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Monthly Horoscope



Your love
First half
Your married life will be rich in adventures. Some of you will be on the verge of breaking up. Sexual difficulties will be added to other problems. But unforeseen events, and happy, can come to rock everything! Single, you will be at your best to seduce and conquer. It will really be marble to remain indifferent to your operation of charm. You will be able to wreak havoc and write a nice collection of hearts on your hunting board.

Second half
Radiant period for the natives living in couple. You can have real equality with your partner because you will have infinite respect and esteem. It's up to you to make sure that this relationship remains of such high quality. Single, the emotional atmosphere will be passionate, but in a more constructive and warmer than in the recent past. Many loners can expect a flash of lightning, an unusual encounter, which will brutally call into question.

Your work
First half
Thanks to the kindness of the moon, native-born people looking for a temporary job will find what they want in their ropes and skills. They will be appreciated to the point of being more durably hired. Good performance for all sign workers.

Second half
In the professional field, you will have to assume important responsibilities. Take this opportunity to make a beautiful demonstration of your personal abilities. Master your nerves. Be convinced that you are capable, provided you do not lack confidence in yourself, to conclude agreements, to win long-awaited contracts.

Your vitality
First half
Nothing but positive planets in charge of your health right now. No worries therefore: tone and optimism will be at the rendezvous. Small warning however: Uranus may indicate a slight accidental risk. Nothing serious, be quiet. But if you tinker at home, watch out for cuts and hammer blows on your fingers.

Second half
Good foot, good eye, you will continue your existence in an Olympic form that many will envy you. Microbes, viruses and allergens seem to avoid you. Slight flat: Uranus, which sends negative impacts to the health sector of some of you, may make them quite nervous and disrupt their sleep. A herbal tea of chamomile, orange blossom or verbena will be a good help.

Your money
First half
Pluto's protection will extend to your budget and all your financial problems. You will have the opportunity to make advantageous investments. Before committing yourself, find out exactly what you are looking for and seek advice from competent specialists.

Second half
During this somewhat shaky period, beware of any speculation; leave this kind of risk to professional adventurers. Look at it twice before lending money to people who are not all that they strive to appear. Some natives will benefit from a second trade or hobby.

My advice for the month
  • You will encounter many difficulties on your way. But have a positive attitude in front of any problem that will arise to you. Adopt an attitude of retreat, detachment, and keep the sense of realities, knowing that "the goods and the evils that happen to us do not affect us according to their size, but according to our sensitivity" (La Rochefoucauld).

  • You will be more than ever torn by contradictory tendencies: your spiritual aspirations - meditation, philosophy, religion - and your materialistic tastes. Most likely the demands of practical life will decide for you, unless you manage to reconcile the two, which is by no means impossible and which would allow you to be finally serene. In any case, recognize that "to pretend to satisfy your desires by the possession, is to count that one will stifle the fire with straw" (Chinese proverb). In the first place, try to moderate your desires and, secondly, to base your conception of happiness not on the acquisition of material goods, but on contentment and intimate joy.

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