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2018 Yearly Chinese Horoscope



General climate
This year, we will stop rushing headlong! Thanks to the stars Ta Phu Huu Bat will be constructed, it will consolidate, we will structure. In short, it will become much more mature, wiser, more frequent. Even the star Dia Vong, with its dirty tricks, will fail to prevent you from succeeding. So set yourself clear goals!

What will make you happy this year? You will be surprised smoky evenings end at the point of time, crazy nights that leave you a little creepy in the morning ... all tempt you less. Normal: the star Lam Quan will settle for months in your House VIII, that related to health. Without you turn provided a monk or nun, you take care of your health, with very pleasing results. Smoking sign, take advantage of this beneficial astral influence to stop smoking!

First quarter :  Planets Dao Hoa Hong Loan make you so unstable and easily influenced in matters of love that you are likely to go wrong or be deceived. You oscillerez between cynicism and dreams no apparent reason. Some of you tirelessly seek ideal love from arm to arm, others leave their current partner to sigh with another, without realizing that they are all chasing a mirage. If you do not want to spend your energy wasted, resist your urge to run head down and remember to book you for someone who will appreciate your skills and make you happy. Convince yourself that "someone" is.

Second quarter :  There will be a risk of confusion between love and money. Attention mixing these two ingredients make a soup even more indigestible you will need to break the bank to plan your next vacation! So be more thoughtful. Convince yourself that true love is a matter of the heart and not of scholarship!

Third quarter :  With the star Phu Duong dissonant, love will hover in the ethereal spheres. With its refined feelings, discrete impulses and instincts cerebralised, it will make you dream of an elected so perfect that it is unlikely that you met him. So back down to earth and you will see that the charm of the land is worth that of angels that inhabit your dreams. "Love is all eyes and sees nothing" (Chinese proverb)! Okay, but that's not a reason to do nothing! Still try to open your eyes because you might these days to trick you in love!

Fourth quarter :  In your married life, the unexpected will give way to monotony. You will have very challenging relationship with your spouse or partner. Sometimes, of course, the evenings will be animated, but you and your significant other will think you do not complain because at least there will be movement in your life together, what was missing for months. Under the aegis of the Moon in good aspect, you can finally start a genuine dialogue. Singles, they will be at the party because they will have an excellent chance of making exciting encounters.

First quarter :  In the work, it will take time and courage. The first you will likely be counted, but you will have the second to spare and it will be essential. Put all the stops at the beginning of the period to force destiny, and you will quickly reap good results. However, beware of jealous like the plague. But over the past month, the negative planetary aspects will thwart the success of your projects and block the road to your career, whose progress will mark a pause. Many obstacles will stand in your way, and you will spend a lot of time and effort to overcome them. Complicated negotiations will require patience and prudence. Do not worry unduly: things will get better little by little, and you will know victory again towards the end of the period.

Second quarter :  The astral impulses are generally favorable to the work area. You probably will not have any particular problems to fear, unless ye be inexcusably forgetful, careless or lazy. Great success in the first two months of the period, the need for sustained efforts over the last month. Most of the time, you will work with enthusiasm and application, which will allow you to speed to complete all that was struggling or was suffering. But do not go too fast anyway overestimating your capabilities; do not act like the hare in the fable, that is to say, you are taking it to the last minute. Good relationships with colleagues and collaborators.

Third quarter :  Take resolutely initiatives from the beginning of the period. But do not rush anything, because things will fall into place for themselves very quickly. However, do not expect praise, you might be disappointed. It will not hesitate to associate various people to your projects, because it is the choice of the ideas born of light, and then you will be unable to do everything alone. During the last month of the period, it will move in your business environment. Maybe you'll have to switch local or undergo a major reorganization. Some of you will have a new leader, and then the station clash of two strong personalities!

Fourth quarter :  Influx positive throughout this period. You will have the energy to face your obligations. A strand of optimism and more, and everything will work perfectly. But do not exert yourself. Do not get involved in discussions with colleagues; this will only make you enemies. If a misunderstanding occurs, immediately put the record straight. In the last month, the stars will blow you great ideas to advance your career. Yet there require you to be determined to seize the opportunity by the hair. Do not be careless or dizzy. Beware also your chronic tendency to take your dreams to reality; you say that "what the eyes see is better than wandering desires" (Ecclesiasticus).

First quarter :  Take, from the beginning of the period, good eating habits to always be in excellent physical shape. The time is appropriate because the planets as a whole will be very favorable. During the last month of the period, swollen glands is feared, and tonsillitis will watch you. Heal your ailments correctly, not contempt. Your physical well-being depend more on why your external circumstances. Reduce your intake of tobacco, alcohol and other stimulants. Total relaxation desirable. And do not forget to do sports or exercise every day.

Second quarter :  This period will be excellent for taking stock of your health problems, because of the astral invigorating impulses. The second month is particularly recommended to conduct a complete check-up, even if you consider it quite useless. Remember that "all in good health is a patient who does not know" (Romans Jules). Remember to treat your smile, because this will be one of your greatest assets of seduction. To have beautiful teeth and be free of cavities, give up sugar, white bread, refined products. Also avoid excess meat, rich in acidic waste, and sodas. Eat foods rich in fluorine: spinach, whole grains, sea fish.

Third quarter :  Often during this period, your nervousness will make your poorly controlled gestures and decrease the speed and accuracy of your reflexes. Caution therefore small accidents of any kind. Headaches may occur frequently. Rather than stuffing your medicines, watch your lifestyle. The outdoors you would be beneficial. Other than that, good health overall.

Fourth quarter :  Influx favorable to the quality of everyday life. Be of no sense, and it will go much better for your health. Beware of the apostles of alternative medicine. The last month of the period would be a very propitious moment to check your sugar levels in the blood; a blood test would be desirable. In the meantime, try to eat as healthy as possible, to avoid excess fat.

First quarter :  Very good astral influences financially. Five planets will indeed help you grow your savings or if you do not have to fill your nest egg. For those who have placed capital, the tendency will be very positive. Investments with a certain amount of risk will help you make amazing profits.

Second quarter :  You should not have any particular financial difficulties at the moment. However, do not count on a surprise increase your revenue. If you are considering a major transaction, make sure all of the problem; it is possible that detail momentarily blocks this operation.

Third quarter :  The money sector will continue to be protected. You will still have the opportunity to benefit from interesting opportunities. If you have a major financial decision, regarding a purchase, an investment or an investment, it's time. You will have all the assets on hand to make the right choice.

Fourth quarter :  The Bach Ho star in this aspect will force you to be concrete and organized in terms of money. For its part, the planet Hoa Cai make you put your energy and your capacity for action in the service of your bank account. Only small problem can: while enabling you to enhance your income, Hoa Cai will make you very extravagant; beware the temptation.

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