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Monthly Horoscope



Your love
First half
This global climate will foster more peaceful relationships than unbridled passion. It is therefore likely that your life as a couple will continue in a certain routine, where matters related to the stewardship of the home will be dominant. Single, too shyness could make you lose a pretty opportunity. If you make an effort, you will come to dominate your emotions to move forward. Do not let yourself be thrown off by a refusal, a rebuff or an unfortunate reversal of the spell! A loving heart nothing impossible!

Second half
Jupiter will exert his influence on the couple-related sector. In principle, the master of luck will promote your marital relations, worth you a happy complicity with your partner. Any difficulty will be solved with good will and humor. Single, the planet Venus will look good. So there could be no doubt about your love life: you will be totally safe from setbacks, big or small. In addition, you can have the hopes of making a sensational encounter.

Your work
First half
This period may coincide with an improvement of the professional situation. The most favored of the sign will be those who work in the context of a company or an administration. The moment seems, on the other hand, well chosen to assert the rights to the advancement.

Second half
Be very cautious in your businesses because there is a high probability that the economic situation will provoke brutal reversals in your professional situation. If you decide to venture into a risky business, take advice beforehand, because it will play the game with great precision to have a good chance of winning. Do you also spare an emergency exit so you do not find yourself on the straw in case of an unpredictable blow.

Your vitality
First half
Take advantage of this period, where Mars will be favorable to you, to take care of your weak points, to make a cure, to start a diet or to rest thoroughly to recover your form. Do not accumulate chores, you will not be able to do everything at once and it will get on your nerves.

Second half
Tonus and fatigue will alternate, but your overall physical condition will improve because, little by little, you will be better able to take care of yourself and aggressively repel what is harmful to you. The physical culture that you hold will give some spring to your moods.

Your money
First half
This aspect of Neptune directly concerns your finances and announces a particularly satisfactory period in this area. It can enable you to earn money without difficulty, through work that, while not necessarily exciting, will prove easy and well paid. It must also be said that this planet awakens in you desires for comfort, not to say luxury. Your appetite for material possessions will be more lively, more determined.

Second half
Jupiter will significantly increase your resources. Its influence may correspond to obtaining any bonus. But, as more often he plays on receipts that do not depend directly on your personal work, he can indicate in some cases the promise or the arrival of an inheritance and, in others, the obtaining of a scholarship , or the improvement of a pension, a pension.

My advice for the month
  • The prism of your emotions will often make you lose touch with reality and then you will no longer be able to make any valid decision. Seek help from those who love you or understand you: they will heal your wounds. When your injuries are a little less painful, you will begin to see more clearly.

  • The astral atmosphere of the period promises to be vibrant, and your life will be quite happy. Relationships with others will be in the spotlight, both personally and professionally. Be careful, however, not to disperse. Avoid excessive or reckless spending that can ruin you stupidly. Do not be extremist and do not exaggerate, because "too far east is the west" (Lao-tzu). You should always maintain a moderate, nuanced attitude, knowing that the truth can often present many different facets depending on the point of view we adopt.

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