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2018 Yearly Horoscope



First quarter :  With this position of Venus, you should expect neither significant problems nor exceptional events. It will be more of a hobby, but a generally enjoyable stroll. Anyway, as a good native of the sign, you clearly prefer stable situations to cascading upheavals, and you will probably be delighted to be able to share serenely a daily life without history with your dear and tender. If you live alone, do not be discouraged: the stars Venus and Jupiter promise you many opportunities to meet.

Second quarter :  The great happiness will finally smile you in this period. Venus will protect your relationship with your spouse or partner. Sensuality, complicity, tenderness and joie de vivre will this time be at the rendezvous. This will be all the more pleasing to you as Saturn has recently placed you in a somewhat gloomy conjugal climate. If you are lonely, Venus favorable could quickly make you a gift of a beautiful meeting.

Third quarter :  This planetary cocktail promises you one of the most buoyant times of the year in love, especially if you are single: an important meeting might surprise you. But if you live in a relationship, be careful: these global impacts may exacerbate your desire for freedom or that of your spouse. Be careful not to put your couple in danger: measure what you are doing, and take into account the price you may have to pay if you give in to infidelity!

Fourth quarter :  Venus, the goddess of love, promises you a very happy period in love. If your couple is already established, your relationship with your spouse or partner will be marked by a remarkable complicity and, for many of you, a clear awakening of sensuality. If you live alone, this planet will promote your social life and promises to many solitary subjects a memorable love affair, which could be realized, more or less in the short term, by a marriage!

First quarter :  Your job situation seems to have good stability, and only those of you who are really dissatisfied with their job will be asking questions. If this is your case, it will be necessary to be patient and not to let go of the prey for the shade. You will be able to realize your desire for change if you are careful and organized. If you practice a profession related to children, the show or art, the period will be blessed by the gods; success will be waiting for you.

Second quarter :  Your career will take center stage. Jupiter will help you make good choices, and you will be worth a few lucky shots. You will benefit from this period to progress in your work, because Jupiter, the star of luck, will amplify the beneficial influence of other celestial bodies and mitigate what they may possibly have harmful.

Third quarter :  No planet will affect your professional life. Result: you will not have any problem, but you will not be able to count on an exceptional stroke of luck to propel you up the social scale as you dream. Do not complain too much: your private life will be so animated that you will have a real interest in having a certain routine in your work. This will give you the time and the availability of mind to go about your love affairs or take care of your family.

Fourth quarter :  Saturn will have a noticeable impact on your career. This planet is linked to responsibilities; and when it influences our professional life, this often results in access to a higher position in the hierarchy. On the one hand, this will result in more work; on the other hand, it may start a major social climb. But Saturn is also the star of blockages and brakes, and some of you will see projects fall behind.

First quarter :  This period will seem much calmer than lately. Your energy will always be the same; but instead of burning all your reserves at once, you will manage your long-term dynamism. However, beware of the planet Neptune: poorly located in your Sky, it can weaken your nervous system and disrupt your sleep. To help you straighten the bar, do yoga, relaxation, or sport.

Second quarter :  Tonus up. You will fortunately be entitled to a high-end dynamism. This harmonious position of Mars will be very useful because it will allow you to recover quickly in case of fatigue. In addition, if you feel the mustard go up in the nose, you will always have the opportunity to let off steam by doing a half hour of jogging or going to kick a ball.

Third quarter :  This astral environment should give you a strong basic physical balance. Of course, with badly-looking Uranus, you may occasionally be a little tense, but it will quickly return to normal. If you have a chronic illness, Pluto's support can help you find a doctor or therapy that's right for you. Feel free to look for and meet specialists.

Fourth quarter :  t is always Mercury that will influence your health sector, in consultation with the Sun. With the dose of energy that will spread these two planets, you will go to multiple occupations being effective on all fronts. Be careful though to the evil effects of Saturn. If it gives you the means to resist the efforts, it will lessen your resistance to cold and may be worthy of rheumatic or dental problems. In this case, consult.

First quarter :  Saturn in this aspect can help you improve your standard of living or, on the contrary, seriously threaten your budget balance. The main thing will be to keep a cool head. If you remain lucid and manage to adapt to reality without believing in Santa Claus, you will have positive accounts. Otherwise, your bad choices could put you in a delicate situation.

Second quarter :  No planet will have a direct impact on your financial equilibrium. You will not have any particular problem to fear. But you will have to understand that the luck recently due to Jupiter will begin to diminish. If you are one of the natives who have been more spendthrift than usual, restrict spending with no real utility. It should not be too difficult for you!

Third quarter :  Mercury in this aspect will help you increase your income. But this luck does not mean that you will be safe from difficulties. You risk to be very careless, to spend these additional gains, and to be more negligent in managing your budget. You risk paying a lot for these mistakes. It will not be time to play the cicadas!

Fourth quarter :  The present global concentration in your money sector should enable you to improve your income, to obtain an increase due to your past efforts, or to succeed in beautiful financial transactions. But beware of the Dark Moon, which may cause you to spend too much, or hope more than you will finally get, which would cause you a disappointment. Keep the sense of the measure, and everything will be fine.

My advice for the year
  • The global planetary configuration of the year will have a particular impact on the work and health sectors. To get the most out of these planetary aspects, you will be well advised to pay more attention to these two areas of your life. This will be the ideal year to improve your lifestyle, for example by taking care of your diet, and to make a health check. Do not forget to take advantage of these positive impacts to optimize your professional life.

  • Know how to appreciate the good surprises of life and forget the bad ones. Do not persist in dwelling on and grieving over your real or imaginary misfortunes. "Instead of complaining that the rose has thorns, I am pleased that the spine is surmounted by roses and the bush bears flowers" (Joubert).

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