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2018 Yearly Chinese Horoscope



No need to tell you stories: for you, life in this new year will not always a bed of roses. This at least suggests that the stars. With the exception and not the least, of the star Thien Quan, who will give a big boost to your business activities and your projects in general. But it will some time - until May, to be precise. It will be a pivotal year to address finesse.

What will make you happy this year? This will be your family and, more importantly, your children. Playing with children, tell them a bedtime story them and, with the largest, share a laugh or a movie, that's what you'll find the star Tham Lang positioned in your house X, one related to the home and to offspring. More aware of your responsibilities to your children if you have them, you'll be ready to take your parent. Which promises many joys.

First quarter :  With this global climate, your loves in the first two months of the period should pose few problems; but in exchange you should not expect an unusually euphoric phase. This will be the routine, a pleasant routine if you have the wisdom to understand that it is the little things of everyday life, not the great passion impulses that delight. In the third month, the impact of the Cao Phong star so powerful that it will suffice to keep the flame for all native love. And the planet Hong Loan, the goddess of love, will boost the outbreak, for your happiness and that of your partner. Number of natives still alone will struggle to escape the crush.

Second quarter :  The first two months of the period will the mood of your loves to relax in a cheerful insouciance. Short trips foster the happy meetings. You end up with old buddies joy, you will fall in love with your roommate, or you amouracherez you a new person to your workplace! Last month's time to take matters in hand and strengthen your relationships. Go ahead, go ahead and do not be afraid to be demanding. You know very well express your feelings to that (that) you love. It will be great, even if sometimes the sky darkens because there will be a fight in the air: "The pleasure disputes is to make peace" (A. de Musset), right?

Third quarter :  The romantic relationships will not be bad - it's the least we can say - for the simple reason that you will be better prepared this time than usual to put water in your wine: you less fussy, you will show largesse idea that we would not have believed you, in short, you will be more pleasant. Do not mix too much logic to your love. Relax, take life as it comes and enjoy fully the present moment. For singles, a beautiful meeting is possible with a sustainable future. This will probably be the love of your life!

Fourth quarter :  The first two months will be a period out of the ordinary, where love will be strong, violent contrasts. It will make you either graze heaven or hell. For some of you, probably one of your former partner will attempt to reconnect with you, but repentance is not necessarily true, and your dispute is heavy. So stay on your guard. Single, you'll get more than a thunderbolt during this period. You will know for certain to have finally found the gem. However, do not get too excited. Live in the best possible, and wait to see how things go.

First quarter :  Your efforts will in this time primarily on your work. You will operate also on yourself because you become aware of your potential and your unused abilities. It is also possible that you hand in question the influence of someone who means a lot to you, but in relation to which you want to take a step back. In any case, do not allow sympathy to be taken into account in business. If you do not make an effort of discernment, you'll be easy to take kindnesses that could be misleading. Remember that all that glitters is not gold, and that business is business.

Second quarter :  This period can allow you to take a course in your professional life. You will be creative without being silly, because you will keep both feet on the ground. You will be very appreciated by your superiors. You will be optimistic and will not be afraid to aim high. In short, you gather all the necessary conditions to move to the next level. In addition, the influx of good Quoc An planet House V introduce high selectivity in the projects. They will be particularly valuable for students in choosing their orientation. In general, they will have a more realistic and accurate view of the resources available to carry out its objectives without stray into wishful thinking.

Third quarter :  Astral atmosphere as a whole to you lead to success by having you take shortcuts. This period will find you the best of your ability, especially in areas that appeal to the creative imagination or bold initiatives. Choosing from your relationships men and women who will share your enthusiasm, you will be assured of success. However, the same astral atmosphere may have adverse effects on working conditions. Some natives will therefore have to face the hostility of a colleague or superior, with whom the disagreement will be obvious in human terms. Other native will be victims of their sincerity and their outspokenness, which could lead them, despite themselves, to hurt the susceptibility of another in the past. For your convenience, you will deploy treasures diplomacy, patience and good humor.

Fourth quarter :  The star Phuong Cac positively influence the professional sector from one end to the other of the period. Your enthusiasm will be great, your ideas will be clear, your judgment will be strong and your courage will match your projects - in short, you'll be able to achieve the goals you have set. If you need financing, you'll get without great difficulty a favorable bank loan. To be more explicit, we should say that you will develop your intellectual qualities and run your little gray cells. Great time to take an exam brilliantly, remove a case to the nose and the beard of your competitors, find a new career, etc.

First quarter :  Your energy will be increased tenfold, and your perfect health most of the time. Despite a hectic social life, try to spare you some quiet time and reflection during these months. The stars being beneficial aspect, you might decide to undertake successful dieting or fitness program. During the last month of the period, you will be sensitive bronchi and lungs; beware of a possible cooling. Safe driving, it's not your dominant quality; However, you will be much less distracted, on pain of having to pay the consequences!

Second quarter :   With this aspect of the star Long Tri, you will ensure your household forces. Do not overwork. Do not overdo physical effort: you might offend you a muscle. In any case, avoid too violent exercise. And remember that the role of emotional factors is crucial to you, especially in this period. You should also practice physical exercises regularly as possible. Your muscles being somewhat deficient, some sport would you most good; everything will compel you to it.

Third quarter :  global environment of the first month of the period invite discipline and greater regularity in lifestyle. It will be easier now to lead a less highly charged, eating and sleeping at regular times, and make the necessary daily exercises. Often during this period, you will probably think of the fight against certain skin problems. Also, ban pork, sausage, Roquefort, Brie or livarot. Beware of the chocolate abuse and refined sugar. To have a beautiful complexion, drink plenty of mineral water and eat carrots.

Fourth quarter :  These days, you'll have no concern to you about your health. Due to the good influx of Bac orb If the second month of the period would be an appropriate time to begin a medical or spa treatment, or to start a diet. In all cases, avoid tobacco and alcohol, as your body will have a great need to detoxify. Get plenty of rest and fresh air. Practice a slightly violent sport to lower your stress.

First quarter :  You will need to be careful in this time where planetary aspects can complicate things financially. But for years the native metal, a flow of money surprise is possible, whether it gains the games, old debts forgotten that we reimburse them, or a small inheritance.

Second quarter :  Your financial life will be temporarily be featured by the stars. You should be able to take advantage to improve your situation. Be careful though two points. First, beware of the risk of conflict or misunderstanding couple about a purchase or investment. Then show yourself very careful if you invest money in a business involving some of your friends. Be careful also if one of your friends wants to borrow you money: it could jeopardize your relationship.

Third quarter :  The star Pha Quan train disharmonic combinations, which can blur your mind about money. Attention, so if you need to make an important decision concerning an expensive purchase for example, do not rush without thinking. Take advice from wise people, and wait to decide. Also, beware of your current ruinous desires!

Fourth quarter :  Beware Tieu Hao placed now in the money sector, this planet can play tricks on you. Tieu Hao, in fact, tend to make us euphoric, sometimes wrongly. So if you feel you negotiate a good deal or to find the placement of the century, caution: do not start especially you blindly. Carefully check all game elements to be sure not to bitterly regret later. Do not spend money you do not actually get cashed.

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