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Monthly Horoscope



Your love
First half
Thanks to the good Saturnian impulses, you will be on the same wavelength as the loved one, both physically and emotionally. Couples trained for many years will experience a strong revival of mutual attraction and understanding. Single, you will try by all means to charm and seduce. But your behavior will be lacking this time of naturalness, spontaneity, and you will have a hard time capturing the heart of the person you are interested in. Talk less about yourself, and be more interested in what the other person says or does.

Second half
It is likely that, very busy advancing your career or social status, you will have little time to devote to your married life. Influenced by Pluto, your relationship will continue under the sign of stability, or even a certain routine. Single, Venus will protect your love with all its power. Everything will be fine this time! Recent disappointments or disillusions will be forgotten. Turn to the future with confidence while thoroughly enjoying the present moment, which is very rich in promises of love.

Your work
First half
This astral configuration will allow you to obtain a scholarship, or to make a study trip of paramount importance for your professional future. However, the realization of this project will require you to make big sacrifices in other areas. Good performance for those who work.

Second half
The present astral climate will energize you. You will be able to show both audacity and sense of constraints, which will allow you to move forward safely and quickly in your job. Trust your intuitions: they will be quite profitable. These aspects are excellent for all those who work in the modern branches, both technical and scientific, and for those who have to animate teams.

Your vitality
First half
You will overflow with phenomenal energy. You would make a revolution yourself. However, try to discipline yourself, otherwise you will scatter in all directions, and then your effectiveness will suffer.

Second half
Stay relaxed while focusing on the very delicate work you have been doing. Take rest often. The success of this business may depend on your entire professional future.

Your money
First half
Beware of the dissonant aspects that will occur these days. If you commit imprudence, you will have a hard time, then, to improve your financial situation, and you will find yourself in deadlock.

Second half
If you have an investment to make, return preferably to real estate. This will bring you luck in this rather troubled time. If possible, seek advice from experts: they are there for that, right.

My advice for the month
  • You will go through a phase of blur. You will be tempted to indulge in this nebulous climate that will push you to sloppiness, dilettantism, confusion and disorder. Unless you are an artist for whom strict work discipline is not essential or desirable, you will need to draw a clear line between work and play. Seriously attack your various occupations, without allowing delays to settle.

  • "When the wine is pulled, you have to drink it." You will need to remember this French proverb throughout this month. As soon as you have done something, take it to your destination as soon as possible, instead of letting it drag along. Failure will often be due not to external circumstances, but to lack of sustained effort.

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