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2018 Yearly Chinese Horoscope



Long Tri, the planet of change and freedom, and Long Duc, the processing, will give you a furious desire for renewal in more than one area. No more excessive shyness and reserve! You'll have to raise your voice. That worry you? There's nothing. By forcing you to face many challenges, the stars make yourself a great service. So, off to the great changes!

What will make you happy this year? We quickly pass on your love and friendships that will be in good shape and will remain a priority for you under the influence of the star Cao Phong, placed in succession this year houses VI and VII, those related to intimate friends and social life. The novelty are meetings and contacts that will increase this year, coming from very different backgrounds. That will change you and stimulate you. With Phong Cao sent you an invitation to travel, go beyond our borders to see new places and new faces!

First quarter :  Definitely, the stars always want to inspire you. During this period, you will know the love of your dreams refined constantly. Singles meet an intelligent partner or an elite personality. They discover real affinities, political, philosophical or religious commune, or aspirations or similar social concerns. The more creative native will draw on the love their main source of inspiration. Musical or literary tastes will be shared. But despite this great general overview, some relationship problems are to be expected. They occur mainly because of differences of opinion on the use of public money and the priority that should be given to the career of one or the other partner. However, this would probably not draw a result, and the end of the period will see a marked improvement in your reports.

Second quarter :  You will probably find some pretty significant decline in your sexual capabilities that period. Be aware that the bad aspects of the star Van Khuc is responsible for this state of things, which will only be temporary. So do not worry too much. You can remedy the situation in various ways, for example by seeking to eroticise you through imagination, fantasies. Do especially not use these so-called aphrodisiac recipes from the charlatans of all stripes: they are only booby-traps, it must be said! For singles, love will be what they will do, for example consolidate an existing relationship, which would create a balance for them. There will be marriage in the air!

Third quarter :  Enjoying magnificent impulses, you will have a strong power of seduction and you will have no trouble making conquests. But you may be too inclined to see only the sexual aspect of your relationship, which could bring some of your partners take offense to be considered as objects. If you manage to overcome that little through, you can expect to have a great time and have divine surprises. Some singles will dominate their character, independent to the extreme, if they want their eventual union viable. For native that marital affair are shudder with horror, good advice: put some order in your love life, who currently a great need.

Fourth quarter :  For many natives of this sign, especially for those years Earth, loves tend towards a certain stability; but this does not prevent them from living a more intense love life. In the couple take things seriously and do not leave the discussion; you can strengthen your links with some very nice complicity. For singles, a change of situation can be very supportive and based on a stable and serious relationship.

First quarter :  You will be able to provide tremendous efforts, work like a slave while ensuring excellent judgment on people and events. All can succeed without too much difficulty. The second month of the period will be the perfect time to make an important decision, change jobs, or to sign the contract of the century. In the third month, the wind will be strong and should help push you in the right direction. Luck will be at the rendezvous. Beware though turbulence just before the end of the period, remembering that "there is nothing more difficult to skin the tail" (Gabriel Meurier).

Second quarter :  Your ambition will allow you to reach number your goals. Try to maintain a certain rigor vis--vis yourself. Professional enticing proposals will increase during the second month of the period. You will be spoiled for choice. And it is precisely the choice that will prove tricky. Try to do well from things and be wary and mirrors. In the last month, serious obstacles to cross your path and you will require to surpass you to achieve your professional goals. You will find you have enough resources to make real prowess. Ultimately, the event will prove a blessing in disguise.

Third quarter :  In your business, you will have the wind in their sails. The relationship will open doors and make your ascent. Your strong personality and spontaneity represent good assets for you and allow you to sell yourself. During the last month of the period, you will want to listen to the advice you lavish your working environment. Certainly they will not please you too much, because they preach moderation especially you, as you do not would like. Still, you'll want to take this into account if you want to avoid disappointment ahead.

Fourth quarter :  Promote your projects will prove necessary during the first month of the period, but will not go without taking big risks. If you work together, do not act without obtaining the green light from your partners. Great care will be needed. Your efficiency will be recognized. Beware of making a decision without consulting your superiors or your shareholders if you occupy a high office. From the second month, a bit of nervousness in the work. But your organizational skills and your good inspirations will allow you to overcome obstacles without too much trouble and restore order in your business neglected lately. You will be ready to fight to consolidate your position.

First quarter :  Be careful with your food because, given the present astral aspects, there will be the risk of poisoning these days. Eat only products whose freshness is irrefutable. Keep an eye on the expiration dates on the labels. Do not push your body to the limit of his strength. In this period, you will need to take care of yourself by leading a healthy life and passing good night to recover your energies. Otherwise, you may nervousness attacks, because the stars will not be kind to you. Watch your pressure and blood flow.

Second quarter :  This period will see you prone to insomnia, even if you have no reason for concern. Chamomile infusions, marjoram, dill and especially orange blossom will soothe you. For more likely to have a deep and restful sleep, take each night at dinner, lettuce salad seasoned with soy oil, embellished with a spoonful of wheat germ or brewer's yeast or some fresh mint leaves, and a yogurt. Figs, nuts, pineapple, also promote sleep. Listen to soft music falling asleep.

Third quarter :  The trend these days is to harmony and maintaining good overall health. Pace yourself, get a health program, and moderate your lifestyle. This will prevent possible discomforts and enjoy better vitality. Do not neglect your health problems menus, you'll tend, laziness, regarded as unimportant. This may be the warning signs of more serious conditions. Talk to your doctor, do make all the necessary tests to get to the bottom. Otherwise, "a nail is lost for an iron for iron, horse for horse, rider" (G. Herbert).

Fourth quarter :  Do not think that all who listen are hypochondriacs. As for you, always be cautious and vigilant in order to continue to enjoy satisfactory health. Eat a healthy, balanced diet. Avoid overexertion and overly violent sports. The heart will be monitored: do not hesitate to stop from time to time during the day; a relaxing break or a nap will prove always beneficial.

First quarter :  This aspect of the star Thien Giai can have a strong impact on your financial life. Some natives will enjoy the tension generated by this planet to improve their situation. But many of you may instead pass through a pretty bad way. This will not last, but enough to throw you off. In any case, if you resolutely show reasonable financial matters, you will have nothing to fear. A good chance to win the game seems possible in the last month of the period.

Second quarter :  Side money, your chances will be real, but still stay vigilant: it will in any case get started in risky or questionable cases , or indulge in senseless spending. Attention also not to show impatience with any delays. And if you have to negotiate a contract, it would be better not show you any onerous as to defeat.

Third quarter :  You still dream of winning the lottery, you have to settle for what your job brings you. Do not complain if the stars do not promise you any stroke of exceptional luck, they do not threaten you either of any disaster. So even if you are forced to check the status of your bank account before you meet your current shopping desires, keep smiling, thinking of all those who have less than you.

Fourth quarter :  In view of the global climate, your financial position should be stable. But of course, if the stars do not threaten you any problem beyond your control, they seem determined to not miraculously fill your nest egg. Prudence, therefore; do your accounts before any major expenditure. That said, you could count on a certain chance to play in the second month of the period; However, do not bet big because there will still be a risk of loss.

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