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2018 Yearly Chinese Horoscope



Everything seems to be happening in your horoscope! Looks like most of the "good" planets have made ??an appointment at your home! To you, therefore, the dynamic influence of the star Hoa Tinh. To you, too, the benefits of the star Tu Vi. Frankly, you will be spoiled! There is more to put on your seven-league boots, and no obstacle will stop you.

What will make you happy this year? Knowing where you are, to what and where to direct your deep choice. Count on the star Thien Quan, installed in your House VII, that of social life, to help you make the point. After this necessary reflection, you will have a moral concrete trust in you unalterable, and your relationships with others will be in good shape for your enjoyment.

First quarter :  A colorful period awaits. The powerful protection you will lavish three stars Fire installed in your love sector, should earn you a very happy period in love. It will be definitely the case for most of you, but not all. In fact, two stars less easygoing could burst disputes, but this will only cover the years the native Earth. Try not to inflame the situation. In short, your lives will be in harmonious whole, pleasant. And singles will have a chance to make a first-class meeting which will fill them with joy.

Second quarter :  You'd probably have lately suffered from loneliness or incomprehension. But this time everything will unlock once: to know the love true and strong. If you are already engaged, the agreement with your partner will strengthen dramatically. And if you're still a lonely heart, you'll probably around the middle of the period an unexpected but decisive meeting that will transform your life for your enjoyment.

Third quarter :  The world's environment in the first half of the period will be fit to complicate romantic relationships, creating tensions, jealousies, differences in sensitivity of latent or open conflict. Some couples fight trained wing because each partner will require a lot of the other without really accepting its nature. There will be legalized difficulties for other couples. But overall improvement from the middle of the second month. Astral configurations while greatly facilitate the agreement of couples. For you single, great passionate love go a little over your head; but a loving friendship will evolve into a much more tender feeling, light and subtle as you like. Yet if you are already involved in some sustainable way, the second half of the period will fill you with various satisfactions as engagement, wedding or honeymoon delicious.

Fourth quarter :  You will combine the word LOVE in every key, on all modes. Yes, love is the greatest good deal of your life at this time. You will thoroughly enjoy beneficial astral influences to skyrocket your odds of love. Remember, after all, to keep your feet on the ground. The astral climate of the last month of the period, unfortunately, make it difficult legalization of a union for various unforeseen reasons, or bring a lack of fulfillment, questioning last hour. Some native will be inclined to lead a better love life under the sign of sloppiness that rigor.

First quarter :  All bathed in oil for you during the first two months of the period. You will have many opportunities to show that you still remain among the best and you are worth your weight in gold. You will be more creative than ever, and your skill will let you play with the stars with tremendous energy that will envy. The last month of the period, however, would fear worries or concerns about currently blocked or threatened affairs. Attention to anything that could, legally, you achieve: avoid any violation of the laws and do not act without surround yourself with successful advisors.

Second quarter :  You might, at this time, reap the fruit of the efforts you have deployed in the past periods. You will recognize the best opportunities as and when they arise, and you will not need that one breath you what you have to do to serve your interests. If you want to change direction or business, the time will be very favorable; the results will exceed your wildest expectations. In short, everything you succeed professionally.

Third quarter :  In the first month of the period, you will encounter some difficulties in your work. But do not be discouraged by obstacles. Take advice from trusted friends, it will give you the energy to fight effectively. In the second month, a financial or honorary award will float in the air. So press the accelerator. It's time to decide, to show your authority, your skill. But be careful, do not take advantage of the situation to play small heads or to crush the toes of those who assist you. A harsh word, tactless could very easily turn a likely success in certain failure.

Fourth quarter :  Whatever your occupation, you should obtain great satisfaction these days, provided that it is you who have chosen. However, if your job has been imposed upon you by circumstances, you will experience a feeling of weariness and will perhaps be tempted to send any walk; Attention, you may release the substance for the shadow! The last month of the period will seem somewhat laborious. But do not worry unduly: you will find the support and assistance you need, plus the lunar influences will be favorable in the field of associations.

First quarter :  During the first month of the period, the content astral suggests a tendency to chronic constipation, a certain vulnerability to microbial and viral infections, especially some irritability that would make you pretty hard to live. One might assume that these evils are mainly due to your way of life of adjustment and constantly under pressure. The other two months will find you in much better shape, and you can enjoy a healthy enough.

Second quarter :  Astral climate unfavorable to health during the first month of the period. Your strength will be shaky and nervous at the origin of grueling nightmares. Circulatory problems are expected, and the resurgence of allergy symptoms. The native of the sign will have some ovarian or thyroid problems. But you go up the slope in the second and third months, with the middle of last month as the highlight.

Third quarter :  Slight tendency to constipation during the first month of the period. Consider increasing stool bulk by foods rich in cellulose fibers. Take copious drinks water - still or sparkling water, mineral or spring - but at least half an hour before or after meals. Please do not Have recourse to laxatives, which can cause what is called "false diarrhea" haywire and your whole digestive system. From the second month do you monitor the corner of his eye, and try to moderate your eating and sexual appetites. Keep in any fair measure: excess really not succeed you! If you are reasonable, you will enjoy good health at will.

Fourth quarter :  This period could mark a beginning of digestive problems which, if left unchecked, could become over time a more serious condition. Put yourself each month to the diet for at least twenty-four hours during which you will not take that vegetable broth, fruit juice and water, in order to allow your digestive system to rest and to retrain and your body to eliminate toxins. Do not overdo the exciting, you'll really need! Avoid coffee, tea, alcohol. Also try to reduce your intake of red meat, very strong and very salty cheeses. However, do not deprive yourself especially lean fish, grilled in foil or steamed, and eat a lot of salad. In this way, you can wear like a charm.

First quarter :  Influx planetary generally favorable to your finances. But you will still make sure to keep control of the situation. If you spend too much, or if you embark on adventurous investment, you might see a chance against you. Stay reasonable, even if you currently entitled to a boost of Heaven.

Second quarter :  The star Hong Loan being in favorable aspect, everything should be fine financially. Be careful, though: this star of love, beauty and harmony could push some of you to spend fortunes on cosmetic treatments, or hire a decorator to redo luxurious tapestries of the show! But "before building the tower, we must count the cost" (Gospel).

Third quarter :  Finance side, you'll get a little boost of fate. However, attention to downside: Dao Hoa being the planet of beauty and harmony, it can suddenly make you want to spend a fortune on clothing, hair or fine furniture for the home.

Fourth quarter :  Good financial balance for most of you. You probably will not win the lottery, but do not may find yourself in front of a mountain of debt. Note however that the impact of the star Phi Liem, which governs one of the financial areas of your theme. Phi Liem will be in disharmony with the star Tu Vi, which may be worth a few natives of the signs a little fragile period; avoid all risky.

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