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2018 Yearly Chinese Horoscope



The stars Moc Duc and Pha Quan sulk a little; but you can count on many other celestial friends with the stars An Quang Van Khuc leading the pack to accompany and assist you in this new year. They will give you insight, charm, but also the will and action. A cocktail to consume without moderation, a new lifestyle to apply without restrictions!

What will make you happy this year? Want to learn to read Chinese? Discover the Cuban poetry? Explore the peaks of Peru? Well, do not wait! With the star Thien Rieu positioned in your house I, that related to education and culture, then your House VI, that related to travel, it is these areas that will be honored this year. This is great, too, for when it comes to learn, to think, to grow or to satisfy your curiosity, all natives of this sign are candidates. Go for this route is guaranteed happiness.

First quarter :  The stars will strongly promote your loves this time. You will therefore be very busy with your core business, and therefore your business activities may sometimes take a back seat. There will be no harm in it as you will strike a balance between the different areas of your life. If you live as a couple, your sky will be cloudless, except during the last month of the period, where some differences darken the horizon, but everything will work out. Single, you'll be undecided about what to do. Better off avoiding a lasting commitment or marriage under such auspices. Besides, your indecision will protect you in all likelihood is too committed emotional situation that does not suit you at the moment.

Second quarter :  Your core business as a whole should be doing well these days. You will experience unforgettable moments of ecstasy, but also some suffering. In the end, you really do not have to complain, especially because you have regarded love as a great exciting game. Your heart will really be celebrating during the second half of the period. If you are single, this time you are likely to make you into the trap of flirting force from one person to another. And you will have beautiful rant, appeal to your inalienable independence, the same tone of voice betray your mood. No need to beat around the bush here you are well and truly in love, and you secretly think that you put a ring on his finger as soon as possible.

Third quarter :  You will leave these days in search of love rhymes with forever? Not really! What will interest you, especially, it will play your seductive power, break all hearts for fun. Repeated strikes: you will not struggle to realize this program. Beware of still waters run deep. Moreover, "we do not play with love" (Alfred de Musset). During the last month of the period, you will know particularly pleasant emotions. Otherwise you will be sitting on the fence, tempted by two totally different partners but each answering some of your aspirations, a more romantic and elegant, the other more dynamic and open; do not react like Buridan's ass!

Fourth quarter :  This period seems happy and can bring you significant changes in the sentimental area. Renewal opportunities, unusual lightning strike, encounter quite unexpectedly. You'll love to please, and no one will resist you, as your attractiveness will be great. You'll want to be loved, especially by someone much younger than you, and your wishes will probably be met. That said, do not mix business and feelings; such a mixture may be explosive. Also, beware of your procrastination, which can one go you to change your attitude, as to disorient and destabilize the loved one.

First quarter :  Many natives of this sign that will at this time a desire for very marked change, pushing them to make a real job transfer. Some consider a shift towards the region of their choice. Others will view with optimism the possibility of engaging in a different job within the same enterprise that employs them. In any case, the time is right for redress difficult cases or, hopefully, move on to the next level. Take advantage of this favorable astral atmosphere to definitively liquidate certain obstacles that hindered you for a long time and you have not managed to come all the way to the end, such as the reluctance or resistance of your employees or associates.

Second quarter :  The stars seem favorable to all those who show courage and ambition reasonable in the professional field. Success will be yours if you know how to direct you to the modern sectors and take on a greater importance in the future, such as information technology and the entertainment industry. So remember to complete your training seriously or retrain, making sacrifices today for greater success tomorrow. But whatever happens, do not forget to keep a sense of humor and remain human.

Third quarter :  Be careful in your relationships with your superiors, because the astral atmosphere will make you a feeling of rebellion you'll have trouble controlling. The time will not be understanding and let-live. So, keep a low profile if you value your current livelihood. You will have your revenge later: "Patience and time do more than force or rage" (La Fontaine).

Fourth quarter :  Do not fall asleep on your laurels. Consolidate your situation by all means, even if you do not think you have to worry about it. The time is ripe for organizing, structuring, managing, administering, save and prosper. If you have a position of responsibility, orient yourself to the function rather gray eminence to shattering decisions. In other words, your most effective action is to inspire rather than decide. Furthermore, the influences of Tuong Quan star will be excellent intellectually. Take the opportunity to prepare for your future by completing your training, even if it is done without immediate benefit. Remember also to develop the cultural aspect of your life; why, for example, do not take learning a foreign language?

First quarter :  Your health will be good overall despite some nervousness. However, some native to closely monitor their stomach and intestines, which will be somewhat weakened and may give rise to slight problems, it would be unwise to ignore. Health somewhat lower during the third month of the period, with migraines and insomnia. If you suffer from cardiovascular disease, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of myocardial infarction; think of it by making your market.

Second quarter :  With this very stimulating global environment, you will have a fishing thunder. Enterprising, dynamic, you will feel on top form in the first two months of the period. Thereafter, your stamina will remain good enough. However, it will ensure the proper functioning of your liver and your gallbladder. Caution cold and its effects.

Third quarter :  Good general health. But this time, give yourself as a major objective the preservation of a flat stomach. Indeed, you will be subject to intestinal disorders, flatulence and flatulence. Feel often inflated. Eliminate from your diet cottage cheese, yogurt, raw vegetables, which irritate the intestines and cause bloating. Also avoid soft drinks. In any case, your outward appearance preoccupy you; Tam Thai star will make you want to look after your little person. In addition, your dynamism and taste for physical exercise will be accentuated. This will be the perfect time to undertake a large fitness program.

Fourth quarter :  Physically, you'll wear as well as possible in all: nervous resistance perfectly good, perfect balance of psychic energy, resilience Quick after sustained effort. But if you are not wise, if you abuse your strength if you indulge in overeating, while problems of all kinds will befall you, for the heavenly bodies will not make you gift! Top form in the first two months of the period; some insignificant trouble in the third month.

First quarter :  The money sector will undergo some ambiguous astral influences. In any case, you will need to show you reasonable and organized. Those of you who are cautious and good managers will fare hands down. Up heads, however, may have trouble making ends the months they spend lavishly.

Second quarter :  The stars Thien Quy Thanh Long and promote your finances. Some natives even benefit their influence to reorganize their investments and investments with exceptional lucidity. But beware, all the same, not to take too many risks. These two planets are not, by nature, very positive, and aftershocks are possible for those of you who show profligate or unwary.

Third quarter :  The financial plan will be no surprises. Only a few years native Fire may know a few temporary problems under the impact of the star Thien Dong. If this is your case, you will want to be wary of impulsive decisions and to postpone major purchases as well as loans or risky investments.

Fourth quarter :  With the support of Bac star If balance your budget should be pretty solid. But be careful all the same the star Pha Quan badly aspected, which can blur your mind or make you overconfident and too optimistic. For once, it would be better to remember that advisers are not the payers. If you have important financial decisions, they either purchases or investments, ask before making a choice, and beware of unfounded rumors.

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