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2018 Yearly Chinese Horoscope



General climate
In this new year, it will be the revolution! For it is God Khach, the planet of work and discipline, which will be your main influence. Climb to the plate to lie to the reputation of the natives of this sign may dreamers and nonchalant. A year dedicated to work, therefore, during which the star Khach God will help you do more. You are going to outdo yourself!

What will make you happy? Your happiness this year is traveling that you will find it. Not necessarily put the focus on China or Venezuela; a short stay in the Verdon could amply sufficient. Bind make friends with other people, discover other ways to live: you will will draw a lot of joy! That's the message you transmit the star Thien Quy, which will pull in your House VI, that related travel.

First quarter :  If you are married, this time should get you closer to your spouse or partner. Many of you come out of a difficult phase, marked by a certain coldness couple. Boosted by the star Tu Vi, you'll have no trouble to thaw the atmosphere. And if you live alone, beware! The planetary configurations can immerse yourself in an intense experience, but that will perhaps not easy to live. Some of you may even find themselves engaged in a passionate adventure lightning, but with someone who is not free and never will!

Second quarter :  If you live in couple, the stars give you these days rich ideas and sharpen your sensuality; often you'll be in seventh heaven with your spouse or partner. And if you're lonely, they shall allow you to happy meetings: they will place on your way man (woman) you often dreamed, and you will sleep more! You will do everything for (the) appeal, and the game will be well worth the effort. It will be a real sharing, a real exchange where both partners will vibrate in unison. The passion will be complete as much as it will physically and intellectually. And you will end the period beautiful!

Third quarter :  You will aspire to harmony in your relationship with your spouse or partner. But know that it is a goal to which you can direct your efforts and not that it is absolutely necessary to achieve. Have the wisdom to recognize what is inaccessible and not care that this is achievable. Doing so, you will have an excellent chance to significantly improve your relationships. If you live alone, you do not you encombrerez romance this time. The key for you is to find sensual satisfactions, either with one or more partners. It would be better, for the sake of those (or those) who you are dealing with, not to make them too insincere declarations of love!

Fourth quarter :  If you live in couple, the impact on the planet Hong Loan will be positive for the majority of you, for it is with your spouse or partner you will discover a new romantic intensity. But in some cases you may be attracted to someone else. You will have a hard time not to engage in a clandestine story you will not put, neither you nor your partner! If you do not have any serious sentimental attachment, you should make a decisive encounter during this period.

First quarter :  Vocational living most of you will include some tensions; mini-crisis possible with partners or potential partners. Things will be easier to live if you are self or artistic profession. If you are in politics, expect to muscular relationships: no laxity; firmness will be more convincing and pay. In short, with the star Thien Quy in House V, do not expect to ease. You will have to face competition in the daily struggle to preserve your place in the sun. Regardless see your plans and goals do not count on luck to lead successfully, but only on the courage, patience and hard work.

Second quarter :  All bathed in oil for you professionally. Supported by the star Nguyet Duc, you have the opportunity more than once to prove that you remain among the best. You will be more creative than ever, and your skill will let you play with the stars with tremendous energy that will envy. If you want to change direction or company, the period will be favorable to perform procedures, take tests, have interviews. Specifically, all will be well if you are an actor or artist; you will be working in the creative fever successfully. But if you are an official or holds a one-time working, organized, tagged, this period will be much enjoyable. It will be the same if you are in an import-export company or with international ramifications.

Third quarter :  Temperate by the star Thien Dong, you'll be less likely in this time to the fighting and virulence during the last month. You prefer to procrastinate now, calm things down, take steps to keep your peace. But that does not prevent you from proceeding to consolidate the gains made and even refuse to compromise in some areas that seem basic to you.

Fourth quarter :  The astral climate of this period invite the rebellion in your work. Many are native to be very unhappy with their present professional occupation and especially the atmosphere in the workplace. They feel very strongly jealousy climate, rivalry, hostility and hatred that oppose these felted different people claiming the same position. But this does not prevent you from moving forward. Through the tonic impulses of the star Truong Sinh, you will be full of strength, skill, spirit of initiative and direction of the company. You'll get beautiful professional victories. Enjoy the good times to undertake delicate steps that require insurance, energy and boldness. You will easily get the sympathy and support of those you meet.

First quarter :  This astral climate will be positive on the physical plane in that it will increase vitality. The fact may affect the psychological, involving moral sharply higher and a tendency to optimism genuine, trend you do not always have. However, poor conditions for native astral rheumatism. Inflammation will be frequent and prolonged. Infiltration may be needed to relieve the pain, but there Have recourse of last resort because the cortisone is not very innocent.

Second quarter :  Tone and tired alternate during this period, but your overall physical condition will improve because, little by little, you will take better care of yourself and aggressively push you what is harmful. Physical culture will spring to your moods. During the last month, you'll probably be a little nervous, you'll have trouble relaxing. But your general tone offset this nervous weakness and you will recover quickly, even if your sleep is poor or is cut nightmares. Do yoga or relaxation.

Third quarter :  Most of the time during this period, you will have good physical strength and great power of recovery after exercise. But do not abuse your vitality: do not try to exceed your limits or you will regret it! Avoid excess coffee or tea. If you smoke, consider quitting once and for all! During the last month, arthritis will tend to wake up; take precautions, they will not be superfluous. For those over fifty, renal complications may arise.

Fourth quarter :  You will have these days a special vitality, and even a more optimistic psychology and bold as that usually mark your sign, characterized by an underlying anxiety. Teeth troubles are possible; do not wait until the last minute to go to the dentist. During the last month of the period, the lunar influx bow to a food material released. This could lead to a significant weight gain, very harmful to those suffering from cardiovascular diseases. We can only advise you prudence and moderation, remembering that "the mouth kills more people than the sword" (French proverb).

First quarter :  The star Tu Vi, the master of luck and success, promises you a prosperous period financially. Do not hesitate to ask for a raise, or if you have savings, to consider more profitable investments. Be careful though lack of lucidity do not show yourself too optimistic or too extravagant.

Second quarter :  Given the present astral configuration, times will be oriented more towards savings to reckless spending. This means that you will be changing and that the money will inspire more serious than usual motivations. Maybe you'll be about to give up material or financial benefits to you flourish in the path you have chosen. Unless you are more or less long term thinking of buying an apartment or house. In all cases, you will have advantage to seek advice to reorganize your assets and find the best ways to grow your resources.

Third quarter :  Side money, everything will be fine if you wisely manage your budget, avoid overspending and wait a more favorable time to rearrange your investments. Otherwise, be careful, a backlash is possible! If you want to get started in a purchase that requires a large loan, long think before signing. Beware of over-indebtedness, which would poison your life for long. Just keep smaller pleasures and less expensive.

Fourth quarter :  This aspect of the star Qua You do not seem very encouraging financially. You may have to face an increase in your expenses just at a time when your cash is unfortunately not up! However, good management will help you out. But all those who will engage in reckless purchases, risky investments, or a loan above their possibilities may pay dearly!

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