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2018 Yearly Horoscope



First quarter :  Venus well aspected will give the top start to one of the most enjoyable times of the year in terms of love. If you are married, this beneficial influence lets you see a real improvement in your life as a couple. This will be the time to give you trouble to win back your spouse: your efforts will be very much rewarded. If you live alone, your rising charm will be of rare effectiveness. An important meeting could take place. Above all, do not play the shy ones; it would be too bad to miss such a great opportunity.

Second quarter :  In this period, Heaven will emerge for your loves. First of all, Venus will be very supportive. Then, Pluto will be your accomplice. If you are married, your relationship with your spouse will be happier and more sensual. If you live alone, you will no longer feel in quarantine.

Third quarter :  Beautiful relationship with the harmonious aspect of Venus. This planet will awaken your sensuality and help you to establish a dialogue with your spouse or partner. If you are lonely, the goddess of love will make you live in a pleasant climate. More sociable than usual, you will want to go out and can therefore seize the opportunity to meet new people. Your charm will work effectively, and you may be seduced by someone. Just be careful not to delude yourself.

Fourth quarter :  Nothing really important to report if you live in a relationship. Only Mars will have an indirect impact on your life together, causing some of you some misunderstandings fortunately not serious. If you are single, this period could be surprising. It is indeed Uranus and Neptune who will have control over your loves, and these two planets will form powerful and rare configurations. It is therefore quite possible for an important meeting to take place. If so, do not rush: time will be your ally.

First quarter :  This time, you will be able to move forward in your profession. Those of you who have recently had to be patient in the face of all kinds of setbacks will finally see Heaven free. Your projects will have the wind in their sails, and you will enjoy them without waiting. Only natives whose profession is in relation with abroad, whether in travel, commerce, finance or languages, etc., may experience some difficulties; but, patience: even in this case, your troubles will not be lasting.

Second quarter :  Jupiter and Uranus in your Heaven will certainly push you to improve your professional situation. But the ball will be in your camp: it is you, and you alone, who will decide possible modifications. However, be careful: chance this time will make you meet people who will expand your interests and with whom it will be possible to put something new and interesting on foot.

Third quarter :  March will increase your competitive spirit, but you risk making yourself aggressive. Your relationship with your colleagues may be a little tense, and it will take a spark to ignite the powder. Be careful, too, of your impulsiveness, which will push you to make decisions on a whim or to change course for no apparent reason. However, if you are careful to channel your energy towards positive, precise goals, you will achieve excellent performance.

Fourth quarter :  You will not waste time! You will mobilize all your energy, and you will establish a vast battle plan to reach your goals as quickly as possible. And very soon you will reap the fruits of your efforts. You'll win the long-awaited promotion or, if you're doing a freelance job, you'll be incredibly daring, and you'll rise to the strength of your wrist.

First quarter :  Good physical resistance, despite some fragility of the digestive system. With Venus in your health sector, you will not have anything to worry about. But as Venus retrograde, it can temporarily weaken your digestive system, while increasing your gluttony. Attention, therefore, you who appreciate the good food, you would do well, for a time, to put you on a diet or at least to monitor your diet.

Second quarter :  The absence of planets in your health sector indicates that you will not have anything serious to fear in this respect. In addition, energy planets such as Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus will all be well-presented and will allow you to have a flawless physical and mental tone. It will simply be necessary to ensure that this surplus of dynamism does not turn into nervousness.

Third quarter :  In terms of health, such a transit of Saturn will invite to the discipline and a greater regularity in the habits of life. It will then be easier for you to lead a less hectic life, to eat and sleep at regular hours, and to do indispensable daily exercises.

Fourth quarter :  This global climate will earn you an excellent dynamism, but may also occasionally result in excessive nervous tension. Everything will be fine if you take the time to relax as soon as you feel nervousness win you over. Do not forget to spend your energy doing sports; it will be the best way to regain your energy balance.

First quarter :  Given this aspect of Saturn, you will want to be reasonable and organized in financial matters. All will be well for the native ants, able to manage prudently their budget, that their returns are momentarily weaker or, on the contrary, higher. On the other hand, the imprudent ones who will count on a good fairy to help them will find themselves in a perilous situation.

Second quarter :  The stars will have only short-term impacts on your financial equilibrium, which will result in a temporary stroke of luck rather than a slow and steady rise. The relative neutrality of Heaven in your regard also suggests a period without major danger. So you do not need to put the spleen in court bouillon imagining that you risk seeing your income collapse sharply.

Third quarter :  No major planet will influence your financial life. This means that you will have free rein and that you will have no problem to fear. But that also means that you will not have to rely on a lucky planet to miraculously fill your bank account. Your financial health will depend solely on your behavior, and you will not have too much trouble finding a good balance.

Fourth quarter :  You will enter a period of prosperity concerning your finances. All of you who are pulling the tail end will finally be able to balance their account, through a salary increase or a decrease in current expenses. Those who are already doing well will be able to seriously round their wool stockings and consider a major purchase. Will also be favored investments of all kinds and long-term loans.

My advice for the year
  • If you want to make the most of the good celestial inputs of the year, consider the global planetary configuration. It will particularly influence the sectors related to love, children, friends, personal projects and collective life. In all these areas, you will get good results as soon as you make an effort.

  • Your intuition will be your best guide during the year. Feel free to trust her and trust yourself. You will see a noticeable improvement in your overall situation. If you get upset, you will not be feeling well this year. Let yourself go, trust in life, without thinking about what will be said or possible nasty surprises. Know that life does not favor the sulky and that "nothing great could ever be achieved without enthusiasm" (Ralph Emerson). So, go ahead, without useless and cumbersome moods! Beware especially of the feeling of futility and the tendency to indifference.

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