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2018 Yearly Chinese Horoscope



General climate
More escaping the efforts and responsibilities! Whether your career or your private life, it is the message that many planets will give you. A message also full of wisdom, it will be interpreted more as advice than a constraint. You will have the opportunity this time to make a big step toward maturity and happiness!

What will make you happy this year? With the star Luc If permanently positioned in your House VIII, that related to health, it is your physical balance and form that will be for you a source of happiness. A good diet and regular exercise will make you want to take care more about you. Adopt a more stable lifestyle, eat balanced, swim or walk, and treat yourself from time to time a relaxing break with exotic massages and thalassotherapy treatments. Guaranteed invigorating effect, physically and psychically speaking too.

First quarter :  Loving a long time, if this is your case, you will have a little fantasy in your relationships. Escape the routine and monotony like the plague. "In love, there is no more dreadful disaster that the death of the imagination" (George Meredith). Your efforts will be rewarded by the stars. But do still not completely up to confuse your partner! During the last month of the period, the marriage will ask you some problems. You will hesitate to make a choice that seems decisive. Yet, if you take the trouble to think, this choice will seem perfectly obvious and inevitable. Anyway, discuss it with your spouse or partner. If you live alone, you will not escape to a favorite at this time. It will probably more sensual than sentimental attraction, judging by the position of the star Thien Rieu in your Heaven. But it will probably be enough to fill you up.

Second quarter :  Expect great things in this period. Your romantic soul may be subject to some excesses, but this time without gravity. Everything you say and do will be appreciated. You will have many opportunities to make pleasant meetings, get out. You will be irresistible and evolve in a pleasant and light love that context. The route will be free to conquer the person of your dreams. The star Long Duc will be fully supported if you live in couple. Result: your marital relationship will become more clear, and you will understand the feelings and intentions of your partner. This will help you to accept its decisions, even if they are unexpected or you see misguided.

Third quarter :  If you live in couple, this time you will likely inclined to reshuffle the cards and begin a new game. While it is beneficial to put your relationship in question from time to time, be careful not to take any decision in this time permanently bind the future. For this revival is beneficial, always finish listening to what the other has to say before placing your word. If you are alone, the planet Thien Phuc promote encounters while providing you with an irresistible charm.

Fourth quarter :  This period will be particularly favorable to the young and young at heart ... love. You can deepen the ties that bind you to your partner, or find a way much more fulfilling relationship for the beloved as for you. Your heart will really celebrating. But the single will not be ready to stabilize their love life; they will run several cores at once! Many young people will be the sign that will build their lives during this period with joy, fervor and faith. During the last month of the period, the stars continue to watch over your love, your happiness, your sentimental fulfillment and your enduring commitment projects. There will inevitably marriage in the air, and births too!

First quarter :  The first month of the period will prove successful carrier in business, luck, protection and various opportunities. During this month, it will take into overdrive, request all senior contacts, launch major projects, signing lucrative contracts, forcing to take a chance, especially move forward with confidence and dynamism. For the last two months, good prospects for job transfer will occur to you. This can lead to business change proposals, job type radical change or change workplace, including towards abroad. You will be well advised to play the card of daring and adventure, whatever your industry.

Second quarter :  In the first month of the period, you will get great results in your business. The concrete, real, who are your favorite areas, will have the blessing of the stars. Only your strong opinions and your refusal to make concessions could cause clashes with your professional colleagues. A little more flexibility you avoid many unnecessary disappointments. For the rest of the period, you will have nothing of a dilettante. On the contrary, you acharnerez to complete your projects, not sparing your efforts or your time. The reward will not be very long in coming, what will motivate you even more to persevere.

Third quarter :  During the first month of the period, you will not miss neither courage nor punch, no sense of responsibility. So you go ahead in your profession, not hesitating to take risks to settle disputes or deadlock. However, the business affairs will be curtailed for reasons beyond your control, and it will be useless to try to force things that do find better conclusions until the second month of the period.

Fourth quarter :  Be very careful these days in your companies, because there will be a strong probability that the conditions causing sudden reversals in your professional situation. If you decide to embark on a risky business, take advice beforehand because it will make the move with great precision to have a good chance of winning. Pace yourself as an emergency exit not end up on the straw in case of unforeseeable blow. Over the last two months of the period, a change in your job situation is possible and you should be very beneficial. In any case, the chance will make you a wink, and you only have to congratulate you if you know enjoy.

First quarter :  During the first two months of the period, your vitality will be amazing, although higher than the average. You naturally spend in activities of all kinds. Be careful though! With such a flood, you may occupy the vital space of others, in good conscience and with the best intentions in the world! You will carry you well enough the rest of the period; no serious problems to worry about.

Second quarter :  First quiet month you feeling very fit. Your functions of digestion and assimilation will be facilitated by the relaxation that you post. But for that, you would have to slow down your professional and social activities. In the third month, your immune system will be somewhat weakened, perhaps your emotional stress. You can expect unwanted visit from a virus, bacterium kind of flu or cold. But nothing too uncomfortable to bear.

Third quarter :  Your health will be good overall despite some nervousness. However, in the second month, closely monitor your stomach and intestines, which will be a little weak and can cause slight problems it would be unwise to ignore. In the last month, your resilience is almost ideal. Those with serious problems may well take advantage of new care techniques. If you do not regularly practice sports, this period will lend itself to taking a good resolution in this direction.

Fourth quarter :  With a complex mixture of positive and negative astral influences, you will enjoy in the whole of good health, but with small intestinal problems from time to time. Prefer magnesium rich foods - cereals, wholemeal bread, apples - and you will dominate your potential pathology. Remember to protect yourself against overwork by a fair distribution of your energies between work and leisure, ensuring that your time off are not captured by strenuous activities.

First quarter :  With this aspect of the star Thien Tai, many of you will spend that time to reorganize their budget, or attempt to review their investments and investments. But the decisions will not be so obvious, so you may hesitate long and often change their minds. And beware: the people who could advise you - banker, family, for example - will not be inspired so much better than you. So, for now at least, you would do well not to listen.

Second quarter :  It may happen many things on the financial front. On the positive, the planets push you to make important decisions. But be careful, as there will be negative configurations, you must beware of your impulsiveness. It will not be the time to take risks. You will come out unscathed if you take the time to plan for the long term.

Third quarter :  The star Thai Duong form of harmonic configurations. But do not plan still on him to grant you a period of exceptional financial luck. Rather, it will only reward you for a period of greater chance: a surprise return possible, a small gain in games, or a raise or unexpected bonus.

Fourth quarter :  You Vi, the planet luck and success, you should protect very efficiently financially. This will be the time to ask for a raise or make an appointment with your bank to see how to optimize your management. If you have investments, it would probably be advisable to change them. Do not wait to act. During the last month of the period, your finances will take a new breath. You are ready to make new business. You will find solutions to possible financial problems. Your ideas will be successful. Unexpected proposals will enable you to realize, dramatically, lucrative projects.

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