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2018 Yearly Horoscope



First quarter :  The Sun and Jupiter well aspected should be worth to you a life of full-blown couple. But beware of the square between Jupiter and Pluto, which could cause a crisis for couples in difficulty. Your requirements may conflict with your partner's. If your couple is strong, Jupiter and Pluto will not be able to reach you. Lonely, beware: you risk getting excited for someone who will quickly disappoint you!

Second quarter :  With Jupiter in this aspect, you will arrange to maintain a warm and good-natured climate in your married life. But be careful, because external factors could contribute to destabilize your couple, and you will have to make every effort to face the person who shares your life. Together, you will resist attacks better. Single, great love should make a smashing entry into your life this time.

Third quarter :  The atmosphere of your married life will be cheerful, carefree, and you will enjoy moments of pure pleasure and relaxation with your spouse or partner. Single, you will be very selective, and brief adventures will attract you even less than usual. But a meeting that can transform your life could happen during this time.

Fourth quarter :  Long live indulgence! Yes, you will be willing, this time, to close your eyes to the small gaps and small weaknesses of your spouse or partner. Suffice to say that the atmosphere of your life as a couple will feel very favorably. Especially since you will also take care to multiply the projects together with the other, to accentuate the complicity between you two. Side hugs, it will work very well. If you are free, you will want to enjoy it, you will not be in a hurry to fix yourself. And you will experience deliciously romantic moments.

First quarter :  The strong current of luck that supports you for some time will intensify further in this period, helping you to realize your wishes in the course of your work. That's right, your work areas do not host any planet, which indicates professional stability. And this aspect of Neptune, very rare, is the guarantee of an important expansion in your life, especially in terms of career.

Second quarter :  Mercure will give new impetus to your professional situation. This will likely lead to concrete and happy results. New ideas will emerge and give you the opportunity to put yourself forward, provided you organize with method and stay within your real possibilities.

Third quarter :  As much as you've had the last few minutes and have, for most of you, benefited to increase your prestige or your status without giving you much trouble, as much, this time, you will be forced to adapt to a situation a little less easy. This does not mean that your situation will be threatened, but that to keep your gains and continue to progress, you will need to prioritize, make choices and be more aggressive. This should not be too difficult for you.

Fourth quarter :  The many planets that are currently well placed in relation to your natal sign will help you to realize your ambitions. Doped by the support of the Sun, you will be eager to see your efforts recognized at their fair value, which will be done quickly enough thanks to the beautiful configurations that Jupiter will form with the other planets. In addition, the atmosphere in your workplace will be particularly pleasant: Venus, who will walk in one of your professional sectors, will guarantee you good relations with your colleagues or colleagues.

First quarter :  Overall, you will enjoy good physical strength and, with a little luck, you will even go through colds or others. And as your morale will follow, these little psychosomatic ailments that poison you from time to time will save you. Only downside: the presence of Uranus could increase your nervousness and disturb your sleep somewhat. To remedy this without delay, try to relax, take hot baths and soothing herbal teas.

Second quarter :  Tone and dynamism will be at the rendezvous. Your natural defenses will work particularly well and will allow you to effectively resist infections and attacks of allergens. In contrast, pay attention to circulatory disorders; play sports to activate your blood circulation.

Third quarter :  Energetic and devilishly tonic, you will have the impression to be able to multiply to infinity the efforts and the physical activities. Well, think again! It will absolutely be necessary to spare your organization and manage a little more reasonably your energy capital if you want to hold out in the long run.

Fourth quarter :  All the relaxation methods will do you the greatest good in this period. Indeed, you will be quite nervous, tense, and you may suffer from back pain, insomnia or neuralgia. Think about yoga, ta├»-chi, or martial arts, particularly well adapted to your personality; they will allow you to relax and evacuate the aggression buried deep within you.

First quarter :  Your finances will be generally protected by Pluto. You will be safe from difficulties, provided, of course, not to take too many risks. Give yourself some extras to maintain your morale, but do not ruin yourself! For the most careful natives, this period can bring a good surprise. An investment will start to pay off.

Second quarter :  It's not because you have this aspect of Pluto in your theme at this time that you will win the Lotto jackpot or solve your cash problems with a magic wand! The planet likes to inflate your bank account, it is true, but it is favorable only to the constructive efforts and hates the indolent vows. Remember before attempting adventurous financial transactions.

Third quarter :  With this aspect of Jupiter, we can say that you will be rather varnished financially. You will already know how to do better than anyone to inflate your bank account; but here you will go further and faster. Thanks to the intervention of some people who believe in you, your situation will evolve. You can count on a substantial cash flow to grow your earnings faster than expected. If you continue this momentum, you will soon be able to carry out a major project.

Fourth quarter :  Chances of financial luck are possible. But be careful: stay very careful. The planet that is influencing the financial world right now is Neptune. However, this planet often has an ambiguous action: it can bring good luck, but can also cause illusions or tangled events. This time, Neptune will be positive and should in principle protect you. But in case of unforeseen money, check what's going on.

My advice for the year
  • The global planetary configuration of the year will have a particular impact on career and family-related sectors. These areas will be featured. If there are major changes in your work, you will be well advised to make an adjustment. This will allow you to know yourself better, to discover, for example, that you have hidden gifts or abilities that you have never used before. With the family, the same thing: the events of the year can help you to evolve positively. So, give them all your attention.

  • "Loneliness is in mind what the diet is to the body" (Vauvenargues). Do not lead a superficial life and do not seek to stun yourself in endless outings and meetings, as you will be tempted to do this year. It is in your interest to provide you with moments of contemplation, where you can benefit from reflection and even meditation.

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