to improve your family relationships and your professional situation. In the end, you will be delighted by the changes. So, if you have important decisions to make in these areas, do it right away: you will benefit the most.

  • You will need to constantly remind yourself that "no one is more lucky than someone who believes in his luck" (German proverb). It is always advantageous to start winning, having a tendency to force a little fate. On the other hand, nothing is more harmful than focusing on the idea of failure, defeat or bad luck.

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