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Monthly Horoscope



Your love
First half
The Sun promises you easy moments on the conjugal level. You will know a perfect complicity with your partner. No clouds will cloud your relationships. Even if he is trained for a long time, your couple will benefit from a renewed passion under the influence of Venus well aspected. Single, Jupiter in harmonic aspect will be sympathetic to you in love. Other stars will also be very favorable and will push you to engage in life together. Do not hesitate: love like you've never done, and let yourself be loved by someone!

Second half
Venus harmonic aspect will help you to show full tenderness towards your spouse or partner. For now, therefore, your life together seems very protected. No risk of tension or conflict, and the daily grind will be marked by a fancy note. Single, with the Sun in harmonic aspect, you can expect moments of amorous happiness without clouds. This planet indeed promises you shared impulses, which a benevolent Jupiter will take care of transforming into lasting love. From there to think of marriage, there will be only one step, that some of you will cross blithely.

Your work
First half
Despite your many concerns, you will not lose sight of your career goals. You will have the means to advance your pawns by attending those who can help you progress in this area. Successful appointments will take place these days. Your contracts will be favored.

Second half
In this period, the natives of the sign will have the wind in the sidelines in the field of work, and they will have every interest to strike a big blow. For some, it will be a question of applying for a first job. For others, you will have to pass a test to upgrade your rank. For others, it could be the beginning of an independent occupation or the opportunity to embark on a liberal profession. The most favored will be those of the first decan.

Your vitality
First half
By dominating your Heaven, Mars, a true concentrate of energy, should be worth to you a great form. But at the same time, it could make you very impulsive. A trick that, unfortunately, can increase the accidental risk. So, to avoid damaging your bumpers or banging on your fingers if you tinker, control your nervousness, including abstaining from all the exciting things like coffee, tea or tobacco.

Second half
To take care of your health, two principles of vitality and physical resistance: the Sun and Jupiter in good appearance. That's to say if the moment will find you in good shape, and even more if you practice a sport associated with a good diet! If you have a chronic condition, a new treatment may improve your condition.

Your money
First half
For all the natives of the sign, but especially for those of the first decan, the lunar influences will not be of the most favorable in the financial plan. You will need to be very careful in business and avoid all investments that can commit you in the long run.

Second half
The general trends of the month are in the consolidation of everything that touches the material side of things. You will enjoy very good astral protection in the pecuniary area. Become aware of your current luck and get into speculation and gambling: you will probably win something, if it is not the jackpot; but since there will be a minimum of risk, commit only what you can afford to lose.

My advice for the month
  • From time to time you have been in the past trying to arrange your business by taking liberties from the law. While this practice is never the right one, you will have to be wary of it in this period more than ever, because you will not have the unconditional support of the stars, and could find you in front of the Justice.

  • This month will be favorable to a mutation or a change of organization in any field whatsoever. It will be necessary to make adaptation efforts. But this evolution will have positive consequences. Preserve a minimum of personal freedom, and take care of your physical and mental fitness. You will need to gather often, even for a few minutes each time, to relax your nerves. If you do not have your daily ration of loneliness, of tranquility, you will quickly become very bad mood. Give away without mercy the useless worldliness and the television broadcasts of a dubious taste.

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