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Learn about Ge oracle

ge oracle

Ge Oracle is a divination art created by Gerard Barbier. It's a simple game and easy interpretation that allows beginners and professionals to make predictions.

It contains 61 symbolic cards including four seasons cards to date the predictions. These are the cards number 3 (spring), number 24 (summer), number 41 (winter) and number 55 (autumn).

The cards have a different meaning depending on whether they are drawn to the place or upside down.

How to use Ge Oracle?

There are many possible draws for Ge Oracle. The simplest and most widely used is the draw in cross which is to make four or five cards in front of you.
In this edition, the first card represents the past, the second the present time, the third the future, the fourth the decision to take, and finally the fifth is the synthesis of the other four cards.

The 61 Ge Oracle cards meanings

Card 1 the sun this card symbolizes success, the result of emotional or professional projects.
Card 2 rose this map shows the overall happiness, complicity and understanding.
Card 3 spring this card means the doubts, fears, hesitations and changes.
Card 4 fire this card expresses the family, the warmth of home and work as a team.
Card 5 towers this card describes human contact, the quality of labor relations and human relations.
Card 6 two hearts this card describes the consultant's new friends in his private and professional life.
Card 7 figures this card represents the chance meetings, unexpected due to chance and the consultant.
Card 8 spider this card suggests a chaotic love not based on feelings but on interest.
Card 9 snail this card symbolizes the delays in the workplace and emotional.
Card 10 boat this card represents the business trip, honeymoon and cultural journey.
Card 11 lion this card describes a passionate relationship or protection between two people.
Card 12 dagger this card evokes a confrontational relationship, aggressive or bad relationships.
Card 13 butterfly this card expresses a positive change or renewal in the love life or professional consultant.
Card 14 pansy this card means a spiritual communication between the consultant and another person.
Card 15 sex symbols this card embodies relationships with ups and downs on the professional and emotional.
Card 16 road this card embodies relationships with ups and downs on the professional and emotional.
Card 17 star this card means a life without emotional ambush and stable, but also professional success.
Card 18 stork this card announces a new beginning, a new meeting or changes in the life of the consultant.
Card 19 money this card embodies the financial and financial players such as bankers or insurers.
Card 20 two flutes this card represents harmony in the relationship and the working relationship enjoyable.
Card 21 three moons this card refers to feelings of love and romance.
Card 22 candle this card symbolizes hope, the stability of relations and the occultism.
Card 23 tools this card represents the trades and labor relations as a team.
Card 24 summer this card describes the passionate love, professional and financial achievements.
Card 25 the exclamation mark this card symbolizes the commitment between the partners and the stability in the job.


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