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2018 Yearly Chinese Horoscope



General climate
In your finances as in your relationships with your loved ones, and Quoc An Kiep Sat stars sometimes might hinder you; but stop you in your swing, definitely not! With you, the best celestial allies will do their utmost to make your life pleasant: the star Dao Hoa will attend to your love, and the star Linh Tinh your work. There will be challenges you will rise.

This will make you happy this year? You are somewhat solitary service that would tend to live as a hermit. This is part of your reputation. But this year, it looks like everything will change. Cultivate relationships, and discover the joys of friendship, in short, opening up to others ... You'll see that it's not bad either. With the Suy star in your House VI, one related to social life and friendship, your life will be filled with friends that all kinds of projects are possible: travel, sports, leisure and why not, a project of work.

First quarter :  For most native, adventures are passionate, violent, clearly unethical; but they do not offer a term character. Some couples may become lame following the escapades of one or other of the partners. Widowers and widows of the sign will be more than other native tempted by marriage; and for many of them, the decision will be made ??fairly quickly. Very good chance of meeting for singles.

Second quarter :  Your House XI will be badly affected. Result: you may experience tribulations and emotional complications, with returns of sometimes painful sticks. Everything will be as if the stars have fun throwing banana peels you! Sometimes you will seek an ideal love, platonic almost same, and then you come across partners who only think "that". Sometimes confused or disillusioned, you will begin to play sex for love, even as your well-meaning partners will try to reverse route. To manage the situation a bit, try to find out if you are looking for what is sustainable or simply what is momentarily pleasing you.

Third quarter :  Under the influence of the planet Dao Hoa, the goddess of love, already formed couples to experience a net renewed passion during this period. Singles in your romantic encounters, friendship may very well play a role as important as love, one can derive the other. However, do not fall into the trap of alleged affinities would be only spiritual. The union of souls is indeed a beautiful thing, but men and women are what they are, and the relationships between members of the opposite sex often result in part of their body that hides modesty. So become aware of what awaits you in all likelihood, and what exactly you want.

Fourth quarter :  It's time to think seriously about the organization and consolidation of your sentimental future, especially if you feel that your present situation does not give you complete satisfaction. Even as the lives of two can be seen as a simple cohabitation, the conventional marriage, whatever may be said, has its merits and its almost eternal benefits. Know where your real interest. That said, single sign have an excellent chance to meet your soul mate, while married natives enjoy complicity and sensuality.

First quarter :  Lots of changes in perspective in the work: unexpected changes in the structure of the company or the obligation for you to adapt to a new situation. The last month of the period will be a difficult and tense time, especially as impatience or external hostility will not facilitate your task. This period will be particularly favorable to the writers. Even if writing is not your trade or hobby, try anyway to put something on paper: as you will do well, it is possible that you get to produce something worthwhile, do not be that a charming tale, a vibrant poem or the beginning of an exciting novel River. You may then discover literary talents hitherto untapped, and might even know the glory, who knows?

Second quarter :  Great opportunities available to you in the first month of the period. If you have recently suffered delays, setbacks, you can catch up and carry out projects that are important to you. You will need to carefully avoid any initiative or any step under the action of your impulsiveness. Surround yourself with competent people who can advise you skillfully. But last month, your great professional ambitions might be temporarily thwarted. Personal problems interfere. It is possible that your spouse asks you to choose between your career and your family.

Third quarter :  Boosted by the trine between the stars and Van Kiep Sat Khuc, a rare and very favorable configuration, you will be keen to succeed in your work. You do not content yourself trying to get the recognition you want, or have more responsibility or autonomy; also seek to establish good relationships with your professional colleagues and make your daily life as enjoyable and successful as possible. With the support of these two stars, you'll get there with ease. During the last month of the period, the astral impulses will be favorable, and projects will need only to close monitoring to hatch. Your energy, your original ideas make you master of the situation. You will get lasting satisfactions, especially if you are in a position of responsibility, or if you are independent.

Fourth quarter :  With this astral environment while be played professionally for you. First, in the first month of the period, your ambition will definitely wake up: this time it's decided, you will aim CEO's chair or something like that! You will give yourself the means to get what you want; you will not hesitate to invest yourself completely, sacrificing if necessary leisure and even sleep, your work! Luck will smile and will stay with you during the last month; but it will also fight, because everyone will not approve your options or your methods. Attention Pace susceptibilities of your employees or colleagues.

First quarter :  You will enjoy good physical strength. Take care not to let your feelings or emotions disturb and destabilize your balance. Some women of the sign may be subject to minor respiratory problems. The second month of the period will see some slowing of vital functions involving a fairly general laziness of the liver, with effect on the intestine, the operation promises to be slow and capricious. This month is not good either for precise movement; must be provided gestural blunders and falls. To reduce these negative influences, a complete cure vitamins or calcium will prove very useful.

Second quarter :  Excellent health condition during most of the period. Despite this, it will monitor the eyes and throat, which can sometimes be the site of inflammation. The power will be of particular attention in the second month due to dysentery risks. On the other hand, your love of good food will make dangerously climb the needle of scales. Then you have a diet low calorie but equally delightful to the palate as stews you are fond. Do not forget to exercise to maintain your online despite your gastronomic excess.

Third quarter :  You'll be in good health these days if you take care not to let your feelings or your emotions cloud your mental balance. In general, the secret of your good health will be in your balance; Also, try, wherever possible, to build you a stable life and avoid excesses of all kinds. You should maintain fitness through regular sports. If indeed your schedule is too busy, so go every day to your work by walking a bit.

Fourth quarter :  Your good health will be in this time more than ever, depends on a good balance of your digestive functions but also a very strict lifestyle. Do not stay up too late, and eat at regular times. Do not forget to make you do a complete medical evaluation if you have not done in three years. This will be essential for you. Remember that "all in good health is a patient who does not know" (Jules Romains).

First quarter :  Your financial situation will become one of your main priorities. For some, this may lead to difficulties that require them to take seriously the situation in hand, which ultimately will prove positive. For others, it will be time to harvest the fruits of past efforts.

Second quarter :  Your finances will be protected throughout. But beware: My Tang, which influences the planet at this time the theme of your money sector is one that is not in half measures. Much you can round up your nest egg if you are careful, so act on head shots will put you in a dangerous situation!

Third quarter :  On the one hand, the impact of the star Hoa Quyen inspire you to reorganize your financial management, which is quite positive. But on the other, under the influence of the star Liem Trinh badly aspected, you risk making the wrong choice too optimistic or, conversely, to miss good opportunities because you hesitate too long before reacting . The only solution seek advice by competent persons.

Fourth quarter :  With this aspect of the planet Thien Dong, you will have a certain chance monetarily, but nothing whopping. If you dream you buy a multimedia computer, for example, it would be reasonable to expect a little. Some of you, whose career takes off, however, the transition will be entitled to a salary increase, which will help them improve their income.

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