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Monthly Horoscope



Your love
First half
Under the influence of Mars, the planet of desire, your spouse will be very enterprising. For a few, however, things will take a slightly worrying turn. Neither you nor your spouse will want to make concessions, and you can find yourself in conflict before you really understand what was happening! Single, your dreams of love the wildest will finally have the chance to come true. Love at first sight could befall you. Your sentimental life will be turned upside down, but you will be delighted.

Second half
Under the auspices of Venus, you will spend days of intense love with your spouse or partner. Passionate atmosphere, plans for the future with the elected, happy and reassuring conjugal life ... all this is planned in the program of the moment. Enjoy your happiness! Single, Venus in this aspect will promote dating. Go out and get to know as many people as possible: the one you expect will be among these people, and it is not by staying alone at home that you will meet.

Your work
First half
In your work, you risk collecting many annoyances that will not be catastrophic but that could still break your momentum. Projects will be delayed; You will find it difficult to obtain financial support because some relationships that promised you wonders will be withdrawn. Yet do not give up, because nothing is lost yet.

Second half
Busy period on the professional level. You will want to burn the stages and achieve in record time your ambitions. But circumstances will decide otherwise. Change tactics: get around the obstacles instead of trying to demolish them. Or better, change your strategy: make time your best ally and let it work for you.

Your vitality
First half
Health will be good overall. If you feel a little tired, you have to put this on the psychic rather than the physical. Do not abuse frozen drinks.

Second half
Do not think that all who listen are hypochondriacs. As for you, be more careful. Adopt a healthy and balanced diet. Avoid overwork and overly violent sports. The heart will be watched: do not hesitate to stop from time to time; a moment of relaxation or a nap will always be beneficial.

Your money
First half
Use good asset management and sound budget management to improve your income. Money does not make happiness, of course, but in our current consumer societies there can be no happiness without money.

Second half
If you are considering a financial or real estate transaction, you will be helped by a very efficient intermediary. You can trust him. But avoid listening to the advice of your loved ones in this matter, because they will be misguided this time.

My advice for the month
  • You often make commendable efforts to make this world a better place. But your excessive zeal may draw you complications that you will find difficult to get out of. You could have avoided such trouble if you had been able to show a little more realism and moderate your ardor.

  • You will ask yourself a lot of questions. Often doubt will creep in you. Your impulses, your enthusiasms will no longer manifest themselves with their usual vigor and spontaneity. Feeling like a giant at the feet of clay, you will need the moral support of your loved ones to progress. On the other hand, you will have to know how to make concessions and learn to cope with life and with others. Your success and perhaps even your survival will be at this price. It would be dangerous to systematically refuse any compromise. Remember that it is always better to bend than to break.

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