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2018 Yearly Chinese Horoscope



General climate
The stars Long Thanh Liem and Phi squared one another throughout the first half, and Luu Nien highest star in your house I ... All these astral resistors are you to challenge you will do you pleased to note - and successfully please! So on your marks: Ready, go! This will be a year under the sign of the action and success.

What will make you happy this year? No more accounts in the red that attracted you fire from your bank, forgot the reckless spending that you regret soon! Placed most of the time in your House IX, the one related to financial life, the star Pha Quan will cause a very salutary shock. You will be less careless in your spending and more aware of the need to keep for a rainy day. Do you promise not to live beyond your means and better yet, hold it.

First quarter :  It is not yet complete sentimental happiness to which you aspire, but you have to savor a taste in the first month of the period. The heart of joy will be perfect. Relations already engaged continue their momentum, and sparing the heavy clouds clear sky brand new love. If you expect to get your divorce to form a new couple, you'd probably meets the second month. If you are free and count to remain so, your waltz partners, and probably none of them manage to put you tie the knot these days. But this will not be a reason to continue indefinitely to flirt with danger, because "as the pitcher goes to the water at the end it breaks" (Gautier of Coincy).

Second quarter :  The first two months of the period will be a boon for singles and lonely hearts. Suddenly, your life would change beyond all, as you will no doubt an exciting adventure at will, even if it is not yet man (woman) of your life. The already bound couples find a second wind that will project them to new delights and pleasures. But the emotional climate of the beginning of the third month does not bode particularly pleasant. Either you are away from the beloved or your love life, unstable and complicated, bring you more inconvenience relaxation. You will have a strong desire for a change. Misunderstandings, separation may be due not to specific intentions, but to unfortunate circumstances. Net thinning over the last two weeks of the period.

Third quarter :  During the first month of the period, the situation is not very rosy. All doubts, all the anguish you reach somehow to control for some time, come back to torture you. Yet man (woman) you like you testify its commitment and dedication. But you still need much more to feel reassured and perfectly happy! Try to give up some of your selfishness, your narcissism. The last two months will see you thrive in love, you are a couple or alone.

Fourth quarter :  Love Happiness guaranteed for the entire period! Your love affairs will be wonderful, whether you are married or single. The atmosphere is that of harmony. It will create a desire to shine and, once will not hurt, you will play the stars. The festivities will inspire you. In the theater, cinema, concerts in rock or classical music, you will meet a person with whom you will have many affinities.

First quarter :  The stars make you work harder, with more ardor and pleasure because you have faith in what you do, and this will be a good stimulus. You will make good progress in your profession. But we can get you a spoke in the wheel in the last month of the period. It will be necessary to take stock before continuing to maturities. The foreign contacts seem fertile satisfactions.

Second quarter :  All those whose profession is related to chemistry, diet, hygiene, scientific research and improvement of the living environment will have the opportunity to progress very quickly in their careers. For other natives, this period seems decisive in more than one way to sudden, positive changes in the professional field. You will be able to realize your potential in a new direction.

Third quarter :  While a procession of beneficial planets will take turns to positively influence the professional sector. Your enthusiasm will be great, your ideas will be clear, your judgment will be strong and your courage will match your projects - in short, you'll be able to achieve the goals you have set. Your chances of success will continue to grow throughout this period. Every day of full moon and all Montante Moon phases will prove exceptionally prosperous for you: take the opportunity to make the necessary decisions and even perform feats!

Fourth quarter :  Good planetary aspects increase the professional skill and promote successful initiatives in business. Your sound judgment and common sense your increased significantly improve your relationship with your superiors and colleagues. Good influence for merchants, lawyers and teachers. Opportunities for many native access to a more prominent position. In the last month of the period, beware of deception risks and adverse impact it might have on your credibility. Be absolutely honest and irreproachable loyalty in the workplace.

First quarter :  For most of this period, the vitality will be good, and excellent recovery powers. But towards the middle of the second month, you may experience insomnia or digestive and intestinal problems if you have led a busy life for a long time. Try to fight your excessive nervousness, you relax as much as possible. In the third month, do not overlook discomfort or symptoms experienced: they are most likely warning signs introduced by your organization. If you go in the sun, carefully protect your skin, which already shows a tendency to over-drying.

Second quarter :  Due to the poor appearance of the star Tieu Hao, your natural defenses will be somewhat weakened, and you will be subject to fever, sore throat, sinusitis or bronchitis. Even if you go back to the top quickly, these small annoyances may destabilize you. Eat plenty of foods rich in vitamin C, citrus fruits in particular. Attention to the draft! Play sports, or at least some exercise if you want to turn your brain at full speed. "My mind is not right, if the legs agitate" (Montaigne). It is the regularity of exercise that matters, not its intensity. So do not wait for your next vacation to stir you!

Third quarter :  You will tend to find you too. If you want to avoid a relapse of your little breathing problems, be careful and make sure you cover more. Do not compare yourself to others who are more lightly dressed: they are perhaps not as sensitive to cold as you. During this period, you may sometimes suffer from migraines and headaches, perhaps because you have eye problems or you get tired too. It would be good that you may rest often, if only a few minutes from time to time in the day. Otherwise, you can enjoy a healthy entirely satisfactory.

Fourth quarter :  You will have the energy and dynamism ... for four! Maybe you have a little tendency to abuse of red meat and spicy dishes, but you will support them well. There will be no danger in delay. Consume still quite green vegetables, which should not be overcooked. A little tired anyway during the last month of the period. Do not forget to play sports, or at least some daily exercise.

First quarter :  The presence of the stars Am Thai Tham Lang and have an inhibitory effect on the financial plan. Fortunately, with the star Tu Vi favorable aspect, you'll still quite protected, and your financial difficulties should not be worrying proportions. Some natives, Tham Lang will prove favorable to the acquisition of a house or land. It is indeed a planet of Earth, if your financial situation is solid and allows you to borrow on reasonable terms, you may be able to access the property.

Second quarter :  Your financial situation should be healthy and stable. If this is not the case, if you are in debt, for example, take advantage of this aspect of the star Cao Phong to put your affairs in order. Make an appointment with your bank to renegotiate your loans at lower rates, or to spread your repayments in time. In any case, be reasonable in your spending.

Third quarter :  Your financial balance is very important to you. Good native of the sign, you want more than others to build capital or, at least, plan your budget on a sound basis. With the presence of the star An Quang, you have the opportunity to grow your assets. So you will want to look for the most attractive investments or purchases as well as the most profitable investments. But you will favor father investments rather than daring speculations.

Fourth quarter :  The star Long Duc harmonic appearance will blow you excellent ideas to improve your standard of living or to maximize your savings. Make an appointment with your banker; you can then, thanks to his advice, make good use of your intuition. The star Long Duc will also earn you a nice surprise; but you need to act quickly to take advantage of the opportunity that is offered to you.

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