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2018 Yearly Chinese Horoscope



General climate
A sensational romantic encounter, anyone? So it will be for this year! Here comes the time of passion, or of love madness. But love does not make you completely blind to other realities, harder than that! Do not walk all the time on your little cloud. That said, the passion of love will give you wings to fly these passengers trouble.

This will make you happy this year? The challenges, you love it! You will be served as you will have to find a new balance between private life and professional life. Given the position of the Phu Thai star in your House VI, one related to the family, then your House V, the career-related, it will not be simple. But eventually you will find the solution for your maximum benefit and also your family and work circles.

First quarter :  With the wink of Tuan star, married life will be harmonious. Be aware to avoid being negligent towards your spouse: a kind word, a little attention can work wonders; by cons, a little carelessness can cause unnecessary dissension. Consider developing your social life, allowing you to have a healthy back from your married life, maintain more refined relationship with your partner and constructive insights. Single benefit both of their liberty; true love, it will probably be for later!

Second quarter :  If you are still a lonely heart, you will consider seriously these days to legalize your romantic relationships and settle into life "like everyone else." Your intentions are good, and my best wishes accompany you. However, take all the time necessary for reflection before committing yourself, carefully weighing the pros and cons. And, once united to the loved by matrimony, do continually show understanding and tolerance. "Keep your eyes open before you get married, and half closed when you are married" (Benjamin Franklin). Couples already formed the purr good; no risk of conflict or misunderstanding!

Third quarter :  Enjoy this auspicious period to live your love affairs, which will flow days without storms or clouds. Pace yourself a nest, well protected from prying eyes, to exchange tender kisses. If you do not have the opportunity to lose yourself in nature to enjoy these wonderful days, a corner of the attic or under a duvet both will do! The key is to subtract your sweet intimacy to the indiscretion of others.

Fourth quarter :  Married life will be harmonious and pleasant, and partners will strengthen their links. Singles will have no trouble to do. If their love life lacks a bit of chili, they will find peace in compensation they need. The wedding will also be considered with every chance of success. Native years Bois should try to silence their feelings wrong place and get rid of some links they hang like a ball, even if it involves, among other things, a financial loss. They will feel after attack to give their love life prospects new and enchanting.

First quarter :  You will make grandiose plans, projects you come to realize also in part during this period. But beware of over-ambition that may impair your judgment, the excesses of impatience that can make you skip steps essential to the smooth running of your business. Above all, do not use expeditious means and do not have recourse to those who do not inspire you total confidence. In the last month of the period, your professional development will take a turn that you had not suspected initially. Decisions will be taken at the highest level to give new responsibilities. Do you show up to your task.

Second quarter :  Whatever your professional occupation, it should give you great satisfaction these days. If you plan to change jobs or redirect your current occupation, the last two months will be well chosen. It can be said that any new career will prove successful. You will be very also helped if you put together a business oriented toward the entertainment industry, catering, hotel and food sales.

Third quarter :  You will have these days the opportunity to enhance your professional situation or find a job in your strings. But beware because some jealous colleagues or employees will arrange for you to put a spoke in the wheels. If you are looking for an ideal partner, you might find it in the second month of the period. But you also happen to have difficulties in teamwork. The natives who exercise an artistic profession or in connection with the creation, advertising, will hardly be favored during this period. The foreign relations present some difficulties; do not be discouraged, however, because the problems are not insurmountable.

Fourth quarter :  Good entrepreneurship, which will allow you to quickly enter into a proposed contract or association. However, be very careful and know thoroughly check all the documents yourself; if necessary, seek advice by competent persons. Over the last two months of the period, success will be the colors of arts and science: university professors, amateurs and art critics, curators, researchers, scientists and stakeholders will be favored. All those who have a relationship with the law, they are in process or conversely, judges or lawyers, will also have their share of the global pie in the period. Astral influences a little less favorable for other natives.

First quarter :  overall good health and great nervous resistance. But some of you will probably have stomach or intestinal gas heaviness. To combat this condition, take after meals, instead of coffee, a brew made ??up, in equal parts, cumin seeds, fennel and coriander. If you have asthma or allergies, you will face an intestinal ailment. Avoid still to use allopathic drugs; orient yourself more towards homeopathy or herbal medicine: they succeed you much better.

Second quarter :  Many planetary allies allow you to see life in pink these days. A lull will come in after the tensions of recent times. Intestinal pain and rashes due to nervousness will decrease significantly. However, anything that relates to the water you do not succeed. If you are abroad, pay close attention to what you drink. Similarly, if you swim, it would be nice not to be alone, for cramps or hypothermia seem possible.

Third quarter :  You will not have to complain about your health. That said, you will be vulnerable to some gastric distress if you live too stressful pace. To lower your nervous tension, consider taking after meals, a tea made ??of aniseed, coriander seeds, wormwood grass, juniper berries and marigold. One teaspoonful of this mixture per cup of cold water. Boil three minutes and let steep for ten minutes. Avoid excess and beware of inflammation caused by your nerves. Attention to allergies and risk of urticaria and itching. If possible, give yourself some holidays in order to eliminate these potential minor health problems.

Fourth quarter :  You will be free from serious financial problems, but at the same time you will not benefit from unexpected strokes of luck. You reap what you sow: a good financial balance if you're managing your budget wisely, and some temporary problems if you run out of caution.

First quarter :  This astral configuration will help you improve your financial situation. The star Tu Vi earn you the support of luck. The star Thien Dong, it will cause unforeseen events, positive for most. If ever a bad surprise occurs, which is possible, the star Tu Vi will help rectify the situation.

Second quarter :  Your financial sectors will be occupied by favorable planets, like you and God Khach Vi, which create incredible gains. But also by a bit worrying stars, such Tham Lang, which could make you a spendthrift! But your fate will be ultimately in your hands if you act with caution and avoid too uncertain investments and frivolous spending, you should round up your capital. Otherwise...

Third quarter :  Your nest egg should round off without you working hard to provide. But do not expect to suddenly fortune: what awaits you is a comfortable financial situation, a slight increase from the previous periods. However, it is possible that a few years native Bois see their standard of living rise significantly.

Fourth quarter :  Unpredictable financial turmoil could make you lose a lot of money. Also, if you really want to speculate, at least take the advice of experts , which will save you perhaps risky investments.

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