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2018 Yearly Chinese Horoscope



The star Tham Lang, taciturn, will finally change shortly neighborhood after the start of the new year. Phew! With his departure, you will be able to take control and play your major strengths under the influence of much less restrictive planets. Doping provided for your career and your heart. For you, it will essentially be the year of professional success and mad love!

What will make you happy this year? Finance in good balance, waves to accounts, you were dreaming ... The star Ton Loc, present mostly in your House IX, the one related to the financial life could help you to realize your dream. Finished - almost - compulsive shopping, head shots, favorites regularly digging your bank account. You will feel a squirrel soul and you feel comfortable before soupirerez credit balances repeatedly. You dream of acquiring a property? It might be a good time!

First quarter :  With this phase of moon, you could rely on some luck in your sentimental companies. Feel free to express your love to the person of your dreams: you will no efforts ought to say the words and the actions it will take to the decline and even subjugate. A marriage proposal would be accepted on the spot; so you will need to avoid if you really do not intend to put you the rope to the neck anytime soon. That being said, you are generally faithful in your affections, you want stability in feelings. But too often you dream of white blackbird, which greatly narrows your hunting ground. Learn to be more eclectic to give you a wider margin of maneuver and therefore more likely. The stranger will this time play an important role in your love life, and very beneficial.

Second quarter :  Your relationship with your husband (your wife) will not be more relaxing. There will even be a stern warning shot in the first month of the period. Warning, do not take the party to close their eyes and pretend all was well; the ostrich policy never pays. Have the courage to lance the boil, discuss frankly but calmly everything wrong and everything that pits you against another. And you will find that the most difficult issues are often the result of misunderstandings encouraged long time. Singles will have some difficulties to end their loneliness.

Third quarter :  You will enter a phase much more fulfilling recently. You will feel reborn. Optimistic, friendly and confident, you will again become a companion (a companion) pleasant and immediately see your love take a happier turn. If you are single, have confidence in your good star: solitude comes to an end. Change of scenery during the third month of the period. If you are not married, there will be a risk of disturbances in your emotional life, either because of dispersion or by jealousy of a being independent-minded and eager to escape your grasp. You will be attracted to that does not suit you. Some of you already having under his arm a regular partner, have the misfortune to experience an intense and stormy passion for someone else.

Fourth quarter :  A new phase of your love life is likely to play in this period, as influenced by the star Ta Phu, you will become more measured than usual in your emotional reactions. You know that most emotional difficulties you had to face so far are attributable to your little reasoned and unreasonable behavior. It is true that the heart has its own reasons, but we must try to tame it instead of letting it lead you to your doom!

First quarter :  You probably know some inconveniences or difficulties in the professional field. This is related to the fact that you will not feel your true recognized value. Be patient. You should have, subsequently, the ability to conduct your business in a much more interesting and rewarding on a personal level. And then pay issues or profitability genuinely put into the background. In any case, you'll want that things are moving around you, and you will not hesitate to embark on a whirlwind trips and receptions. This worldly life will not be useless since you take the opportunity to make interesting contacts professionally. Some of you might also find a great location so totally unexpected.

Second quarter :  In the professional field, you gather the necessary conditions to move up a gear in the first month of the period. You will settle by diplomacy a terribly complex case; suddenly, your rating will go up to your colleagues skyrocketing. On the other hand, anything that allows you to properly organize your daily routine in order to gain time will be under great planetary influences. The stars influence the professional sector still more favorably in the second and third month. Your enthusiasm will be great, your ideas will be clear, your judgment will be strong and your courage will match your projects - in short, you'll be able to achieve the goals you have set. If you need financing, you'll get without great difficulty a favorable bank loan.

Third quarter :  Excellent outlook. The success of your projects will be subject only your perseverance. Get into the action, provided, of course, not to get you in the dark as you are often tempted to do so. If you set specific goals, you will get good results. However, beware of hasty and too subjective judgments: sometimes you are sure of yourself in an inconsiderate way! If you want to find a job more in line with your expectations, be particularly vigilant during the second month of the period: a great opportunity should arise. But do not let go for the shadow, and try to find out exactly what you want.

Fourth quarter :  You can strengthen your position and even get a free hand to undertake major projects. But make a real effort to dominate your susceptibility. If your colleagues you address criticism, you do not bear with, and you can find yourself at odds with them! It's going to take yours! If you are self profession or business, you will probably be in the crosshairs of tax services, even if you feel above reproach. Try everything clarify, because errors are always possible and can be very expensive, even if your good faith is not in question.

First quarter :  Good health overall. But your vitality will be somewhat diminished in the second month of the period; nothing serious, though. Pay particular interest to your food during this period. Rheumatic pain could awaken. Watch the kidneys and the organs of elimination in general, because they will be vulnerable to the astral disturbing impulses. Last month, reflecting the bad aspects of the moon, you'll be a little tense and nervous. To regulate your nervous trouble and avoid muscle system, take vitamin B1, which will give you fishing, while allowing you to channel your energy well.

Second quarter :  No specific health problem in this period. You seem to even be invulnerable to viruses running around. If you really do not feel on top form, this will be due to a disorder that, however, you can perfectly control. Banish misconceptions of your head, including the one that makes you believe that you are use to anyone or no one understands you. Caution still in your eyes! Be aware that smoking increases the risk of macular degeneration of the retina.

Third quarter :  You'll wear as well as possible throughout most of the period. But you must use your boundless energy in a positive way, failing to see it turn against you. Why not take the opportunity to play sports regularly? Physical exercise is not a luxury but a necessity, especially in today's society where we enjoy a great comfort. "Body of the force must be maintained to preserve the spirit" (Vauvenargues). If you have high cholesterol, decrease your calorie intake. Eat fish steamed in foil or without fat. And drink soy milk.

Fourth quarter :  You will feel on top form throughout. Wound healing will be promoted; however, attention to muscle injury, do not force it if you exercise. During the second month of the period, be very careful regarding the genitourinary tract; protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases. Some will consider check their visual acuity or condition of the teeth. Attention also to hypertension, due to poor influx of Thanh Long star. Salt your food as little as possible. You will report their taste with spices, cinnamon, ginger or Chinese five spice; and you will discover new flavors that pleasantly stimulate your appetite. To combat stress and nervousness, eat yogurt, white cheese, milk-based desserts.

First quarter :  The star Thien Tru in this position in your sky should help you to balance your budget, or even make some savings. But beware: the planet Dia Vong in disharmonic appearance will blow you overspending ideas. So stay reasonable and do not make difficult financial decisions on a major purchase or investment, for example.

Second quarter :  The star Vu Khuc form rather negative combinations. For some years native Water, this will result in payment delays or even a dispute involving delicate monetary issues. For others, all will be well. But you may débrouillerez then to undermine your balance by throwing you in a ruinous purchase!

Third quarter :  Nothing really significant to report in the financial area, where should prevail relative stability. Ants will, however, more favored than the cicadas. If you have recently exceeded your budget, you'll struggle to complete your month. This alert is not necessarily negative: it will be at least the effect of making you more careful. Do not drift off so far in the stinginess!

Fourth quarter :  The star Dai Hao, which bothered some your financial balance lately, this time will leave you in peace. But beware: you'll still have to deal with Liem Trinh, a planet that does not favor the monetary ease. Limit your spending. In principle, this should not you be too difficult. But this will not be the time to splurge on a stereo fly high, for example, even if you dream it for several months.

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